My Lovestory SWASAN RAGLAK Episode 2

Hii I am Smiley and I am sorry for a late update. I will try my best to give early updates.

Maheshwari house:
Sanskar: But bad papa, how can I go this early as I didn’t even completed my bath.
Dp: Then go and complete.
Sanaker: But bade………..
Dp: I knew sanskar you were very nervous to go to college as I came and surprised you about it. But don’t worry, everything will be fine.
Sanskar: Ok bade papa.
Sanskar goes to his room. He gets ready and comes down. He wears formal clothes with blazer.
Sanskar: Papa I am ready. Can I leave now?
Dp: Ha and by the way don’t forget to meet the principal. Okay
Sanskar: Ha
Laksh comes there.
Laksh: Aree, bhai you look so hot. To say, all the girls will become crazy about you the first day itself.
Sanskar: Lucky stop it yaar and anyways where is Badi ma, Mom, Papa,Uttara and Sahil?
Laksh: Ma aur Choti ma went to a function, Choti papa went to market and Sahil is here only. See there he is coming.
Sahil comes. Sahil: Are kya bhayya itni jaldi college jaa raha ho?
Laksh: To flirt with everyone.
Sanskar: Just shut up!!!! Wish me best of luck!
Laksh: Ha chota baby, all the best.
Sanskar: Laksh I will see you after coming home. Get ready.
Sahil: All the best bhai. See how the girls are in Kolkatta.
Dp: You all stop. Let him go.
Sansakr: Bye everyone.

He goes and sits in car and drives and reaches college.

In college,
Swara enters college. Her best friend is Anamika. Swara and Anamika Convo.
Swara: HIii Ana
Ana: Hii Shona dear, did you completed the recent work??
Swara: Ha ana I completed it
Ana: Really intelligent.
Swara: Ana stop it dear I am not at all worried about my works but I am worried about my dream price.
Ana: Not again!!!
Swara: Why Ana???
Ana: I am fed up of hearing thi name dream prince from 5 yrs?? Any how when will you find your so called dream prince??
Swara: Who knows?? Upto now there is not even a single boy who made me crazy.
Ana: Ok baby. Come lets go to the class.
Swara: Ha.
They went into the class and took their seats.

Sankys side:
Sanskar just reached the college. Every thing is new for him. He enters the campus. Every girl look is on him. He asked a boy about the Principals room.
Sanskar: Can you please tell me where is principals room??
Boy: Come I will take you there.
Sanskar and Boy was walking tomthe principals room.
Sanskar: I am Sanskar Maheshwari. Whats your name?
Boy: I am Yash Ahuja. Nice to meet you.
Sanskar: Yeah same here. WHich yr are you?
Yash: I am last yr and you, seems new to college.
Sanskar: Ha I am new and I am too last yr.
Yash: Oho!! So you are also last yr.
Sanskar: Can we be friends??
Yash: Ha sure.
Sanskar: is there anyone in your group?
Yash: ha two idiots girls. I will introduce them to you later. So here is our principal’s room.
Sanskar: thanks.


Sry for not Raglak scenes. Promise for next episode.

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