Loves with soul not from relations (Episode 8)


Thank u so much frnds..for u r love ???towards me…I always try to entertain u.I know people are reading to relax.i won’t make u r time waste..

While they are hugging sanlak stands there a robots.they are not having any expressions are anything..
Parineeta is very happy and she wipes her tears…she blesses swaragini in her heart.thank God..for not punishing the two children.adarsh is emotionally looking at them,sujatha is looking at ishan&she sees he holding someone’s hand while hugging swaragini.sujatha looks that person’s feet&her neck is having mangalsutra&then her face

Sujatha is shocked too see
&at the same moment ishan called her maa
Ishan:maa come na u also join the hug…
That girl came and hugs them
Sujatha:(shockingly)uttara maa
Ragini is also equally shocked just like ishan words bcoz she don’t know who she is
Swara smiles seeing uttara heartfully
Ragini sees it
Ragini:shona…swara who is she??
Swara:ladoo..she is our bhabi she is our bhai’s wife
Ragini is having beautiful smile on her face

“Ha ragu …by keeping hand on uttara’s head she says…yes she is my another daughter uttara…God gave her in the form of bahu to me.said sumi.she kisses uttara’s forehead
Uttara&ranvi smiles
Ragini hugs uttara
Congrats Bhai…u got very beautiful wife who impress mom also ,she just like as imagined Bhai..hai Na swara
Swara:haa ladoo…Bhai bikul yasa hai

After my marg &after bhai’s marg bhabhi used to take care of our sunny&munni she became their maa in short span of time

Ragini is shocked
Ragini: shona…u r married….??
Swara:(sadly)haa ragu…
Ragini:(teasingly):won’t u show him to me
Swara:points to someone
He is laksh
Ragini sees him&says laksh u..
Sanskar is again shocked how can she now laksh’s name …bcoz they meet only 2times…they didn’t mentioned at that time also
He gets out of his thoughts by ragini’s words
Ragini: laksh…u proposed me and u married my sister…lol
Sanskar:what he proposed her
Swara:haa ragu…don’t have another way…bcoz here shona there…she can acts well as loving him
Ragini:wat shona…I didn’t get..u
Anyways …it’s ur sasural…it is looking good…
Swara:not only me but also u&bhai’s
Swara:haa ladoo…this uttara’s bhabhi’s myka..and Sanskar maheswari who married u is house this is u r sasural.he is the brother of laksh&uttara bhabhi…

Swara:di..he is Sanskar
Ragini: sees him&recognizes him…she has tears in her eyes…
Again she turned to swara questioningly
Swara:haa ladoo.I just married laksh to take revenge,like he had taken from u
Ragini:wat r u saying swara..
Sanskar is also shocked revenge by laksh from ragini
Di one day laksh came to your college and he proposed in front our frnds right…
Ragini:haa swara
Swara:u rejected him..he can’t bear it…so that he planned to make u come to pub on that night…
By managing ur frnd to say that today is her birthday and he only made her to call u&wen u went in salwar.u frnds taunts u but he smirks…and he make Sanskar to go to u..u slapped him…he makes Sanskar ego to come out…in that he molested u…and spoiled u…
He is also reason behind this ladoo…

Everyone shell shocked…including gadodias…

Swaragini gave a deadly look to laksh
Laksh:I am very sorry ragini…he bends his head down
Sanskar looks laksh like that only
He is very angry…
Ragini didn’t spoke to Sanskar

Sujatha :but swara…u also spoiled our uttara’s life na…. U spoiled my chori’s life

Uttara:mom …no one spoiled my life…I know everything before my marg only I married him by my wish…
Uttara:haa mom…ranvir&maa told everything before marg only…while i went to shopping during my marg only
And mom we spoiled their life’s..
Mom sunny&munni are bhai’s children also…I love much..aftr marg also daily I went to my sasural and gave them.their mother’s love so that had treated me as “maa”…
Mom tell me onething
If any happened to me like wat happened to ragini bhabi can u bear it mom
Sujatha:uttara just shutupok don’t talk like that
Uttara:mom even u can’t imagine but by bear all this
Sujatha feels ashamed

Kavitha:oh…hello uttara just stop it don’t make u r inlawsa mahan ok. This swara has done fraud…she Came to know uncle business secrets and she made all that in their name
Uttara: kavitha u just shut up it.don’t dare to speak a word against swara bhabi OK
Swara had got tenders like that only do u know on whose name she transfer everything…
She transferred in the name of sonam…not even a penny is in the name of ishan&ishitha

Bcoz sonam is the daughter of parish
Adarsh is shocked… But parineetha believes that swara will never do such kind of things
DP&RP looks at eachother’s face

Uttara here the papers in the name of sonam…&every penny is there in balancesheet
So that u can verify
She gives it to her badepapa
Dp looks stuned
DP:everything is in the name of sonam.they had started sonam industries using that money they are providing employment to 2500people.
Uttara:yes bade Papa swaragini company got the contracts but all the profits and basic was deposited in sonam’s name
Uttara takes the papers and give it to pari

Pari tears it
Sulekha:pari’s mom pari what happened to u…
Pari:mom today I was happy that I got someone who loves me &daughter mom…that’s enough for us not property…
She hugs swaragini I’m proud to have a daughter like u..

“” swar kha bina rag nahi hai aur ragini bina swara nahi hai”

She blesses both…
They called her badimaa
Pari hugs ishan&ishu introducing her as badima.

Shekhar:I am very happy today.I think we clarified everything we shall go to our home…he asked dida ..
Maa….wat have to prepare today in eat…I was very hungry after a longtime
Sumi:haa amma…I was also very hungry
Dida: I made rasgulla…as Spl
Ishan&ishitha,swaragini,ranutt&shekhar&sumi: rasgulla…?
They all go to their house very fast so that they can eat more rasgulla…

After their leave
Kavitha :Sanskar…chod vho saab…keep ring in my hand so that v can complete the engagement
Sanskar looks at her….
He drops the ring…he ran too his room&he close the room hardly …
Everyone is shocked to see this.especially kavitha

Credit to: Hasid

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  1. He recognized his mistake ??? wil he fall in love fr ragini ?

    1. Yes…mahima…u will get to know it future episodes…thnx for u r valuable comment my sweet frnd

  2. Will he fall in love with ragini??

  3. Lovely ( FF Broken heart)

    Oh GOD, Laksh is such a jerk πŸ™ And Sanskar mudje umeed nahi ki wo aisa karsakte hain! I don’t know how he will ask sorry from Ragini because what he did it’s not forgivable! I can never imagine a girl passing through this! If Ragini was my sister I would have kill Sanskar and Laksh! I’m eager to read what will happen next πŸ™‚

    1. Lovely thank u so much for u r love…I had already written I will upload it ….u can read in the evng time

    1. Thanks for u r comment Bhai…thank for reading it regularly

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  10. nyc I think sanskar will become good now and he fall for ragini but don’t make ragini forgive him easily bcoz wt sanskar did is not a thing to forgive or forget easily. so make sanskar to beg infront of ragini for love. that l be nyc. and by doing that way sanskar can gain trust from ragini which he lost.( afterall the person who does like that can’t gain trust easily)

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