Loves with soul not from relations (Episode 5)

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Elders of maheswaries are shocked…??
Sujatha:kaki saa
Dadi:hey sujatha (showing a finger to her)be in u r limits don’t even dare to talk to me in hightone&don’t dare to call me kakisaa.
Sujatha stands their silently
Sanskar:who r u?y r u shouting at my mom u??today is my engagement I don’t want any nuisanse…u pls get out from here…
(Sanlak &adarshpari&kav family are shocked…why she is laughing like that)
Sanskar: u….he takes dadi hand too through her out of the house
All maheswaries are standing there by their headdown

But swara came in between
Swara: Sanskar leave my dadi’s hand.
Dp, rp, ap,sujji is shell shocked? too know swara is dadi’s granddaughter…
Sanskar: is she u r dadi
Swara:yes ?
Sanskar:she can be uu r dadi..but this old women is insulted my mom…I will not leave her…he tolded cold tone..
Swara:sanskar aavaz nacha kaar…she takes dadi’s hand from him…now everyone will know who is innocent
Sanskar looks at swara like that only…
Swara hugs dadi….and says sorry to dadi …
Dadi:wiping swara tears u should not cry…today is vry spl day for us…
Dadi leaves the hug and wents to sujatha and slaps her so hard….
Dp,RP,ap Stands there silently
Dadi:this one is for our betrayal
She again slaps her hard…this one is for making my granddaughter life into hell
Sanlak:hey u…they move frwd..
Ranver came in between &stops them…
Looking at them very angry
Laksh:r u mad…wat happened to swara..for that yu need to slap my chachi…u r granddaughter is safe&leading a good life but u made our sisters life into hell..?…r u out of mind
Dadaji: hold u r tonuge youngman?…she is not slapping her for the sake of swara …
Laksh: but for whom
Dadaji:meri pothi RAGINI
Sumi breaks into tears…shekhar consoles her
Sanlak: ragini…
Dadi:Haa ragini…. This Sanskar’s wife…
Sanlak,adarsh,pari ,kavitha’s family shocked.
Kaveri:wat r u saying…. Sanskar is not married …he is going to marry my daughter kavitha..don’t create troubles here get lost

Dadi:wow….then y these people are standing keeping their heads low wen I was slapping this sujatha…she said that pointing to ap,dp,rp
Ap:haa her grand daughter ragini is Sanskar wife….this happend a long back

She starts narrating wat has happened…

Dadi’s family and maheswaries family were frnds….dadi &dp’s mother are bestfrnds since their childhood….
Gadodia’s helped maheswaries alot wen their are in bikaneer…
Oneday Sanskar meets with accident…it is very hard too make him survive…by luckily Sanskar gets survived but accidents are occurring in Sanskar life frequently….
ISujatha decides too visit pandit jii by taking his kundali

Pandit jii after looking into Sanskar kundali
Pandit:sujatha jii…u r son will undergo to death verysoonn..that’s y only all this is happening in life…
Ap&sujatha is shocked
Sujatha: I can’t loose my son is der any remedy to make my son to alive for a longtime…
Pandit ji:yes there is a remedy ..
Sujatha: wat…
Pandit:we have to do sanskar’s marriage with a girl who is having a gift of being suhagan till her death…due to suhagan u r son will survive
Sujatha: how can I find her…
Pandit:God will show a way keep faith on God..
Just a girl entered with traditional dress there….asking to him too bless her…saying today is her birthday she wants to give chocolates to her frnd kanaji also…
Just by looking at her innocent face only he came to know she is having a gift of being suhagan
Just then dadi enters there is asand gives her kundali…to know about her future
He reads it finds she is the one who can make survive Sanskar
Pandit told the same thing to sujatha
Then by looking at dadi
Sujatha falls on her feet and asks dadi to make Sanskar marry ragini…inorder to survive his life
By looking into mom’s love dadi fell weak..
At that time sumi,shekhar,shona,&ranvi are in dida’s house bcoz dida is not feeling well…dadi can’t leave without ragini so they left there…

Then next day RAGSAN marriage happens…dadi&dadaji did kanyadhan…

After that they didn’t take ragini with them to their house&after shekhar’s arrival(only shekhar came)
After learning all this shekhar is furious
DP makes promise too shekhar they take ragini home but they didn’t take her home…
Infact they left the bikaneer and came to kolkata
They had forgotten that ragini is their bahu&sanskar’s wife..
But when they came to know about sanskar’s love for kavitha then they decided not to say anything about 1st marg…bcoz they want his happiness

Fb completes
Everyone is shocked expect Gadodia’s especially sanlak

Sujatha: but kakisaa u can come &talk to us na ..y u decided to spoil my uttara’s life
Ranvi:v didn’t spoil any1 lifes but u r spoiled my sister’s life..

Laksh:wat u r swara??…I loved her truly but she cheated me

Swara:I didn’t cheat…it is u r punishment…for provoking u r brother to spoil my sister’s life…u deserve this laksh

Sanskar :stop the bakwass swara…wat do u mean ??I never saw here even….
Swara:Achaa…she throws some papers which was taken from ranvir’s hand &throws it on sanskar face

Sanskar is shell shocked after seeing that…

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