Loves with soul not from relations (Episode 2)


It was purely an ragsan&swalak ff pls support me guys…I got only 3comments it hurts me alot.pls atleast read my story once pls..then also if u don’t like too comment then I will not ask u to comment

In maheswari mansion?
Swalak room:
It is nite only the full moonlite ? there …the rays of the Moon and also the cool breeze is making shona happy and the Moon and the wind is too celebrating with her for victory

Suddenly her phone Buzz’s
A name displayed on the phone:VEER JI..
Person: shona are u allright??
Shona:off course…yes i am infact I was the most happiest person in this world u know that rite…
Person:ha shona I know but be careful…1st onething carefully 1st was sending them to u…then I will enter…
Taking revenge from maheswari’s is also my furz..hai na shona

Shona:off course veerji.pls send them fast mom is waiting from them.I think maa&dida moved to bikaner.
Suddenly she hears door sound than she cuts the call
Laksh enters the room..
But he sees swara wearing a long nite gown..
Lucky:wat is this shona u r in dis is our swagrath
Shona :lucky I had to say u sumthng
Lucky: wat?
Shona:she then tells that she had been in Pooja for 3months so that he should not touch her…
Shona:yes lucky I know u r so kind-hearted u will help me but lucky I only kept for u Na…
Lucky: wat for me
Shona:ha lucky for u r marriage to fulfill u r drueam.
Lucky:beats his head with his hand and slept on floor.
Shona smiles by looking lucky like that happily
Next day morning dida&sumi getting out of bus in bikaneer

Dida&sumi went to dadi’s house.
They camed to Hall.
Sumi calls maa
Dadi who is doing cooking in kitchen came there and told shomi beta
Dadi comes fast&hugs her
Dadi:kisses sumi on her forehead&tells sumi meri bachi…
By looking at your face only I am getting to know that everything was done according to us
Dida:yes parvathi, they believed that our swara is Bengali&then also they made their son married to swara.. Now it is our shona’s turn to take complete revenge.they both will manage.
Dadi:is he coming here
Sumi:haa maa…he bringing they both too they are going to stay here only.
Everything will goes well due to devimaa’s blessings…
Shekhar&dadaji enters and hears everything …dadaji feels very happy after listening all…
Dadaji:parvathi…get the sweets we have to celebrate now…from now we will see that maheswari’s destruction.
Shekhar is happy but not that much
Shekhar:maa,bauji it is that much necessary to take revenge from them in this way..
Everyone was shocked
Dadaji:stop it…shekhar are r u a father too that bechari…how can u forget that u r daughters pain..
Sumi moves to shekhar..and takes his wrist and moves towards a room were swaragini’s photos are there and also sitar&a photo which very big and laminated on the wall…

Everyone enters that room everyones eyes filled with tears..
Sumi:shekhar …hey hamara beti hai RAGINI
Dadi:meri laddo
Dida:meri golupolu.
Dadaji:meri maa
Sumi:tumari duzo betiya…tumari dil kha dhadkan..hamare swara ki priya sahali aur uska chudva behen

Shekhar for u ladoo is u r daughter wen I gave her the birth and she came into this world but for me wen I came to know I was pregnant from that 1st second only I can feel her as my child not after taking birth…
Every mom can easily understand what horrible pain that child is going through like me.
Ragini kha saath ithna bura huva…thaa…meri bachi ham Saab saa hamasha kaliya durhogayithi
Sumi holds shekhar’s collar: shekhar bol Na meri bachi ki galithi kya hai bol shekhar. Boll…
By saying that she feel down and cries like anything…
Everyone are crying…
Dadi,dida are hugging her crying
Dadi:sumi beta we can understand which worst pain u have undergone through….bcoz we are a maa
Dida:giving birth to a child&after seeing her in front of your eyes and then loosing her is a biggest pain to a mom which can never had…
Shekhar hugs dadaji
Shekhar:bavuji …bcoz of maheswaries I lost my one child I cannot loose swara too
Dadaji:I can understand u shekhar… Swara is a brave she can keep herself safe…we all have an eye on maheswaries.
Even though we are sending him to their…too help problem with It be happy shekhar
“If we smile only all happiness will come to us bcoz of our smiling”
Everyone wipes their tears bcoz they don’t want to loose their courage

Credit to: Hasid

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