Loves with soul not from relations (Episode 1)


I am new to this ff,but pls make me if I commented anything wrong.

A house was shown it is a beautiful palace it is “maheswari mansion”

Laksh our Prince is looking very happy&might be at that moment he was the most luckiest guy in the whole universe.

Bcoz he is going to marry his love swara….

Swara is dressed in a beautiful legehana pink one she is having veil on her face..
But she is always thinking something

Dida comes there and asks everyone to leave pls I want to talk with my shona

Dida:shona,y had u asked shekhar,parvathi&bhaisa not to come for wedding
Shona:dida….relax…everything is in my control…if they sees dadi means everything will change especially that sujatha can’t keep quite…and also my marry with laksh will not be done so that I asked dadi not to come..

Just then sumone knocks the door…they get fear and asks shall I get voice they get to know it is sumi
They opened the door sumi enters in.
Sumi:shona I think v did a gud by introducing us a Bengali family& also asks shekhar and maa&papa not to come for wedding…
Shona:haa maa now I will be Mrs swara lakshmaheswari in fraction of seconds after that I was going to be the writer of maheswari’s drestiny…
Dida blesses swara and told truth will always win…eachand every maheswari will pay for what they did to my daughter’s family
Sumi hugs swara

Sumi:I am not a weak who cries for what happened but I know how to get justice by myself after that only I will go to my husband….
Shona: haa sure ma we definitely achieve it is your shona’s promise…

They trio leaves…
Everyone in the mandap murmuring that “the girl to whom laksh’s marg was going to happen is a Bengali avva”…

DP &RP are very embarrassed hearing it but sumi&dida enjoy it…bcoz maheswari it is related to maheswari’s pride..bcoz laksh can’t her daughter swara bcoz he only makes DP agrees for this marg…but being a culprit laksh also deserves it…

Sumi wipes her tears.

Sujatha:sumi ji..don’t worry now swara is maheswari’s Bahu…
Sumi(in mind):huh…bechari sujatha…u can’t know how my daughter will make u fools…especially u r 2 sons…

Swalak marg was happening….just then kavitha& her family enters….
They are rich business magnets…
DP&kav’s father accepted their love& they are about to marry after 3months due their kundali…
Sanskar approaches kavitha and stands near her…
Swara sees it….and laughs…
Swalak takes their pheras&and laksh filled her mang everything was happened…

They take blessing for everyone.
When they came to sumi&dida
” they blessed wish u gud luck” swara smiles…

Swara too herself:”just wait maheswari’s this one yellow thread can change your whole destiny…
Swara smiles sumi&dida proudly that one thing is happened according to their wish…now her daughter will make everything right

They leave too maheswari’s house..
Rituals are completed

Credit to: Hasid

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  1. did something happen to ragini and that is the reason for this? was she supposed to be married to sanskar but they rejected the proposal and hurt dadi and everyone and something happened to ragini and laksh had a hand in it as well….so swara wants revenge? interesting

    1. No yar…almost u r guess is crrt…I will reveal ragini’s path in next chapter….thanks for u r comment ..

  2. Nice so swara is there for revenge. Next one soon.

    1. Thanks for u r comment

  3. Interesting dr.update next part soon

    1. Thanks yar I will update it fastly

  4. Is swara”s character negative?

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