Loves me or not ? (part 6)


Last day in train yuvani exchange their numbers, when yuvi sees her number is similar to suhani no. he ask her full name.she says suhani shrivastav. Hearing that yuvraj shocks first then ask her..
Yuvi:where did u completed ur primary schooling?
Suhani:st.marks school,Mumbai.
yuvraj is on cloud nine listening this and hugs her very affectionately and leaves to share this news.
Suhani didn’t understand why he hugs her but she feels something and smiles.

In coupe sharad and Krishna are doing arm wrestling ,where Krishna continuously outing. soumya is cheering Krishna while yuvraj comes says guys I met suhani….
Sh: whatz the big deal in that we’re meeting her everyday.
Yuvi:I was talking about our childhood friend suhani!!

Three of them looks yuvraj being in shocked.
Yuvi: why you three stareing me like this .sharad and Krishna you guys know this before right.
sh:guru wohh…
yuvi:you know na shrad how much I love her and want to meet her since years..
soumya interrupts and say yuvi I told them not to say you and suhani. We thought to give to both surprise on get-tegther party.
Yuvi:ohh sorry soumya…how r u? I miss you too so much? And hugs her
Somu:I’m fine yuvraj and I have another surprise for you that is..suhani too loves you madly..she very eagerly waiting to meet you.

Yuvraj jumps in happiness and says them not to tell suhani about anything. I want to see that shocking happiness in her eyes when she see me in the party.

After a while…
Weather is very pleasant.Yuvraj climbs up the roof of the train,in full exciting mood ,he loudly shouts I love you suhani!! Which echos back to him and he smiles.

Yuvraj pov:
More one day suhani after that we both we always be together for the rest our life and we will together create more beautiful moments and replace them with those memories which made us live and love for eachother among these 8 years.
End of pov

Suhani see yuvraj standing on roof so calls him.
Suhani:hello yuvraj.
Yuvi:yeah suhani
Suhani:I also want climb on roof yuvraj please..

Yuvi:okay come near doors.
Suhani goes near doors.yuvraj ask her give her hand to him so that he’ll pull her up. way very risky and I can’t climb like this.
Yuvi:okay come near that open place,there you can climb up easily.

When suhani is climbing ,she loses her grip and about fall but yuvraj holds by her waist.They share a eye lock (sanam re bgm plays).they are back to senses with train horn sound.
Yuvraj:be careful suhani…gir jaate toh

Both smiles… suhani shouts ahh suhani!! The words repeating back.yuvraj is silently admiring her.
Suhani:you know yuvraj this is very memorable experience and with a such a gud friend. thanks a lot
She hugs him being excited and he to hugs her back. they sits there and talking while train stops at a station.
A railway police has seen yuvani on roof so he whistle at them. Yuvani worried seeing policeman is coming towards so they comes down from other and escapes from him.
Yuvani comes running to coupe and gives hi-fi to eachother while laughing. Meanwhile sharad comes and says why police is outside the door and checking roof, I think he got mad. They laughs more seeing sharad.

Sharad didn’t get why they’re laughing so he too joins them and laughs.
They reaches Mumbai. Everyone returns to their homes.

Evening in birla house…

In yuvraj room
Yuvraj is infront of mirror getting ready for party,he wears red shirt with black blazer on black jeans. Sharad sits on bed complimenting him..
Sh:guru…see tonight suhani will get shock see you as you’re looking superhot in black.
Pratima says Kyun nahi sound comes near the door.she comes in and yuvraj hugs and says
Yuvi:ma..maa I’m very happy as I’m going suhani.plz bless me and my love.
Pratima:my blessing are always with you both. All the best beta and sharad did you call bavana and ask her how is feeling now?

Sh(being worried):woh..mausi I forget about that, now bavana won’t spare me.
Yuvi:maa..hez becoming like ghajini.
They laughs at him while he is fearing.

In suhani’s room
Suhani wears a red gown.. suhani and soumya starts leaving when in hall lata stops suhani and feeds her sweet and says
Lata:from today you’re 8 years waiting is going to end. All the best beta..
While pankaj comes and says suhani beta.. tell your feelings to yuvraj with whole heart and come home with good news. our blessing and support are always you with both and your love will success.

Suhani happly hugs both of them and leaves with soumya

Precap:propose night!!

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      thank you…and i think might you’ve seen the link of open place i mentioned itz..

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