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Hii guys here with my fourth ff .
chali bakbak last mei ok.
The science of kissing: According to a study done by some one i am not very much interested to know, says that when a couple kiss each other for the first time, the body release the hormones which makes them passionate towards each other, so they love kissing each other, but over the period if the same couple kiss the ecstasy and passion gets decreases as the body hormones get use to it. God!!! now this is prove scientifically too, where on earth should i find a way to get my husbands attention who is sitting right in front of me, digging his head deep down in the newspaper as if the prime minister of India himself will come and ask him current affairs.. ufff!! i hate news channels and the newspaper. So much of information and its a pain to know so much.
I know i am 29, yes little heavy, may be some wrinkles and fine lines but that doesn’t mean that he will ignore me like this. From morning to evening i am just trying to do everything according to him, and even cook what he likes still all my efforts are in vain. Morning news paper, evening news channels.. quiet irritating. initially he was so caring about me that he even use to care of my facial hair but now even if it grows to forming a ponytail he is not bothered.

How come the daily soaps and movies revolve around love stories. all of them are such a croquet. From the time the movies has started to this date yr 2013 so many love stories, many written, narrated and acted still we are not jaded with them and every couple weather newly married or suffering from mid life crisis dream about being in love all over again. Romance comes with an expiry date in any relationship and to fill that void individual either break up with their boy/girl friends to go for a new one or go for an extra marital affair.

The light are off, the AC is on, quiet chilly and silent the room is just like our relationship which has gone cold with the passage of time. seeing him sleeping beside me, snoring to glory, i came close to him and he turned his back to me, definitely their is a women in his life but who will love this boring man i thought this and i even turned my back towards him and suddenly a thought strike to me, 10 yrs back this boring man was sounding very interesting to me that’s why i got married to him and if this same man is sounding interesting to other women. all negative thoughts were swarming in my mind.. oh my God!!!!! I got up and made my way to the washing area, grabbed his shirt and trying to find a clue of other women. May be a feminine smell or a hair strand or a lipstick but their was nothing. The whole night passed by and i didn’t even blinked my eyes.

Next morning the same routine but due to sleepless night i had such a bad headache that i couldn’t do anything. Some how i made him tea and gave him bread butter, i sat in front of him with my hands on my head and he didn’t even gave me a look. Earlier he use to make tea for me and use to leave home only when i use to eat the medicine .. and now.. it is annoying… in acrimony i stood up from the table and went back to sleep, he came inside and said i am going.. bye.. seeing me lying on the bed and still not asking me is such a ignorant behavior towards me. Anyways i have to look after my self, i took the pill and began with my work, the day passed by, i could see the sunset form my window and instinctively i felt like going out. Dressed up in jeans n shirt i locked the door and set out for a small walk, i called up few friends talked to them and didn’t realize how much time has passed by. so many miss calls… oh.. they are of my husband, i quickly ranged him up and with a resented voice

Kunj ” where are you? i am standing under our building for past 30 min”
i cut the phone and ran towards the building. He was standing their, i know its my mistake, i opened my mouth to say sorry and he interrupted me by saying
Kunj “you never left the house without informing me, where were you” .
for once i felt like a slave to him but its my mistake, i always informed him even if i go for a walk and this is the first time he asked me about my wear about. anyways i made him tea and he was watching TV and i busy my self with my friends on whatsppp. Seeing me busy on whatsapp he asked me,
Kunj “the whole day is not enough for you that you are still busy with this phone, listen to the news it will give you information which is useful to you.”
by giving this lecture he snatched my phone and without giving a second thought i snatched back my phone from him. As he knows my mail account password and can access my phone, i have never stopped him but this time i did it because i have written a little bad about him to my sister and best friend and doesn’t want him to know about that. i quickly deleted the sms and kept the phone on the table and said in a very stern voice “this is my personal belonging plz don’t touch it without my permission” one really need to see the look on his face as if he is doubting on me. i cooked the food and we ate the food without talking or facing each other.
After dinner he sat with his laptop for some work and i went to my room for a good night sleep, suddenly my friend called me and i shared with her what happen. she being the wicked personality told me

friend “Twinkle (that’s my name) this is the only way to make your husband again fall for you, make him feel that he is not important and you have some one else in your life”
i was listening to her but would not agree to all this sh*t as its his peak period in his profession and i don’t wan to disturb him to this my friend told me “if he really loves only then he will get bothered about you, until n unless these people realize that they are at losing end only then they know the worth of their wife or partner in their lives. These husband”s are necessary evils we cant live without them and cant even live with them. i hanged up the phone and was just thinking all the night.
When i slept i don’t know next morning i wake up and he was still sleeping. I did the morning job and text my friend regarding the game and asked her to plan for me and i will according to her. She didn’t reply may be sleeping but i was waiting for her text as if i was waiting for my boy friends message. He got up and i served him tea and while i sat beside him as i usually do, the message beep… immediately i picked up the phone and saw her message, he was seeing all this and inquisitively asked me “whose message at this early hour” , an abrupt reply “nothing just a friend” and i walked out of the room.

After he left for the office i called up my friend to understand the plan, she told me that
friend ” you don’t have to plan anything just be very secretive about everything don’t be predictable and make him feel that you have someone in your life”
with a confuse state of mind i asked her about how this will happen and she suggested me to buy another calling card, i asked her why and she told me she will make me understand later.
okay in the evening i set out for shopping without informing him bought a calling card and some veggies, he was yet not home as he didn’t call me so i was waiting for him to come, was sitting at the parking area very close to the tree so he could not see me. After 3o min he came, parked the car and went up stair, after 5 min he came down with anger on his face, he dialed my no and before the call reaches me i walked towards him. seeing carrying me veggies he didn’t said a word, we silently walked to our apartment and made tea for both of us as i was tired and simultaneously was preparing for food. He was watching TV and i was busy with the phone, seeing this he asked me
Kunj “if you want to watch any channel you can, i don’t want to watch news” was surprise listening this but instead of being happy i disregarded this and said
Twinkle ” i am chatting with my friend on whatsapp so you carry on with your news”
immediately i left for the balcony and was going through a new recipe on the phone and was smiling as if i am talking to someone.Sitting in the drawing room he was seeing and was frowning that i am chatting and plan was working. After the dinner instead of working on the laptop he came to the room and was about to talk to me i closed my eyes and turned my back, i wanted to listen to him but according to my friend i need to ignore him, ignore till his anxiety levels goes up.
Next morning when i got up, i got a message from my friend which she might have send late night that to activate the card and send message from that number to the number i am using messages like “how are you?, lets meet and you were looking gorgeous”
Before he got up i changed the card and messaged
secret number “lets meet today evening”
and again changed the card and kept the phone beside him to read. He got up and i served him tea, the phone was beside him but he didn’t touch it, while drinking tea i asked him for money to go to the parlor, he said

Kunj “you always have money to go the parlor why you are asking more” to this i reply
Twinkle“actually i want to go for hair spa and its expensive and even gold facial that is also expensive so give me the money”
he raised his eye brows and smiled towards me and asked
Kunj “i never heard about hair spa and gold facial in these 5 yrs why now”
Twinkle “well these many years i didn’t realize that i am living in the society who really bothers about how you look and how you dress up” i picked up the empty plates and walked out of the room, after a min i silently peeped into the room to see if he sees my phone but he didn’t.
while leaving for the office he left his debit card on the table, i called up my friend and narrated everything, she told me to be patience and go for the parlor and enjoy the spa. As per schedule appointment i went for my beauty regime and my friend text me to sms from the secretive number that “i am looking gorgeous today and for how long i have to wait to meet you”
As per her instruction i did that and this time i came home before him. He came home and complemented me that my skin is glowing today. He informed me about his conference call and locked himself in the study. My cooking was finish, so was sitting in front of the TV with a cup of tea. His conference call took 2 hours, he came out of the room pretty exhaustive, i served him food and instead of watching TV he went back to sleep. this time also he didn’t read my messages. Instead of him i was getting upset, feeling as if he is not bothered or may be i am not doing something which actually is a noticeable change in my behavior and forces him to think about me.
Next morning when i got up, he was already awake and my phone was beside him, i don’t know whether he saw the messages or not but he was looking upset. I served him tea and he asked me if i like to go for dinner tonight. I was so elated but at the same time i was getting impatient about the messages and why this sudden change. however i denied tonight outing by giving an excuse of back pain. He didn’t pushed much and later he left for the office.
I was standing at the balcony and was waiting for him, on seeing him coming in the premises i quickly locked the door and took the stairs down as i know he will come by lift. I dressed up in a beautiful mini skirt and little bit of make up, got ready as if i am going for a date. Was sitting behind the building for hours but this time he didn’t gave me a call, later i saw him sitting on the bench, after making him wait for one hour i went to him and very coolly said
Twinkle “oh i m sorry i kept you waiting, actually my friend gave me party”
and he just walked on me, this was unexpected and i was getting little scared of him but still maintaining my attitude i went with him in the same lift, he didn’t utter a word but was seeing me from top to bottom and asked me “which friend party is this in which i am not invited and you have to wear such a dress and what about your back pain” taking his look and question frivolously, i asked

Twinkle “whats wrong in this dress and she is my new friend and you don’t know him”
The argument would have continue but some one else hoped in the lift at the 3rd floor, we reached our flat and i quickly went into the bathroom, instead of changing my clothes i changed my personal calling card with my secret calling card and message myself that
secret number ” you were looking gorgeous today and we should meet often, and when your husband is out we can meet at your home” again i change the card and replied to the number that
personal card “I too enjoy meeting you and you are so interesting man, my husband is very boring and your plan is very good, we can meet at our home and can talk and do so many things which we cant do outside”
secret number “i am happy to know this that you like my company and you are up with the idea of meeting at your home, lets meet tomorrow”
personal number “lets meet tomorrow”
Sitting at the kitchen slope seat i was wondering that this is to early to bring to the end but i am here to have my husband back in my life in a romantic way and not to upset or torture him. If he learns the truth that one needs to look after the personal life also and love is a prerequisite in every relationship and at any age one might be, i will be happy. I love him and i know he loves me too, its just that he is engrossed in his professional life so much that he forgot that performance, perseverance, endurance, admiration, romance is needed in personal life also.
So tomorrow is the final day, i came out of the bathroom, kept my phone in the middle of the bed so that he pick up my phone and reads the sms. when i slept i don’t know but tomorrow morning when i got up he was not on the bed, was standing in the balcony, my phone was kept on the bedside, i made tea, but he refused to drink, he went to office without having breakfast.I called up my friend told her what happen she hanged up the phone by saying “i am coming at your place” she came to my place at 3 clock and asked me to call him at the office and say that i am going out. Without questioning her i did what she said, i called him
Twinkle “Kunj today i am going out in the evening”

Kunj” thats not new to me, every evening you are out without informing me”
i was feeling bad but now this is the end and i dont have to give up. i said
Twinkle “i know but yesterday i saw you waiting so” Kunj hanged the phone without saying anything.
My friend is such a wicked person, she told me that she is sure that about my husband that he will come in the evening and will barge in the house, i told her he cant as the house keys are not with him, she bet me about the house keys taken by my husband, i check the drawer and she was correct. Evening 6 clock, me n my friend sat in the bedroom in the blanket and was watching tv, suddenly we heard some one opening the door, we knew it was him, he barged in the room by saying.
Kunj ” who the hell are you sleeping with” and was stun seeing us in the blanket and watching TV.
I stood up from the bed and starting laughing, he was zapped and was embarrass on his own self, i came to him and hugged him and he asked me
Kunj”is she is the friend you are talking n meeting to”
I answered him by showing a calling card “this is my extra marital affair, it was her plan but i dont have any one in my life except you” he got so offended and said
Kunj”why did you do this to me, i use to be so much upset and where u use to go in the evening” i laughed my heart out on his condition and said
Twinkle ” i was in this premises only, behind our building and use to see you waiting for me” he hugged me badly and said
Kunj”for moment i felt that i have lost you twinkle”
“you would if you will not make tea for me or wont take me for shopping or movie and also for not making love to me every night” my friend was laughing and shouting plan successful, my husband grabbed her hand and locked him in the bathroom and he kissed me passionately.
with due respect my friend was released from the bathroom and we slept in each others arms…… for that extra love affair, extra attention and care extra hardwork is required. we only know the worth of someone if we have the fear of losing him/her…..

mujhe nhi pata if you like it or not ……I know I am not a good writer.
and tell me should I continue my new ff or not.
Shruthi di:thanks a lot.
s.z.f.z:thank you.
fan:thank you.
shatakshi: thank you dear.
sayeeda di:thank you.
sameera di:thanks a lot.
PurnimaAgarwal.30:thank you so much.
Baby:thank you.
mayatwinjfan:I am sorry but can’t tell you if you are right or not?let’s see as story move on.
sonali: thank you and you can call me anything or by any name that you.
Angita:sorry I am not able to reach through your expectations if you want I will discontinue it.
Jisha:thank you and let’s see as story moves on.
sidhantsdieharderfan:thank you and I can’t tell you anything now.
ok now byeee love you all.please tell if I should continue or not.

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