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Hii all this idea just came to my mind suddenly. So a sorry in advance if I haven’t satisfied u all. Now lets go back to the story…

Abhi running behind a small boy. Abhi started shouting “ arrey rey stop yaar. I am really getting tired. If u keep on running like this for ur one spoon of food. I am sure I will surely tell ur mom to never give u ice creams stop there” after hearing the punishment rey aka reyansh stopped. He turned and looked at his father with his ever best puppy eyes and pleaded with him through his eyes. Abhi got melted away seeing his innocence and took him in his hands and kissed his cheeks soundly and pounced him in his arms. Abhi thanked god in his heart for giving a beautiful caring wife and a very loving son.

In the dining table, abhi and reyansh were seated in their chairs. They were tapping their plates with spoons and started singing “ mama mama pls come mama our tummies are waiting mama” they were continuously tapping the spoons and knives on the plate and the table creating a havoc. A lady shouted from the kitchen “ stop stop please my head is throbbing if u create a havoc like this then both slepp outside the room. Now finger on ur lips” they both put their spoons down and kept their finger on their lips ( aur haan they looked so so cute). The lady came with a plate of steaming parathas. Yes it is our pragya. She came near and placed the plate in the table and said to them “ why u guys always try to eat my brains? I am tired yaar. I have to make parathas na. u guys eat for four persons then how can u expect me to finish soon. Now come on start eating or else the first paratha is mine.” They both signaled by their head that she only told to keep fingers on their lips.

Prgaya smiled at them and said “ aww my boys now u can eat but don’t create noise ok?” they said in unison “ okie mama”. Pragya patted abhi and reyansh’s heads. And they started eating with lots of fun and masti.
That night, abhi and pragya settled on their bed with reyansh between them. Rey was sitting on abhi’s torso while abhi was busy checking mails from his fans. Yes, being the country’s only rockstar, he is the heartthrob of all girls in the country. But his heart only belongs to his wife pragya and his ever loving dude rey. After checking mails from his fans he started listening to his son’s childish antics. After pampering and coaxing him and literally begging him to sleep. The rockstar started thinking of his beginning of his love life.

Before 6 months,
Abhi was waiting at airport for his delhi flight for his upcoming concert. As usual he was listening to rock music. While he was listening, he felt a sudden weight on his leg. It looks like a small boy. Yes a small boy may be one year old. he lost his balance and fell over abhi. Abhi removed his earphones immediately and took the boy and pampered him rubbing his hands and legs. Abhi “ arrey baba kuch hahi hua don’t worry is it paining?” the boy “ no yeh.. pain.. nahi( he shopwed with his both hands as no)” abhi smiled at the boy’s broken hindi cum English. He felt a sudden pull over the boy. He wanted to protect this boy all over his life. But didn’t know the reason. The boy looked at him curiously. This uncle is definitely different. Stylish hair, handsome face, dog tags, cool jacket, different bracelets, lots of rings, stylish watch, a ipod in his hand. He definitely is different. The boy wanted to be friends with this handsome man it seems. He took the first step. He got down from abhi’s lap and stood in front of him and looked abhi from head to toe.

Abhi looked at the boy astonished and waited for him to speak what he thinks. He showed his little finger towards me and said “ fliends?(friends)” I chucked at his innocence and said to him by gvng my little finger “ friends “ that boy shouted “ mama this untall(uncle).. my fliend (friend) ” that time I saw that lady. Ohh god she was damn beautiful. Did brahma spent extra hours and home work to create her. If that is true then his hard work is worth. She was like an angel descended frm heaven. Even in that simple white salwar with intricate black designs, the single stonned black bracelet in her right hand, and the titan silver watch with the black dial showed my good time as I met her, and her simple pearl set around her petite neck was so beautiful. No the chain was not beautiful it looked beautiful as it was her neck.

Her pink lips invited me her cheeks her forehead wholly she was looking like a greek goddess. When I was just staring at her shamelessly, my rational mind jumped in between. Aargh.. I hate it. It said to me “ abhi beta she is not ur pankha who just want to have a look from you. May be she is married and have a son. So show some respect from ur gestures u idiot”. I came out from my thoughts, and looked at the lady who was looking at me cluelessly.

I smiled at her sheepishly and said “ hello I was just… looking.. forget it.. ur son is so good I like him so only I talked to him don’t take me wrong. By the way I am..” that lady interrupted “ its ok I understand I didn’t doubt u its just that he doesn’t friends so easily so only.. gotta go beta say bye to uncle” he showed bye to me sadly and I too reciprocated the sameshe and the boy went from there. I saw them walking that time only I came to know that I didn’t aske her name or my new buddy’s name. but god did have some plans it seems. One lady came running to her and said which was audible to my ears “ pragya.. pragya u forgot urs’ and reyansh’s ticket how can u forget this? If I didn’t see in ur table u wouldn’t be able to go to delhi for ur conference u better be conscious next time”. That lady, pragya ( sweet name hey na..) replied “ sorry didu, I forgot when ansh was playing ur house na I went with him so only forgot the tickets thank u so much didu” the lady smiled “ its ok pragya swetha is always perfect right now go time for ur flight bye pragya bye junior”. I got so happy that now I know her name ‘pragya’ wow really nice name. so she is also coming to delhi that’s good. Will surely find her in delhi. Until then bye sweet heart.
After reaching delhi,

Abhi was busy I his concert but still he started searching for pragya and her son reyansh. Even though he liked pragya, healso couldn forget about reayansh. That boy surely made an impact on him that no other kid did to him. Sometimes he will think what if pragya is married, but he didn’t see any mangalsutr or sindoor on her maang, may be he is her sister’s son then why did he call her ‘mama’ aaahhh.. I am gng crazy. Let me ask purab to check on her. He immediately called purab and told him to chekck details on pragya and the reyansh who were travelling in his flight. Purab asked me why. But poor boy I shouted at him to just do his work. Sorry purab I will apologize u later when I found my beauty. After 2 hours, he informed me about pragya. I don’t know how that four hours went. Coz I was constantly thinking about pragya and rey… rey who rey ohh reyansh. I even started gvng nicknames as if I own him.. hmmm god only knows what is written on my fate…

Pragya, a well known archaeologist of this country, (hmm interesting), different job, she got so many awards for her contribution in finding many secrets laid down the earth from the view of humans, (proud of you sweet heart), have a son named reyansh, but still remain single.. (single but a son), her son is turning 1 year old after 3 days.. (ohh perfect timing to meet my angel and my dude), now is residing in her guest house in delhi.. and the address was given ( don’t worry sweet heart rockstar is coming for you). Abhi was so happy to know that pragya is single but still the question about reyansh was still there. But keeping aside his doubts. He went to see praya.
After reaching the venue, I searched for pragya and rey. But what I saw really broke my heart. I saw pragya hugging one tall ugly.. ok I have to admit he is handsome but you all know rockstar is the best isn’t it? How can I admit he is handsome when he is hugging my angel and playing with my dude. Yes rey was looking so happy with him. I just want to screw him up for gng near my pragya my angel and to my rey my dude. But I cant coz may be he is her fiancé or her husband who is working in abroad or her friend who is secretly loving her if it is true then he is the senior I have to stand in queue to express my love. Oh god why u did to me like this? What did I do in my last birth? Every girl wants me but I want only one girl but she is already booked it seems? Why cant u keep reservations for her so that I can get the ticket for life? Did I kill anyone in my previous birth? Is it gandhiji or romeo or majnu? Who is that?
Frustrating about his non existing meeting with his angel sorry now became pragya he returned to his hotel sadly. But the face of pragya and rey challenged him to not go away from his mind. He spent his day in his hotel room alone thinking about his current situation. That time purab his manager cum best friend called him. Abhi took the call with not much interest as he know It will be again the topic of marriage. Yaar if he got the call before 2 hours then he would have gone insane but now he is not in the mood and purab wont leave me until I agree to meet the girl. If he informs about the girl this would be 50th rejected proposal. Till now I rejected 49 proposals. Even though being a rockstar I can find any model or actresses but no one was my choice..
Purab : hey abhi

Abhi : hey purab what’s on the ceiling?
Purab : ceiling.. what?
Abhi : just a new way of saying what’s up?
Purab : you are sick abhi
Abhi (sadly) : that I am.. now tell me why u called?
Purab : abhi aunt called me she got a proposal for u that girl is also in delhi. She wants u to meet her and talk with her abt the proposal.

Sarla aunty was purab’s maternal aunt as purab’s parents died he stays wit her. As I am his bestie from childhood we both stayed under sarla aunty so she is so close to me. Now she is in the hunting of our dulhania’s . purab being an over smart loved bulbul and introduced her to sarla aunty. Sarla aunty scolded me for not being smart as purab and making her work to find me a bride. She will always say that I am nothing good other than music. I can not even find a bride for me being the only rockstar of this country. Uff how much a person has to handle. So I just said purab irritated..
Abhi : purab why cant u just leave me man? Cant I be happy in my life? Why do u want me to commit suicide?
Purab : abhi stop it don’t u want to settle in ur life? Don’t u want a girl in ur life to shower u with her love?

Abhi :no.. ( in mind –coz I only want my angel)
Purab : I am tired of explaining you abhi I am not informing you I am ordering you. You have to go that’s final. Or else I will tell sarla aunty that u called her as muffin cake.
Sarla aunty hats me calling her muffin as she thinks I am tasing her about her weight.
Abhi (growls) :fine I will go but don’t ever expect me to accept this. I am not gng to accept it. Ok
Purab : that we will see abhi. I will send u the address soon. Day after tomorrow u can meet her.
Oh day after tomorrow is my dude rey’s first bday. God.. he is not my dude.. wonder does he even remember me? Why does it always happens to me..
On that particular day,
Abhi got ready with a slim fit white shirt ( like he wore when he found pragya waspregnant ) and black pencil fit. He was looking so handsome but nothing registered in his mind. He looked at the address once again with out any expression. He drove his way to that girl’s house with his thoughts flyig around his angel.
He parked his car in front of the house simple pent house.. he walked towards the door kicking the stone with frustration. He first doubted whether to ring the bell or not. But he contemplated and rang the bell. After two three times of ringing the bell, the door opened. What he saw was enough to give him a heart attack…

Screen ends with abhi’s shocked face and that person’s silhouette.

Precap: abhi was shocked beyond his wits at the turn of the happenings and said to himself “ how can it be possible ?did brahma got confused while writing my destiny ? yaar sure there must be a fight with his wife so only he got frustrated and wrote my fate like this? Why brahma ji why???”

Hii all so this a TS just got this idea so written it. I know I am not regular in always there for you or love makes life beautiful cant help with it guys but surely I will finish this first. Pls leave ur views whether positive or negative or chappals or tomatoes but no eggs haan I am a Brahmin and a pure veg so leave ur views even if u feel it is not good just spill it would love to know ur views . love u all waiting for ur comments keep smiling stay blessed…

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    Omg such a wonderful stry line hw cme u think so well darling loved it missing u a lot muuaahhh and yes an happy news fr u i hve started an ff i djt knw if u read it if not read wen u r free i hve updated intro and epi 1 but epi 1 not yet uploaded it is A WRONG PATH FOR A RIGHT JOURNEY..KKB hope u like it Love u muuaahh?????

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  6. Please close Alia,Tanu & Nikhil’s chapter We boared to see them at all.We want to see Pragya & Abhi’s Milan at all. Aap ke har serial me ek ladka ya ek ladki ke 2 ya 3 shadiya hoti hai. ye sab bandh kijiye, kyon ki aaj kal ke ladke ya ladkiyon per ye aasar ho raha hai. so pl extra mat bataiye. serial serial ki tarah rahe to dikh hai asali zindagi per iska asar na pade to behtar hai. serial dekh kar har koi apni asli zindagi me aisa hi kar raha hai. so pl serial yah sab bandh kijiye yea meri personally request hai kyoki aap ke filmi dunia me aisa hota hoga parantu asli zindagi me aisa nahi hota . aisa hone se bahutoon ki zindagi narak ban jati hai.

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  12. superb start dear….really awesome…. abhi’s love is mind blowing… really enjoyed abhi’s character, his jealousy everything in this ts…waiting for the next one sis….same pinch to you dear…me also a brahmin… come soon and post the next one…waiting for you…..

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