My love’s on line- Epilogue

The epilogue:
First of all thank you so much for ur comments it was really nice to see so many loved it thank u so much as all wished here is the epilogue, hope I ssatisfy u all with this epilogue…

The same night,
Pragya was seated in the decorated bed in abhi’s room. Her heart beat was thumping loud to her ribcage which she feared that purab could hear who was in ground floor. She anticipatedly waited for abhi’s arrival. She knew it would take time as he went to coax reyansh to sleep with his purab uncle that night. Pragya was so proud and happy abhi accepted reyansh to that length that he even fighted with her for telling him as someone’s son. That moment she knew abhi not only won her heart being her lover but also being reyansh’s father. After what seemed like ages, abhi returned to room only to see his four hour bride at the verge of sleeping. He knew she was so tired with all the twists and turns on her wedding day. Even though he desired her as much she did. He knew she needed her deserved rest. He went near pragya who was resting her head in the head board. He kissed her forehead lightly not wanting to disturb her. That tinkling sensation made pragya wake up. Abhi immediately repented for his action.
Abhi “ sorry pragya I woke u up” pragya “ its ok abhishek I was actually waiting for u had ansh slept?” abhi “ yaa he slept after listening to about a dozen stories. As he was so tired he didn’t ask much ques now u also sleep as u will be exhausted but not before changing ur dress now go” pragya looked at him confused “ abhishek u do know what is today right?” abhi “ of course I know today is Wednesday our marriage day what else?” pragya sighed “ u r a gone case abhishek I am gng” she tried to get up from the bed but abhi was so fast he pulled her towards him so that she hit his chest “ yes I do know that this is our suhagraat” pragya blushed “ I am gng to change the dress” abhi “ do u want me to help u baby?” pragya blushed hard and said “ abhishek stop it!!!” abhi laughed at her and laid down on the bed. After nearly fifteen minutes, pragya returned in a t shirt and pyjamas. Abhi winked at her “ oh girl, u made my job easier I had a second thought that I don’t want to waste ur beautiful lehenga but u r so considerate baby”. He rosed from his place in a jiff went near pragya and locked her in the wall. He moved closer to her and.. kissed her cheeks which was flushing red in both embarrassment and shyness. Abhi “ u look so cute when u blush sweet heart”. Pragya looked at him confused as to why he stopped. Abhi understood her and said “ pragya I know what u r thinking even though I love u and desire u as much as u do I want to give u time. I know this sudden marriage took a toll on u and ur doubt n me about reyansh..” before he could continue pragya stopped him “ abhishek its not like that I didn’t doubt u “ abhi “ no pragya anyone in ur place would have thought like that only so to put a full stop to ur doubt after I officially adopt my rey we will start our new life what say?” pragya had tears in her eyes “ abhishek I am so lucky to have u in my life ansh is so lucky to have u as his father”. Abhi kissed away her tears, and said “ I am his father only jaan and will be. Even though I am so understanding I wont let u go easily first give me my marriage gift” pragya” what gift do u want?” abhi “ that u should know” pragya “ what else do u want I gave myself to u” she smiled at him sweetly which tugged his heart, he came closer to her and met her lips with his. They pulled away coz of short of breath. Pragya put her head down in shyness. Abhi kissed her cheeks which was red as tomato. Then they both made their way towards the bed. Once settled in bed, pragya rested her head in his chest which was the most safest place in the world.
At the middle of the night, abhi woke up by hearing a soft knock and a sound coming “ papa” immediately recognizing the voice as reyansh’s he made pragya lie in the bed without disturbing her. He opened the door to see rey standing in his PJ’s with a tear stained face. Abhi was bewildered seeing rey crying which was one thing he cant take. He immediately picked him up in his strong arms and wiped his tears and hugged him tightly. After reyansh stopped cryin abhi asked “ why jaan why r u crying?” reyansh “ papa I.. scared I had a dleam(dream) that..u.. shaadi with churail aunty.. leaving me. Don’t go papa pleashhhh” his lips again trembled but before he again started crying abhi hugged him and made him rest his head on his shoulders and said “ no baba I wont leave u see I will always stay with u and mama we will do lots of masti tomm. only if u sleep now or else my reyansh will be tired na tomm then how my rey will play with me? papa will be alone so now reyansh will sleep like a good boy papa will also sleep and then tomorrow they both will do masti ok”. All the while, he patted rey’s back pacing in the room. Within minutes reyansh drifted to sleep. Pragya saw all this as she was disturbed by meeting the pillow rather than her husband’s pillow of a chest. She smiled gratefully that how her son and her husband shared a unique bond and their love is immeasurable. She immediately laid down again as she saw abhi approaching her. Abhi laid down beside her and tried to put rey on the bed but as he was clutching his shirt tightly he laid rey on his chest confortably and pulled pragya to sleep on his chest. Thanks to his broad well toned football ground. abhi held both his life tightly not wanting them to go away even in his dreams. The night gave away to a new morning which was the bginning of a story of a cute fmily with full of love,, love.. happy love……
After four years,
Pragya opened the curtains of a certain room and shouted “ ansh wake up man, its time to go for school u have competition today get up u sleepy head”. A voice came from inside the blanket “ mama let me sleep please for five more minutes” pragya pulled the blanket “ no way get up NOW”. There laid a boy of six years yes it is our reyansh. His round face with angelic features and a cupid lips made all gaga over him. He was the apple of eye in mehra household. Reyansh made a grumpy face as he still want to sleep more. He was so sad that now no one was in his side. But his sadness was soon replaced by happiness. After seeing someone at the door. “ hmm what world war is gng on between mother and son?” rey shouted “ papa….” He ran towards abhi who was standing leaning on the door with hands folded near his chest. He picked up rey and kissed his cheek lovingly. Reyansh replied to his kiss by kissing him all over the face while abhi giggled. Rey said by holding abhi’s face in his hands “ papa I missed u so much”. Abhi kissed his cheek again “ sorry rey papa’s work got more so I have to stay there for extra two days but I promise the next two days is yours” rey shouted in merry and said “ pakka wala promise” abhi “ pakka wala”. They both smiled at eachother rey informed abhi about pragya not letting him sleep. Abhi with a frown “ fuggi why r u not letting my son sleep? Let him sleep for some more time he is just only six”. Rey let out his tongue for pragya. Pragya got angry “ hello Mr. Mehra don’t side ur son ok its time for his school he have to be there before 8 so no irritating me get ready both” she went away murmuring about them. Abhi and rey looked at each other and sighed in defeat. The both got inside the bathrrom and started to get ready for the day.

At breakfast table,
Abhi was following pragya everywhere she goes telling her to accept something but it seems pragya is denying to it. Abhi shouted “ fuggi fuggi fuggi I will come u cant stop me” he sat folding his arms to chest like an child. Pragya said with equal attitude “ no way u r cmng”. Reyansh who was ready now to go to school came down to see both fighting. He let out a breathe and thought to himself “ when these two will change?”. He sat in his customized chair with all his superheroes printed. It was his favourtie chair it was his papa’s fourth birthday gift for him customized things with all his fav super heroes just for himself. He smiled at the thought that how abhi was excited about the gift than him. He asked the two in exasperation “ why do u guys fighting now?” abhi “ rey look at your mom she doesn’t want me to come to ur competitions!!!” he said with a puppy face which will melt anyones heart. But pragya kept a straight face. Rey asked his mom biting his toast “ why mama why papa should not come?”pragya “ he should not come means he should not come that’s it now finish ur breakfast soon and come we will go” she went inside the room to get ready. Rey said “ sorry papa mogambo is in a foul mood today but I promise I will get u the performance cd specially for u now smile please”. Abhi nodded his head in defeat and wished him all the best. He went inside the room and took his guitar to divert his mind. Today his son’s first interschool competition. Rey was always a intelligent kid. He excelled in all the activities. He was an all rounder. He was interested in music just like him but he equally loved to read books like his mom. Abhi itself don’t know how this boy maintains his love for both music and books. Today he is gng to participate in sub junior level for many competitions. He almost gave name to all. That’s why abhi came home fast rather than the next day to see his son winning. But this fuggi is not allowing him. Abhi thinking all this sat with guitar not doing anything. That time pragya entered the room and saw abhi sittin sadly. She knew the reason. So she slowly went near him and sat in his lap wrapping her hands in his neck and kissed his forehead, his eyes, his cheeks, and his chin and a light peck on his lips. Abhi didn’t react to any kisses but sat there sternly. Pragya traced her fingers in his face and said “ naraz ho?” abhi nodded his head in negative “ who am I to get angry? I am no one right” pragya cupped his face “ I know abhishek u want to come but I want to reyansh to idolize u not to follow u” abhi asked in confusion “ what?” pragya said “ abhishek I saw u gvng practice to ansh for his competition even though I appreciate it I want him to win on his own. And more over if u come today all the judges can make him win just because he is rockstar’s son. I don’t want that. Even though he is still small, he have to know the difference between winning and losing. I knowu will be his constant support in almost everything. But I don’t want him to think that he can win anything being ur son. Ansh loves u loadz, he thinks u as his hero so I want him to idolize u and become as reyansh mehra not as son of abhishek mehra. I know this may seem too much for ansh as he is just six but as u know what u sow is as u reap. So pls abhishek understand it.” Abhi kissed her forehead lightly which said ‘I am with u in all’, he said “ fuggi, u r thebest mother one could ever have. I am so proud of u, as u said I love rey a lot, he is the first one to call me as ‘papa’ I learn from him a lot rather than him from me, he is my support system fuggi, so I will not come today let him win on his own and make me proud. I want to be known as he is father of reyansh mehra not as rockstar abhi. Moreover I cant deny my wife coz boss and wife is..” before he finish it pragya “ is always right. And this is not the only reason I have one more”. Abhi looked confused “ what is that ur highness?”. Before pragya could say they heard a shrill cry sound. Abhi panicked and ran out of the room while pragya is shouting at him to go slow.
Abhi first looked in the balcony where he saw reyansh putting his shoes. Sighing he went inside a room where the crying sound came. He went near the bed and looked at the one crying. There lay his princess, his another bundle of happiness. His daughter Dhriti.. the very sight made him also shed some tears. Dhriti was crying for her feeding. He took her in his strong arms and rocked her. Abhi “ darling don’t cry sweet heart mama is in the room only come we will go to mama. How can she leave u alone? Come come we will ask her”. By pampering her he took her to the room where pragya was sitting. Pragya saw abhi coming with dhriti and know that abhi will shout at her now. Pragya thought “ dhriti darling why did u wake up now? Ur papa will eat me alive” . abhi “ pragya why did u leave my darling alone? If u told means I would have taken her with me?” pragya “ abhishek easy easy ok she was sleeping and moreover she just needs feeding all babies cry when they need their feed so stop fussing me give her here as if only ur daughter cries in the whole world”. Abhi gave dhriti to pragya and sat beside her while pragya fed their daughter. Dhriti their new found happiness. She is five months old. Abhi was looking with pride at dhriti, she was the perfect blend of both father and her mother. She had angelic features just like her bhai. Pragya thought about abhi and ansh’s protective behviour of their daughter. Both was fiercely protective of her that one or the other will keep an eye on her always. Whenever she cries for feeding or chaning, they both will eat her head by fussing at her. It took her almost three years toconvince abhi for another baby as he thought he cant share his lovefor reyansh with another baby. He may feel left out. Finally with the help of ansh she made him realize LOVE DOESN’T GOT LESS WHILE SHARED IT GETS MULTIPLIED. Then our daughter was born. The love abhi has for reyansh is selfless which I even couldn’t gve him.
After feeding dhriti, abhi took her from pragya and made her lie on his shoulders and patted her gently to burp. After burping her, he sat on the bed floding his legs, and made hel lie on his lap and patted her to sleep. While patting his daughter with a constant smile on ihis face, abhi asked pragya “ what is the othrer reason u r not letting me come to rey’s school?”. Pragya looked up abhi understood “ oh flashback”.
When pragya was conceived with dhriti, abhi took rey for his first public appearance that is his award function for the best onselling album of the year. During that press conference, the reporters asked many questions, while one reporter asked “ sir childrens day is coming what are your plans with ur family?” abhi who got ready to leave to the function venue answered them casually “ ek aur baccha”. All looked shocked at him, wile pragya looked embarrassed as abhi was shamelessly telling this when she was conceived already.
Flashback over.
Pragya “ see for this reason I am not letting u I don’t want to embarrass rey or dhriti while u were shamelessly flirting “ abhi gave a sheepish smile,” I just said fun”. Pragya “ no means no. just do me a help pack gudiya’s bag” abhi looked shocked at pragya “ what u r taking gudiya with you?” pragya “ hundred marks” abhi “ then what will I supposed to do at home?” pragya “ take care of my son”. Abhi “ no way I am gng to purab’s house I will never come near to ur so called son ok leave me” pragya grabbed his hands “ uh-uh Mr. mehra u have to take care of my son. He is alone at home. U have put leave na then why cant u take care of my son if u don’t do this I will tell ansh that u r saying neymer is much better than messi”. Abhi felt exasperated, he will never do that, rey is a die hard fan of messi. Whenever he wants to tease him, he will just have to do the honours of taunting messi , then he will get the life time punishment. The one thing rey took seriously from him was his love for foot ball. Abhi sighed defeatedly “ fine but u dare think to do this again with that dog of urs” pragya “ hello MR.Mehra khabardaar u say my son as dog get ready to sleep on couch from here on”. Abhi made dhriti lie on his shoulders getting up from the place “ we have to say it dog because it is a dog”. ROMEO’ pragya’s pyaari son. It is a Chihuahua. He gifted to rey when he was five as he loved that puppy. But what he didn’t know that romeo will turn to his biggest enemy. Pragya loved romeo a lot because he looked so cute according to her.
Pragya, reyansh and dhritit made their way to the school, while abhi stayed at home prayin for his son’s victory, and taking care of his devil’s incarnate. Time passed by, abhi slept on the couch thinking about his troublesome trio. While he was in deep sleep, suddenly he felt a heavy weight pouncing on him. Awakening from his sleep what he saw was enough for him to break in to a huge smile. There lay on his chest, his gudiya with her head on his chest and behind her was rey with his head laid on gudiya and pragya kneeling beside them with a lap full of prizes. Abhi kissed both his children’s forehead and said “ if u guys want me to visit my grave and say ‘hi’ to the ghosts there or what?” rey shouted “ I did it papa” . abhi lifted dhriti in one arm and rey in another arm “ I know dude u will rock it as ur my son”. Rey kissed him tightly accepting him. Then he went on explaining how he got prizes for music, singing, word game, memory game, and many more sports and game activities. As it was like a fest, rey got more prizes. Abhi could not help but feel more proud of his son who is making his name shine. He caught rey into a bear hug tightly squeezing dhriti inbetween them. Rey pulled abhi away “ papa see gudiya is choking sorry gudiya”. As rey kissed gudiya abhi kissed reyansh and pragya kissed abhi. There laid a beautiful family of four who will be there for eachother in their best and worse.

Thank u thank u thank u so much for giving ur support for this three shot. And this epilogue is so long in my point as I don’t know how to write a epilogue. I just want it to be perfect keeping in mind the perfect and beautiful bond both rey and abhi or abhi pragya shared but I don’t know I achieved it or not. But this shot gave me some experience to write better. I know I am late as always but here after I promise I will write frequently as my vacation started. Finally finished my schooling more sad that it finished in a blink of an eye but its ok we have to go in the course of life. Sorry for being late as my wifi was not well and I was busy with unions with friends, so sorry for that hope u all forgive this idiot, now thanking session for each of these who have been my support through this evn tough I am not at all regular but u guys had belief in me thank u for that.
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