Lovers cannot hate each other (Chapter 8)

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recap-swara and unknown. …swasan…

next morning. ….a Sunday
swara wake up and look at the mirror. .she toches her chain and a tear drops from her eyes…”I miss u..”she whispered. ..
and she remembered something in past…..
past-swara is standing in a garden and a boy is seemed to approach her only back is seemed…and swara look at him with extreme happy …and he stand in front of her …nd then they play with some little children and swara is running behind the bubbles. ..nd she is resting his head on his shoulder nd he put is hand around her shoulder. …
and her phone rings. …its shows sanskar’s name and she smile at that…
swara-(why I am feeling so good when his presence is there…!!! what is happening to me…no I can’t. …)
swara took the phone

sanskar-hello swara
swara-sanskar what happened. .u call me at this time..
sanskar-nothing serious. ..just to remind about today evening. ..
swara-kk…at mandir isn’t? ??
both are smiling. ..
sanskar-today is sunday na? so can u come little early? ??
swara-ok..I will come…
sanskar-what else…???
swara-nothing. u want to ask me something? ??
sanskar-..mmm…nothing by…
he cut the phone. ..
sanskar-oo god what is happening to me…I am acting as mental…what I was speaking with her…pls god don’t make me mad again. …

it’s about 11 pm now..
swara is looking at her phone and becoming red with angry…
swara-I am waiting since morning. .but he didn’t call me…now I will not attend his phone…
she started clean her room ..and take her clothes for washing. ..
she is about to leave the room..The phone rings….she ran to the phone and took the phone without wasting next second. ..
voice-hello princess I am sry…There is accident.

swara is shell shocked by hearing accident. .and she dropped the clothes which is in her one hand..voice is about to continue but swara cut him..
swara-ACCIDENT! !!! what ???? when?? how??? where are u?? are u okay?? I told u na drive safely safely. ..don’t have any attention to my words..and where are u?? did u hurt!!!
voice-swara….swara… cool cool. .just listen me…
swara-how can I? ? …
voice-stop it swara….just me complete. ..first of all I am perfect. .its my PA met with accident. .so cool he is also okay..but I want to do some important work cuz of his absence. ..
swara-ooo…what this u can said this firstly. .

voice-are u mad ..I was about to say but u dramabazz interpret me started ur drama…
swara-it’s not drama
voice-ohhh really. .but be honest it is too overacting. ..
swara-errr…..I will kill uuuu..
voice-hahha…come come…
swara-just look …I will complaint to sanskar that u r teasing me..
sanskar-what..sanskar. .ooo that much hhaaa..
swara (to herself)-what I said. .complaint to sanskar. ..what is that..
voice-hey . Princess are u there..

voice-what my princess is doing. ..
swara-(face become little tensed cuz of the question)..I ….just…
voice (rudely)-u..just???
swara -ohh…sry I am not going to tell lies..just clean my room and going wash my clothes. .(she scratch her hair and eagerly waiting for his reply)
voice-what..!!! I told u noo don’t do anythings….I will…
swara-heyy stop. .I don’t have any problem. .
he cut the phone…
swara put her hand on her forehead.
swara-don’t know what it going to happen? ??
next second the orphanage’s office phone rings..and swara hear it and shake his head. .after some times some vehicle came at the gate..and after a while there is knock at the door..swara smiles and opened the door. ..warden and some men are standing there. .they all are giving her a strong look..

warden-swara..go out of the room as they want to clean ur room….and give clothes to them they will wash..she smiles and go to room..

at evening. .
sanskar is waiting in the same spot and swara came…
There are so many boys and girls. …swara is looking at them…
sanskar-heyy…what are u looking? ??
swara-me????…what a question yar…..looking. at boys..
sanskar-what…u girls used to look at us???
swara-what do u think it’s only ur duty to watch all the girls. .we also have the rights..isn’t? ?look….look…
swara-hoo…lolly pop…look at that cool…look at his muscles wow…how can he this much beautiful? ??
sanskar is looking at his hand and looking at his muscles…
swara-look at his sunglass..he is so cute na…
sanskar too put his sunglass…and look at her…she is watching all his act..but don’t showing that she saw it..she is enjoying his jealousy. .and trying control her laugh. ..
swara-sanky…look at tht boy…that yellow is suiting him..isn’t ??
sanskar look at himself nd he is too wearing a yello t shirt. ..
swara see this nd laugh silently. .

she continue her mission.
swara-nd look at him how handsome. .
sanskar-heyy he is not more than me…
swara look at him with her wide eyes. .and burst into laugh….she is holding his stomach and is partially lying at his lap..cuz she is out of control. ….
sanskar is looking at her with a cute smile. .
swara-ooo how jealous are u..look..haha
sanskar-ooo so u r acting…. him..his muscles. .his specs…(he imitating her)
while swara again burst into laugh..she is trying to cool down…she is taking long breath..but still she can’t control her laugh. ..
she stood up..and he is still wearing the sun glass. ..
swara-arey…. lolly pop. .take it from ur face…looking like a blind…she imitated as she is blind..and mock him..

he stood up at took his glass and give her a fake angry look..swara start to run and he is chaseing her..
while both are laughing loud. ..

and women is watching there cute fight and smiling with a tear in her eyes. .her face is reveled it is our anapurna..
ap-my sanskar is laughing whole heartily. ..this is enough for me..I was praying for this for yrs..nd who is that girl …?? god Don’t play with his heart cuz..he can’t suffer one more heart break…ap leave. …

swara and sanskar are still running and they unknowingly run to road..and swasan is running without any care she is looking back at sanskar and putting his tongue out. ..but she is in middle of the road..a truck is in the way..Some of the men r shouting at her….

precap-reveling the unknown. ..

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