Lovers cannot hate each other (Chapter 6)

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reacap-sanskar’ happiness for getting his family back. ..

sanskar-I hate all the girls. ..but expect u swara…in fact I like u..
swara (give a proud smile)..
sanskar-so swara by…I want to ..
swara-meet ur mom. isn’t? ?
sanskar-(smile. .) s..I am fool ..I had wasted my 2 yrs..but not now.
swara-I can understand. .so go. by
sanskar-by swara ..nd take care
sanskar leaves in hurry…

sanskar has nice time with his mom and bhai…

weeks are passing. ..where swasan had started a good bond. and named it as friendship. .. (don’t know what will happen in future)…and in same time swalak is also sharing a good relation….

an evening. …

tr had started class..
sanskar is not present. ..
and swara is missing him badly. .
swara (to herself)-why I am missing him this much. ..
class is about to end …and sanskar came running. ..swara give a wide smile to him where he also give a smile back…
after sometimes tr had end her class and leave. ..and all started their chit chat..
swalak had started mocking. .and sanskar is supporting laksh where ragini is defending laksh…and sanskar is enjoying the irked face of swara and laughing. .where swara is enjoying his laugh. ..anubir is sitting as audience to this war..
on the peak of fight. ..laksh slightly beaten swara with a book is too slight. .but swara start her drama. .she make sad face and look down ,,, excepting laksh to say sorry. .nd that is her paln to make him say sorry. .but for her surprise instead of laksh sanskar approach her..and put his hand on her shoulder. ..swara look at him with her wide eyes….
sanskar-swara..are u okay? ?? (he turn to laksh) what did u do hurts her….
laksh get irked and goes out. .where ragini also follows him..and anubir also left…
swara felt bad for laksh..and tears are rolling frm her eyes.
sanskar see those tears and feel immerse pain …
sanskar gives a tissue paper which kept at the room..and swara take it but she didn’t use it… it hurting too much. ..are u okay…
swara-noo…but I just over acted. .now look laksh get angry. .it’s hurting me..
sanskar-heyy leave it..I will handle let’s go…
swara nodded silently. ..
swasan started to leave but tr interpret…

tr-swara…there is no class for 2 weeks..cuz I am going to my daughters’s place. .nd informe it to others too. ..
swasan leave. and walking through the garden silently. ..both are feeling restless. ..
sanskar-we will meet after 2 weeks. ..
swasan feel so much pain in their heart..
sanskar-will u miss me??
sanskar-heyy…did u come to mandir..we can meet their (he said in excitement)
swara-mandir…but…hm…okay…then we can meet at mandir…so by

swasan goes happily
sanskar comes to his home..
nd swara entered to her room. .
nd opened his hand…she smile at seeing the tissue paper in her hand which is given by sanskar. .
she didn’t use it and even she didn’t threw it…
she placed that tissue paper at her diary and smile at her act…

her phone rings…she looked at the name and smile brightly..which is so rare in her face. .her eyes are twinkling with joy..she ran to table and pick up the phone…

swara doesn’t say any word even hello…
othrside a male stylish voice is heard”hello princess. …”…
swara is smiling …..
precap:swara- I didn’t miss you.

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