Lovers cannot hate each other (Chapter 5)

hii frnds…Thank you so much for ur support. ..and silent readers thank you very much….so I am making some difference in the real story. .cuz the real story is doesn’t meets it’s end…

and in this swara is in high secondary (+2)17yrs and sanskar is doing degree 19yrs…

recap-sanskar’s reunion with his family. …

aharash has a mouth full of roti..and struggling to complete it while ap and sanskar is laughing without any stop ..sanskar is holding is stomach cuz it’s paining after this much laughter. seeing his laugh ap and adharsh stare at him with all love and join him….
ap-sanskar I feel too scared to sleep alone. ..
adharsh-areyy…dramaqueen and son had started the if u want to take his head in ur lap and made him sleep..just say it straight. .I know my mom… u r missing him in these yrs..
sanskar-oooo…ma I am so afraid to stay alone (he said dramatically)
and laugh..
ap-ok come …

ap is sitting in the bed and sanskar is resting his head on her lap.and ap is caring his hair..sanskar close his eyes and fall into a peaceful sleep which he is missing for yrs..usually he used to stay awake and don’t know when he fallen to sleep..but now sleeping is a peaceful act for him….ap can’t express her feelings …her eyes are still moist…adharsh came to the room..ap place sanskar’s head on the pillow with all the care and place a kiss on his forehead. .when he get a smile on his lip, even in sleep he can understand his mom’s love. ..
and adharsh look at that sight and came closer to ap and give her support by putting his hand across her shoulder. ..they came out of his room..
ap-are u not going to sleep. .
adharsh- I will go mom..u go to ur room…
ap leave
adharsh came back to sanskar’s room..and cover him with blanket ..and cares his face..and go out…
brothers are something special they don’t used to show their love. .but when one get hurt then the pain will be more in other. .cuz it will hurt their hearts. ..

next morning has come…but this is a special morning for him..last night he got his family back. .so this is the beginning of his second life. ..and next thought came to his mind was”SWARA”..
sanskar is looking out of th window.
sanskar(to himself)-swara…who are u…but u gave my family back..I don’t know how to thank u…but u r still a mystery. .u r young but this much knowledge about life. ..
sanskar is going through her words and her beuty..and distracted by his mom’s voice calling him for dinner. ..

ap-sanskar is ur hand is fine or still paining. .she mocked. .
adharsh-mom my hand is paining..ouch.ahh
sanskar-mee too ahhaa, ahhh..
ap-stop..stop..I will feed u both stop ur drama …
ap feed them while sanskar and adharsh had nice time with each other. …..


sanskar is restless frm morning he is impatiently waiting for swara..and he reached tr’s home. .and waiting for swara..he had a wide smile in his face and his eyes are twinkling. .anyone can easily identify his happiness. .raglak and anubir came and they had chit chat all this sanskar is smiling and laughing too all stupid things and rest of them give a strong look to him..then also he give them a wide smile and they all went inside but sanskar is still waiting for her….
and then the gate open and a angelic figures approaches him..he is looking at her with a lot of expressions. ..
sanskar-swara….(he literally ran to her and stand in front of her with a big smile…his heart is asking him give her a tight hug..)
swara-(get confused by his behaviour. .but still she is looking at his cute is he…) sanskar ??..what happened u seemed to very happy. .
sanskar-ha.. swara..I am very very happy. .
swara-hey..wait that’s means. .u..ur mom…bhai…?
sanskar- s swara ..I got them family and all.. thank u so much swara.i don’t know how to thank u..oo god ..did u know swara yesterday my mom feed me and I too feed her. .and bhai too..and I slept on my mother’s lap.. did u know how much peaceful is that sleep. ..
swara-sanskar. .take a breath. .ooo how can u talk with this much speed..
sanskar-swara its all cuz of u..
swara-okok. .now let’s go…

They enterd to the room where others are waiting for them. ..and tr identify his happiness and feel so much satisfaction…
tr started to take lesson but sanskar interpreted and says about his family. .all smile at him…
on that day they only cover a very. little portion that too when sanskar go to kitchen for drinking some water that time tr take some class….tr give him that day..cuz she know how much he is feeling. .After all she is his second mother for him…..
class get over…
swasan is walking. .
sanskar is feeling pain in his cheek cuz of continues smiling and laughing. but he is not bothered about that cuz he spoiled his 2 yrs already …
swara-sanskar…do u still hate girls???
there is silence between them..
sanskar-s..swara I hate girls. .. (swara is feeling something bad in his answer)
sanskar-I hate girls but expect u swara…in fact I like u…..

precap-after some weeks. …

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