Lovers cannot hate each other (Chapter 4)

hi friends. ..Thank you so much for your support. ….and silent readers thank u so much. ..I didn’t know how many of u r reading it but still i am continuing my ff…

recap-sanskar’s past

sanskar-I hate girls.they are…..
(he can’t complete his sentence cuz two teary eyes are staring at him) I will not love anyone that’s all.. (he some what completed)..
swara-u hate all the girlS (she give a special stress to ALL)
sanskar can’t answer her questions cuz now he is in dilemma. .he doesn’t want to answer. ..she also sense that he is uncomfortable with her question…
swara-hmm..sanskar.. now what about ur mom and bhai…
now sanskar can’t control his emotions. .his tears are winning the war ..and coming through his cheeks. .
swara curse herself for her question. she want to take his face in her lap and want to run her finger through his hair…but for her surprise he started to answer….
sanskar-mom…for her I died before 2 years. she only has one son .and adharsh bhai..he is avoiding me..I am a guest in my home. .sometimes less than a guest too..we didn’t had a talk in these 2 yrs..if we forced to talk it will be like strangers talk. ..and now I am depending on some of my frnds to knew about some opinion about my life. .but the truth is that those opinions are just incomplete ..I don’t know why….

swara-did u tried for a conversation with ur mom
sanskar- no..never.. she hates me..all hate is always on business trip and he doesn’t knew about all this..even he never talk to me other than business. .
swara-what did you say..ur mom hates u..u r can ur mother hates mother will hate their children. .but she kept quiet cuz u had hurt is ur duty to pay back for ur deeds..and u said that u didn’t get satisfaction by ur frnds opinion. .isn’t? ?
sanskar-ss(he is staring her and listening each words like a small kid)
swara-it is cuz ur frnd is also of ur age.they don’t have any experience than u..but when u ask ur mom they will give u the right option..cuz she had a great experience and life had teach her many lessons. .so mom is always there for solving ur prblms…
sanskar..just go and say what u feel in ur heart she will forgive u…
..u don’t knew the value of family. .only one who didn’t have that precious gift, will know about its value..Someone like me….

sanskar give a confused look..
swara-don’t look me like that..I am a orphan…

archan tr entered and heard the last line orphan. .
tr-s sanskar..she is orphan.she is new member in our nearby orphanage. .and their head is my frnd and he told me that she is a brilliant .student so I ask him to send her to here..and now she is here..

sanskar is staring her..with a shock. ..
swara-tr I am going sanskar
sanskar-i am also leaving …by tr

they are on the way to garden..
swara-sanskar ..did u want to ask me something?
sanskar-s ..u told me that my friends are unable to answer me cuz of their age ..but look at u .u r 2 yrs younger than me but u told me so many things. .what about that
swara-that is because of life and this short life I had gone through so many difficulties. where I found the need of family. .and reading also help me a lot..
sanskar-by swara..I think this is a special day.but don’t know why???

sanskar’s home. ..(9 pm)
he entered to maheshari mansion. .
anapurna is sitting in the sofa..sanskar knew she is waiting for him..and when she see him she started to leave. ..
sanskar remember swara’s words”say what u want”…
ap stop by feeling something in her hand. ..she looked and get shocked sanskar is on his knees and holding her hands..While his eyes are loosing the pearls from his eyes.saying sorry mom don’t punish me with ur silence..ap can’t tolerate it she just give a tight hug there is no words …but only their hearts are speaking. ..
and after a while sanskar stood up and make ap sit on the sofa and he lies on her lap like a 3 yr old kid..ap is caring his hair..and wiping his tears..a smile came to her face. .which give a great pleasure in his mind…

at the same time adharsh came frm upstairs and about to say something but stopped by seeing this scene which he is dreaming for 2 yrs…
and he make some sounds and came down as he didn’t saw anything. ..

ap and sanskar stood up ..both has a wide grin plasterd in their faces. ..
ap-adharsh come …have dinner
adharsh-(is waiting for sanskar) ok mom..
sanskar-bhai…I am sorry can u fo…
he can’t complete his sentence before tht adharsh hug him with all love. ..
sanskar-I got my brother back. ..

ap-oo then u both forge me..
she pouted…
sanskar-that means I am already dead
adharsh and ap hold sanskar’s ears..
adharsh-don’t say like that again. .
ap-if u say then I will kill u..
sanskar-really. .
then trio has a hug..
ap-now okay come for dinner..

They sit for dinner and starts eatingg..but sanskar is not eating. .
ap-sanskar what happened are u not eating? ?
sanskar-mom my hand is paining ..I can’t eat..
ap-what happened. .no problem. .I will feed u..come
ap feed him and he stared at her with love…
sanskar-now I will feed u…
and sanskar feeds her..

adharsh -sanskar u said that ur hand is paining but now what happened there is no problem to feed mom hahah??
sanskar had caught and ap and adharsh started to tease him..
then sanskar put a mouth full of roti to adharsh. .to keep him mum..
and give hi fi to ap..

precap-sanskar-“who are u “

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  1. Frnds I told u na it is a real story. .but make some changes real story swara is not orphan….but I make it for this ff

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