Lovers cannot hate each other (Chapter 3)

hi frnds..i knew it is boring but i want it to end so pls forgive me..and this is not a imaginary story…yes this is true story
recap-swasan friendship

next day at tution centre. .
raglak anubir and swara is present. ….and tr has gone for some work so they are talking with each other but swara is not at all listening them. .she is missing sanskar.she don’t know why cuz he is a new frnd but she feel something special towards him..and then she noticed tr’s mobile phone. . and she remember how sanskar is playing with the phone. ..she took the phone and gone through the gallery. .she watches some comedy videos and then she found some photos of tr’s granddaughter’s. .and she is smiling suddenly her smile vanished and her eyes become wide open ..she saw her pictures in the phone…she remember sanskar using the phone.. actually sanskar is watching swara through mobile screen. .and took her photos. ..
swara again smile. …

and tr comes. she starts the class and at the middle sanskar too come…There is wide smile on swara’s face. .
After some times
tr-so class is over..cuz I have some work. .but if u want u can stay here ..
laksh- we don’t have any work at home..we are just sitting here only..
tr-then ok..

kabir- any one is coming with me to garden.
anubir went..
laksh-sanskar what about that girl u left her also
ragini-so this is ur 25 or 27 th
ragini-(irritated)laksh I am also going to garden .are u coming. .

swara-what was that sanskar..I thought that u r a nice boy.but u used to cheat girls.
sanskar-who told u that. .girls are the cheaters..they will not give any importance to our feelings. .They are selfish. .
swara- stop it sanskar. .I knew there are girls which are like u said..but there are many other girls who has a pure by heart…
u boys can’t understand a girls mind..
u will say what that came in ur mind but u don’t know how much it affect a girl..and also u don’t have any idea how long will it stay in her mind…
sanskar-I don’t know swara..

swara-sanskar is there is anything. .
sanskar-what… nothing…I don’t love anyone. .I hate love
by this sentence swara feel something bad in her heart. .
swara-is there is any reason
swasan has a cute eyelock..where sanskar is fighting with tears…
sanskar-swara I don’t know why but I feel like I want to share it with u..
swara-u can sanskar. .

sanskar- hmm.swara..I was not like this..u only know this sanskar who is a student of my tr.but outside this gate I am a person without any feelings. .but has revenge to girls..
in my plus 2 we had a gang of 4 members..and kavitha and me are lovers. .but it is not a love at first sight. .I gradually fall for her. her way of talking. .action all make me crazy. .and on a valentines day I propose her and she too accept it..then our love story starts..I was mad at that time..I used to do whatever she asked me to do. .I even miss class of archana tr..archana tr also knew about her..I even discussed about our marriage with her..but she only used to smile..I was at cloud 9….but after 6 months..which my love is at the peak…
on a night I got a call frm her…
sanskar – hi cutie..

kavitha-sanskar I called u for informe u about my marriage. .it is already fixed and now they want it as soon as possible. ..
sanskar-marriage but u didn’t said about before. .mm its ok .u just say no to the marriage
kavitha-I can’t say no sanskar..he loves me so much ..and I can’t
sanskar-but kavitha whT about us. our love
kavithA-our love. .sanskar I think it is just our infatuation. .nothing more than that
sanskar is shell shocked
sanskar-infatuation? ??
kavitha- sanskar bye..don’t disturb me anymore. .this is my last conversation. .
call cuts…

sanskar- swara I was at tht time is like a dead body.. I don’t even know where I am ..I don’t know how I sit there untill morning. ..I come to know tht she took tc and gone for ever. ..
for weeks I was at shock. .I started all the bad habits. .liquor, cigarettes., and all which I don’t even knew its name before…
live like a mad..and my brother caught me and present me before my mother who is my strength..I expect a slap but she stand silently. .that broke me completely. ..and now I am person who has no emotion. .my mom stop talking with me…

then I came back to life cuz of my tr she show me the way…but she fail to win my hate towards girls..
I hate girls swara..they are..

sanskar eyes was red …with pain and anger…
precap-swara..sanskar. ..

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    1. Thanks for reading dr,, yes poor sanskar..this is a real story and when I heard it I was crying. ..

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