Lovers cannot hate each other (Chapter 2)

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archana tr-so sanskar tell about ur competition. .
swara (in her mind)-so his name is sanskar …mm nice..
she jerks frm her thoughts by sanskar voice.
sanskar-competition. (he keep mobile at table) as usual we got first ..
tr-that’s good
laksh-so ur team got first in mime competition. ..
kabir-what a question is this laksh…They are the best team in our state
anu-ss …and sanskar u r doing a great job as a group leader. .
sanskar feel so proud…and give a smile…
ragini (teasing tone)- areyyy sanskar don’t go so high u will fall down…
sanskar make some funny faces…
all laugh at his expression. .swara too join them…
ragini-but sanskar ur grp is fantastic. ..
sanskar-ohh..isn’t but we don’t want ur certificate. .got it
ragini-who is going give u the certificate ha??
anu-oh god world war 3 had started
kabir-stop it guys…
sanskar-ask her to stop..
ragini-me…why..u start it na so u want to stop it first. .

teacher is looking at them with a smile..cuz it is a usual thing..actually their class is for 3 hrs..but only 2 hours are taken for class and 1 hr is for fighting. ..

swara is new student. .she had just joined here…she is surprised by all this….

swara is also shocked cuZ her frnds knew all about sanskar but she only knew his name…and tr is looking at him with love and concern..there is no hate or irritation in her eyes……

ragsan is fighting. ..with taunting each other. .
anu-will u guys stop this…
sanskar-anu what u want..don’t interpret
ragini-ha anu u r making all the problems
anu-oh really so now I become culprit
while ragsan give hi fi
and anu make faces..
kabir-oo stop it ..sanskar
laksh-ragini ..stop it..
kabir-areyy what was that. .ragini..we are begging u to stop but u r not even listening ..but what happened now..
ragini-nothing like that. ..oo..I..oh s…I loose my whole energy…
anu-oh isn’t

tr-ok ok.. start our class. .
they start their class and after sometimes class get over. .all went out…
all are walking through the garden..While swara is bit far frm others. ..
swara..a call frm his behind ..
she turn back it is our sanskar. ..
sanskar-hi swara
swara-hi sanskar …
sanskar-so u r new student isn’t
swara-s..this is my 4 th class. . was the class?
swara-it is good…can I ask u something ???
sanskar-of course. .
swara-why are u not listening in the class..are u not interested? ?
sanskar (give a top to bottom look)-swara.. (he laugh)..
swara-hey why r u laughing. .
sanskar-did u feel that we are same age…arey I am 2 yrs elder than u …got it…and I studied here..but for me archana tr is not only my tr she is like my mom. .so I used to come here 4 some quality time…and ur frnds knew me. .
swara feel little shy…

swara-sry..I thought..
sanskar-no no it is not ur fault.’s natural cuz I am too handsome na so u will get confused…..its okay… frnds..
swara-ss frnds
they shake their hands. .
at the same time raglak and anubir came…
laksh-so u start ur flirting. .
sanskar-no we are just frnds..
ragini-oh really. ..
swara-hey..what this guys…we are just frnds u r not allowing it? ?
kabir-oo dramaqueem ..stop it yar..
They all have some talks..and bid by and go to different ways …
While swasan are on opposite path..both turn back at same time and give a cute smile to each other. ..
precap-swara is shocked. ..

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