Lovers cannot hate each other (Chapter 14)


hi…frnds as I knew many of u r waiting for the precap (sanskar slaps swara..) )when I gives that precap in my mind I thought to show it on very next episode. .but when I start writing the next episode some other scenes came in my mind nd typed it ….as only the thread of this story is my mind…I used to write whatever comes in my mind….nd last 2 episodes r not planned sorry nd pls continue reading nd pls give ur comment…..

Thank u so much frnds for ur valuable comments. ..nd silent readers pls support me…nd I had replied to every comments in previous episode. ..

previous episode

recap-sanskar suffering from migraine nd swara taking care of him…swara nd rithik…

sanskar came back to his room in angry. .tears are rolling down frm his eyes…ap’s words are echoing in his ears…..
sanskar-“”swara can’t leave me….how she can???? no she can’t. .”””
he threw things into floor…
ap nd adharsh rushes to his room..
ap-sanskar? ??
sanskar-mom…she can’t leave me ….how she can???
adharsh-she is with u ….she is not going anywhere. .calm down…
adharsh slowly comes to him…
sanskar is crying. ..adharsh hug him..nd sanskar too hig him… ..cuz he is waiting for someone to say these words. .
sanskar-I can’t loose her…
ap-sanskar. .take some rest..
adharsh-ma…u go to ur room..I will take care of him….

.adharsh makes sanskar more comfortable by keeping his hands around sanskar’s shoulder. ..adharsh-sanskar. .take some rest..I will be here..okay..
sanskar lied down on bed…and adharsh is rubbing sanskar’s hair with concern…..nd sanskar close her eyes. ..after making sanskar sleep adharsh goes back to his room. …….

swara is feeling restless. ..
she thinks about sanskar. .
swara-he will be…god pls keep away all the pains frm him…can I call him??? no..if he is sleeping ..then. ..

swara then thinks about rithik and get angry. .
swara-how rude..frm morning I’m trying his but no reply. …
she searches her phone. ..
swara-ohhh..shit..I forget it in sanskar’s can I be careless. .if he call..then..swara become restless. …

sanskar’s room…………..
a msg sound is heard …sanskar pick his phone but he doesn’t found any msg..he got up frm the bed..nd looks..he sees another mobile on couch. .he moved towards it..

sanskar-eyy…this is swara’s mobile. .she forget it here? ? how careless is she???
he smiles….
sanskar pov…………………..

I found swara’s phone in my couch. .look she took care of me.but can’t remember this silly think…wait it’s 11 who msged her …that too in this time… I was thinking. ..this is all cuz mom’s words. .she had filled fear in my mind. ..I decide to check the msg..whem I on the phone. .my eyes becomes widen by seeing her screen saver. ..its her photo with another boy (s frnds its swara’s nd rithik’s photo. ..) )who is this boy..looking good …but I’m not going to accept it..he is not more than me… .In the photo that boy is putting his arms across swara’s shoulder. .both are laughing. ..I was burning in anger. ..I open the msg..there is another shock. .that msg is frm a number which swara feed as””my life””….who is that…her life? ??…no it can’t happen. heart is paining. ..I read the msg…
its shows that. ..
“”princess…sry I was busy…nd there is surprise for . wait for tomorrow. .missu so much princess…””…….
what..wht..who the hell r u..calling my swara as princess. ..I shouted at that msg…
next shock is waited in the gallery. ..I saw a number of pictures of both of them…in all those photos they were so close nd smiling , laughing… don’t know what to do.. I pick my phone nd dial that number..but response was unavailable. ..I get more angry..I threw it nd throw me on the heart is paining cuz of the thought of loosing my swara..unknowingly tears are rolling frm my eyes. ..but now one more question is arising …who is her to me…ur frnd…my inner voice said..but my heart is saying something else…she is urs…don’t loose her…….I don’t know when I failed the war with my thoughts nd falls asleep. ..

swara wakes up with a tired face…
nd sanskar too wake up….both r restless. …
swara goes to land line. .nd dialed sanskar’s number. ..
sanskar took the phone. .
swara-hello …sanskar. .it’s me swara…
sanskar (feels so happy)-haa swara bolo..

swara-sanskar. .how r u??? r u okay. .
sanskar (smiles)-I’m okay now…
swara-sanskar. .yesterday I forgot my phone there. .can u return me..
sanskar (feels bad nd angry)-ok. .
swara-(excited) sanskar then came at the same spot where we meet okay..
sanskar-okay..I will be there within a hour. .
he cuts the phone. ..

both get ready..
sanskar arrived first.but swara get stuck in traffic. ..
sanskar is waiting for her..and she arrived. .
sanskar was angry cuz of last night. .
sanskar-swara ..I was waiting for u…why r u late. .
swara-sry..sry. ..where is my phone. .
sanskar gives the phone. .she immediately check the phone. .but didn’t see anything. .she became disappointed. . (sanskar had deleted the msg.. )
sanskar-what happened. .
swara-nothing. .so r u okay now..
same time she gets the phone. ..
swara face become brighter. .sanskar sees the name s…again. .””my life”” calling. ..sanskar is fuming in anger..but swara is in her world. .
swara took the phone….but keep quiet with a naughty smile. .
rithik-swara…pls speak to me..
pls..hey..don’t. smile..I can see ur smile. .

swara gives a confused look…
rithik-there is a surprise for u….come to the back side of temple. .
swara-what susprise..hello…
phone cuts. ..
sanskar got the over all things. .
but he pretend to be dumb..
sanskar-what happened. .whose that..
swara-(stammers..)…that’s frm orphanage. .I will meet u later there is some emergency.
she ran frm there. ..
leaving sanskar shocked. .he knew what all she said is a lie.he gets shattered as the same time he is angry too…

swara ran to the back side of the temple. .
two hands grab her…she looks at the pair of eyes who is staring at her with a lot of love..
the most waited moment in her life.

she hugged him with lots of love. .
rithik-“”I miss u so much””..
swara-then what happened to u yesterday. ..

meanwhile. ..
sanskar is sitting with a rage…
someone taps his shoulder. .
laksh face is too gloomy .
sanskar-what happened. .
laksh-this girls na…they r just…. u r right ..we can’t believe these girls..did u know that ragini is going with tht kabir…look how she avoid me…all girls are like that..
laksh is continually scolding girls where sanskar is fuming in anger..his mind is full of swara…he stood up and go frm there leaving laksh shocked. ..but accidently he goes to the back side of the temple. ..he is shell shocked by seeing swara nd rithik in tht position. .it is like someone is piercing knife through his heart. ..

swara-so what happened yesterday. .
rithik-my princess. … (he pinch her noses nd wipe her tears..) its cuz of u??
rithik-s…cuz of u…I wanted to see I was busy to complete the works to came here..sorry. .
swara-punishment is there..
rithik-ofoo…what punishment? ??
swara-next day u want to call me 15 times. ….
rithik (smiles)-so what about my work?

swara-I don’t care??
rithik-ok..I will call my princess. . (he placed a kiss on his forehead)

these all is seen by sanskar nd he turn back nd walks away. .his eyes are filled with tears..laksh nd ap words r echoes in his ears. ..

swara look at his direction. .nd saw a glimpse of sanskar figure..she get confused. .

rithik-so Princess. .I’m going. .had some important works. ..nd take care..
Rithik leaves in his car nd swara bid by…

she goes back. .nd see sanskar walking in the road side…
swara runs to him..
swara-sanskar. .
he didn’t turn. ….
swara-sanskar. ..didn’t u go back to home? ?
sanskar-u didn’t go to orphanage. .u said that some emergency r there (his eyes r red with the anger. can she cheat him…)

swara (thoughts that sanskar didn’t knew anything. .)-no. .as…I ..I was about to go but I saw my old friend I..
sanskar can’t control his anger. .he knew tht it is big lie….
He shows his anger through his actions…he dragged her to a corner which is a unnoticed place nd throw her. . .he gives a tight slap to her…
swara hold his cheek..where he leaves a red mark…tears r rolling frm both of their eyes…

sanskar-stop it swara…stop it…how many time u lie to me…did u know I used to hate all the girls. .but u changed me..u make me again a human. .for what…for what swara. .for this heart break. ..I believed u..that’s my fault. .
swara-what happened sanskar. .
swara-what happened? ? u r asking me??….don’t again act swara..I saw u with that guy..u r hugging him..he is calling u princess. .what all this…u r going to leave me..betraying me…I don’t want ur friendship. .leave me..nd gud by…

swara is at a great shock ….
swara-sanskar. …..just listen me…
sanskar walks away..where swara is shouting at him..


precap-swara:sanskar he my….

pls give ur comments. .pls…
nd I denied this episode is cuz I want to make sanskar angry ..nd for that he wants some relation with pls pardon me….

Credit to: Pournami(swara)

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