Lovers cannot hate each other (Chapter 13)


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recap-sanskar at swara’s room…

swara is trying rithik’s number. .she is irritated by hearing unavailable tone frm morning. ..
swara-what the hell….unavailable. .unavailable. .I’m fed up with it…I will not talk to him,,,, frm morning I’m trying nd its just disgusting. punishment for ur act is going to unaffordable …..wait nd watch. ..
she is talking to herself by sitting at stairs of temple. …the same place where swasan is meeting …..nd she is waiting for sanskar. ..
swara-(to herself) where is he? ?? can I call him…hmmm..Will wait for some more time. ..

After sometimes she called him…
swara-sanskar. .where r u???..I’m waiting here…

sanskar-sry swara..I’m not coming. .had an head ache.
he cut the call..
she feels pain.nd angry at same time..
swara-how he can cut the phone like that. ..??
nd she starts to walk through the road looking nd enjoying the climate. .The breezes is kissing her body..nd making her more comfortable. .her hair is flying in air…..
when she walks forward she saw some small kids playing cricket. ..
she smiles at them…..
she remember. ..
Flash back. ..

Some children r playing cricket. .nd swara nd rithik came there…
rithik -come let’s play cricket. .
swara-how sweet. .come come…
she run to the ground like a butterfly …..rithik smiles at her….
first is rithik’s batting. .
Some kids r on fielding. ..nd swara is bowling. ..
rithik strikes the ball and gone for a boundary. .swara pout..rithik smiles at her…
in next ball..he slightly push give a catch. ..nd he is out…
swara is jumping in joy…
swara-out..out….haha…I got a wickets. ..
rithik-too bad swara..
swara-oo..give ur bat next is my turn. .

rithik-no I won’t give. .
swara-pls give. .
she tried to take it frm his hand. .but he changed the bat to his other hand. .nd swara try again. .again he change the bat to other hand..swara is running around him for the bat..where rithik is laughing at her. .atlast she stopped. .nd look at him pleasingly. ..
rithik-swara….this look is ….ohhhhh take it..nd give me the ball..
swara gives the ball.nd took the bat nd give a victory smile. .
swara is bating. .
rithik is bowling in a way that she can score century with in few overs. .
nd he intentionally make her win…

she is laughing loud..nd teasing rithik for his failure. ..

fb ends………
swara is laughing ..nd someone pats her shoulder. ..she turns back and see a familiar pairs of eyes looking at her ..
swara-laksh….. what r u doing here??
laksh-just came nothing special. .nd u??
swara-nothing. .

laksh-so what r u doing here??
swara-watching cricket. .that’s all……’s ur paln for this weekend. .
laksh-nothing much….practising for a mime competition. …
swara-u can take help frm sanskar. .as he is good in that. .
laksh-ss..but last time he is very upset. .so we thought to give him some break. .
swara-last time? ??..last time what happened. ..
laksh-don’t u know. ..last time..on the final performance. ..he gets migraine just before the competition starts..nd they need to leave there is no meaning of competition without him….
swara-(shocked) migraine…what he used to get migrain…??
laksh-ss…frm last 2 yrs he suffering frm it..nd when he get it..he is sensitive to light nd sounds. ..
swara-what. .but..
her words cuts by ragini..who is walking towards her.
laksh-where r u..I was waiting for u??
swara-so this is why u r here..
both look at each other. .

swara-carry on..carry on..I’m leaving. .by. .

swara walks away frm. ..her ears are echoing laksh words..sanskar is suffering frm migraine frm last 2 yrs..nd she remembered sanskar saying he had a head ache. ..she feels. bad at mind. ..nd calls at his number. .but it is switched off. ….she feels too bad. .nd she decided to go to maherswari mansion. ……

sanskar pov
I had completed almost every works…nd now doing my final touch to project. .It was a busy I make it busy. ..cuz i want to meet swara at evening. .so I completed my works hurriedly. .nd even no one is at home. .mom had went to aunt’s house. .so she will be late. .nd bhai is in office. …I’m alone in this house. ..nd I finished my works..nd look at the clock. .it’s little late. .I want to go..she will be waiting for me…I stood up. .walk towards the wash room..but after taking some steps. …I feel little weird. .my visuals are getting blurred. ..nd I’m feeling dizzy. .my steps r not normal..I quickly moves to bed in order to stop falling to ground. ..I feel too weak. again..s..I knew the headache will come soon. .at the same time my phone rings. .I become irritated by the sound..its normal when I get this migraine I become sensitive to both sound nd light. ..I look at the phone. .it’s show swara’s number. .I don’t know why. .my irritation changes to guilt. .I took the phone ..ndd she is scolding me..nd I answered her I’m not coming nd had a head ache. .I didn’t wait for her reply. .nd i switch off the phone. …….headache is increasing. ..this starts 2 yrs back..After 5 days when kavitha left me..its too painful. .my family didn’t knew about it..cuz they were not with me at that time….last time it has a great timing. .just before my mime starts..this migraine spoiled my desire.’s really scary. The pain was unbelievable. .I felt like I was going to throw up. .I had no idea what was happening. …
I closed my eyes in pain…..

I can’t sleep its too much. .nd the lights frm the window is making me irritated. ..again I closed my eyes..I feel like light has gone. .what happened? ?.I open my eyes..I found some one near my window closing it..nd that person moves to switch board to switching off the lights. nd the light also gone. …then I saw someone is coming towards me with a burning candle. .”sanskar. ..”..I heard a angelic familiar voice.’s my she came here…or its my dream. .I saw her face in the candle light. .I sat on the bed..nd she sit beside room has only dim light which give me little relaxed …again that sound”sanskar..””

swara-sanskar. …
sanskar-how u came here. . (his face is showing the pain he is going through. ..)
swara-it’s not the time to explain. ..u just wait here..
swara leave the room. .
sanskar is sitting there with lots of questions.
After some times she came back..she has a cup in her one hand nd a ice pack on other..she gives the cup to him..nd signal him to drink it…
sanskar-what’s this..
swara-it’s a herbal tea..
sanskar take it while staring at her…
sanskar finished it….
swara-lie down. .

sanskar-swara. .I’m okay..
swara place her finger on his lips. .nd they share an small eye lock. ..
sanskar hold his its paining a lot…swara look at him with concern..nd apply the ice pack at his forehead. …
He look at her…
swara-close ur eyes sanskar. .nd try to take a nap..
her sound is too soft…..cuz..he is sensitive to sounds too..
sanskar closed her eyes like a obedient child. …
swara. ..look at him with a plain face. ..
she remembered rithik …he too get migraine. .nd it is she who take care of him..a tear escaped frm her eyes. ..

After sometimes he fell asleep…nd after a while in sleep he winced in pain. .she immediately comes to him.nd massages his head….he again sleep peacefully. …

its 6 in evening. ..
sanskar is sleeping. .nd swara is sitting beside him…where her one hand is held by sanskar. .
ap enters the room. nd get shocked by seeing swara in sanskar’s room..swara gets up..nd slowly moves his hand frm him..ap is about to shout..but she came near her nd signal her to “”pls.come outside. .””ap looks at sleeping sanskar. .nd leave. ..

at the same time adharsh too come…..
ap-what r u doing here.???
swara-aunty…I just came here to…

she narrated the whole incident. .
ap nd adharsh are at great shock cuz..They didn’t knew about this before. .
ap-thank u so much. .
swara-its okay aunty. .its little late. .I’m leaving now…nd take care of him..
she goes…

adharsh-ma…how sweet she is…she is so caring isn’t? ??..
ap-this can’t happen. .
adharsh-what ma…
ap-when I.saw her I remember that kavitha..who makes my sanskar away frm us..
adharsh-swara is not like her ma…as u know I didn’t like that kavitha frm start.
ap-but. .if swara too left him..then. .what will happen. ..we can’t get him back. .our sanskar will gone for ever. as u know his one nd only relief was archana tr that’s time.but if swara also leave then where will he go…adharsh he can’t go through one more heart break. .
adharsh-ma…swara is not going to anywhere. .
ap-if she go then what.i…
she is about to say something. .but stop by a pair of teary eyes. ..she looks up and saw sanskar is looking at them..tears r rolling frm his eyes. ..
he goes back to his room….

he threw things in anger.. ..

sanskar-swara can’t leave me…

again. .again sry..slap is not here..I wrote a lengthy part in order to give the precap..but can’t. .nd next day…I will give it..
precap1:rithik’s entry. ..
precap2:sanskar slaps swara…
precap 3:who is rithik. .

I will try to give all the 3 in next episode. ..

nd frnds pls comment.if u like…cuz these comments make me.good…pls..
I want to know can I continue it or not? ?.

Credit to: Pournami(swara)

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