Lovers cannot hate each other (Chapter 12)


hi..frnds…..Thank u so much for ur support. .nd frnds I said I changed the real story cuz I felt its little boring. .nd the first parts..swasan meeting nd sanskar past is true story which is related to me….nd that story didn’t face it’s climax…………..nd last episode I gave 2 precap…chill guys…I don’t want to hurt u……nd about kavitha. ..she is sanskar’s true love. .so he can’t hate her..but can give her place to some other. ..nd who is that some other. … wait for that….

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rithik swara phone conversation. ..

rithik-did they saw u???
swara (with heavy voice)-no..
rithik-swara…pls calm dowm…nothing is going to happen. .I am with u na…
rihik is acting to convince her..but he is failing. ..he cut the call…
he threw things in anger…..
rithik (shouts)-what r they doing there. ..searching for it can’t happen. ..
rithik call someone. ..
After some restless min he gets a call..
caller” they r at kolkata”
rithik widen his eyes….
He cut the call..
rithik-“what the hell””””.how can I be careless. that too with her life……

he again pick the phone…
but now he is in high.rage…he is looking like a mad person. .
someone pick the phone. .
rithik-(in rage) mom!!!!!! what r u doing at kolkata! !!!…
her face reviled. ..its anitha..frm tashan e isq(uv’s mom..)
anitha-beta…u called me after a long gap. .but what’s the need of this anger. .
rithik-mom..I asked u something. .just answer my question. ..what the hell r u doing at kolkata. .. nd ur papa. ..came here for a marriage nothing else…
rithik-nothing else…r u sure. ..
anitha (smrik)-nothing else..but what happens to u…is the reason is that she is here!!???
rithik (realise he is digging pit for his princess. .)don’t even think abt her..she is a closed chapter for you. ..don’t even try to touch her…
rithik cut the phone. nd threw it…
he falls to the couch…remembering about swara..nd closed his eyes. …

swara is shivering. .she is tired by crying. ..
her phone rings…flashing sanskar s name ..
sanskar can feel her pain…
sanskar-r u okay swara..
swara-ha..sanskar. .I m okay. . (she weeps)..
..when he heard her weeping he feels like he want to run to her.nd make her okay ….he cuts the phone without any reply

After sometimes again her phone rings. .it’s sanskar again..
swara-ha..sanskar. ..
sanskar-swara…u said that u r okay ..but look at ur eyes r swollen. nd look at ur hair fully messed…nd u didn’t change ur dress. What’s this yar…
swara-woo sanskar. .actually.….heyyyy wait how u knew about it..u r at ur home na..
sanskar-look at ur window…its cold outside. .If u open I… I can enter ur room. .
she turn back and see..sanskar is standing at window with difficulties. .how he reached here. ..through pipes may be…
.she opened the window…
sanskar-thank god..
swara-what r doing u came here..ha…what if anyone noticed u…
sanskar-no one see me…nd purpose of my visit. .(he look at her face which had turn into red with tears) to wipe this tears… (he wipe her tears)…
swara (innocently)-why do u want to wipe it??
sanskar-cuz its not suit u…
swara feels good to be with him..

sanskar make her sit on couch..nd sits beside her…
sanskar-I knew something happened u in evening. .cuz..the swara which I picked frm here is not sitting here……I knew u have prblms..if u don’t want to share. .don’t do it…but don’t feel alone. .I will be with u..
swara (smiles)-thank u sanskar…for understanding me…
sanska-its 12..are u not sleeping. .
swara-I didn’t feel sleepy. .
sanskar-what don’t feel sleepy. .them come we can chat for some time. .
They had a good time…where sanskar is talking about his clg..nd saying stupid jocks…where swara is smiling nd enjoying the talks…
sanskar- did u knew swara…I had a friend he is madly love with a girl. ….but she left him when her marriage get fixed to someone. .nd on her marriage day…he drinks with us to reduce his pain. ..nd he is saying that he wants to meet her….nd we ask him to be calm…he even talk about death. ….we all slept. .nd on morning when we wake up we didn’t saw him..we searches him every corner of the house. .some of us go to that’s girl’s home. .but we didn’t find him. …..we even look at tree’s branches. .we get afraid whether he done anything to him…
nd after some hours we saw him walking inside home with a empty bear bottle nd his body is full of dog’s hair…ss..last night he slept with the dog…………
swara-what….haha…I want to meet him..
sanskar-I will introduce him to u..

sanskar is talking talking. .he found something on his shoulder. .he finds swara sleeping on his shoulder. .he feels good. .he didn’t disturb cuz she just get sleep. .nd he wait for some time..he assure that she is in deep sleep. .he pick her up nd place herin bed with care..he look at her face. ..he placed a kiss on her forhead…he stands up..he himself become amazed by his behaviour. .what happened to me..why I kissed her..even why I came here …..why I felt bad when I saw her In pain….what r u doing to me swara….
he sleeps on the couch…

its 5 am… he wakes up.and see swara sleeping peacefully. .he comes out through the window..nd goes back to his mansion. ..

swara wakes up nd looks around. .she remember the last night …nd feels good. .swara calls sanskar….
sanskar-good morning swara..
swara-good morning. ..sanskar when u go back. .
sanskar-at morning.
swara-at morning. .then why don’t u wake me up. .
sanskar-u r already too weak nd tired so thought to sleep more..
swara-o ooo like…so what about u…u slept early? ??
sanskar-but I’m strong. ….I’m not week as u..
swara-what I’m weak. .how can u say like that…did u know I can fight with 10 person ..
sanskar-10 person. .ru sure. . least 5..
swara-.okay …3..
swara-2 its final no more reductions. ..
sanskar-ok ok get ready its time for ur cals

swara-ok……see u at evening. .
sanskar-sry swara..I can’t come. .
swara- what happen. ..pls come na..
sanskar-something important …yar…meet u tomorrow. ..
swara pouted…
sanskar-arey…don’t pout…
swara-how u know that.. r u in my room (she look around)..
sanskar-don’t search for me im at my home. .nd I knew u..cuz I ur my frnd…
sanskar-so cu at evening
swara-at evening. ..u said that u have some work. .
sanskar-I just says it to tease u…I wil come. .
swara-uuuu…I will see u in evening. .be ready for me…
sanskar-let’s see..
both cut the phone. .nd smile at a their new relation. ..

swara call rithik. .but its unavailable. ..

……………………I knew I didn’t show the last precap…sorry for that. …cuz i want to make swasan relation little more deeper
nd this is the precap which I choose. ..
precap-sanskar slaps swara……

nd frnds..don’t take it serious cuz sometimes these slaps may change their friendship to some other. .hate or love….

nd pls give ur views

Credit to: Pournami(swara)

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  3. nice but i want swara and rithik

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    1. Thank u so much dr..I missed u…

  5. Make it swasan

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  6. Hi swaru… Its amazing …. N that too sanskar is caring

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