Lovers cannot hate each other (Chapter 11)


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Chapter 10

recap-rithik asks swara for a promise..nd swasan plan for shopping. …..

next day evening. …
sanskar is getting ready nd its been hours he is searching for a perfect shirt. .
sanakar-(to himself) (after taking a blue shirt and go to mirror) ooo…its not good as its loose….
he is checking all the dresses. the same time ap enters ….. ..
ap (screams)-sanakar! !!!!!.
by hearing ap scream…sanakar put his head out frm the wardrobe..he is literally standing inside it….nd had dresses in his both hands nd shoulders… hearing ap’s scream…adharsh too came to the room. …
both r looking at him with open mouths. …
ap-adharsh. .pls pinch me…
adharsh-ma…What’s this… (he slap at his own cheek) ouch..its not a dream …ma..what is this?
ap-I don’t know. ..
sanskar-what happened to both of u???? why r u staring at me bhai??
ap-what happened to u sanskar. ..u always says about neat and don’t allow anyone to mess ur things. .now look at ur room. .is this ur room…

room is full of his dresses. bed all the accessories are thrown. ..
adharsh-so what’s the reason for this drastic step..
sanskar-bhai!!!…I want to go for a shopping. ..
adharsh-shopping. .u hate it na???….nd for that u did all this???
sanskar-stop teasing bhai….
ap-okay..okay…carry on. ..its already 3 30..
sanskar-oo I’m too late. ..
he goes to washroom by running. ..
sansakr curse himself under his breath”she will be waiting for me”…
ap heard it…after all she is his mother. ..
adharsh is laughing by seeing his brother’s behaviour. .
adharsh-what r u thinking. ..I think he is becoming our old sanskar…my sanky is back…isn’t ma..
ap-haaa…adharsh…he is becoming my naughty sanskar too..look at I want to clean all this mess na..
she keep a pout face…
adharsh-oo..drama queen. ..then what is needs of this servants. .
ap-noo…I was missing my sanskar for long…nd his room’s cleaning too… that. .okay..but not now..give him some more time for the final touch to this mess…
ap-adharsh so come…
They both leave….
ap thinks..who is that she is the same girl I saw at temple…

after some times sanskar came out..nd he finally choose one yellow shirt nd black jeans. ..he is looking handsome. .nd he leaves. ..

in swara’s room. .she is giving a final look at the mirror. ..
She too gave some importance to her shirt. nd yellow long skirt..she left her hair open..nd looking gorgeous. ..
swara-(herself) why I am bothering about my look..I’m going for a shopping. not for a date..swara..why r u behaving like this…she jerks frm her thoughts when she heard the sound of a bike…
her heart bead increases. .she reached the entrance. .nd saw sanskar in his bike waiting for her…they both look at each other dresses nd feel good in their heart..there was a silence for few minutes. ..
sanksar-r u ready for shopping. .
sanakar-so come on..
swara sat in bike.nd put her hands around her body….nd he drove. ..They both r smiling throughout the journey. .without knowing the reason. …

sanskar and swara enter a super market. … …..
sanskar pov…
.I was dumbstruck. .cuz..when I thought of shopping with swara..I want to surprise her by showing the most big shops…nd even I bought my bike instead of car..I don’t know why..I’m acting like this. ….that I know she is a orphan nd she doesn’t knew much about the high class nd luxurious life…ss I was little proud. ..but for my surprise. .she is like ..”its my hobby to shop here”….
this is not the first time that I am shopping with a girl..I used to came here with kavitha…she is a middle class girl..when I first brought her here she is like a 5 yr old kid..looking. .jumping nd all..nd when she saw any one she will act like she is used to…but swara is not like that…she is shopping like she is a daily customer….nd she bought so many things. ..we goes to cash counter to pay bills…I was about to give my card. .but before that she give her card… what. she is a orphan but she is acting not like that….I m feeling something fishy……I glanced at the bags..there is so many bags..I call my driver. .nd put all the bags in the car nd ask to gave it in orphanage. ..I don’t want to miss a ride with her…. her look is dragging me out of senses. .how cute it is. ..I asked her for dinner. .nd she accepted it…
we enter into the most luxurious restaurant ….nd I remember my first visit to here with was embracing moment..she doesn’t know much about it..but at tht moment I enjoyed it. …but now here swara is not like that…In fact swara has a charm which is shown by the high class…how she get that….

swasan are in restaurant ….
both are having food…while sanskar is staring her……….this shopping make their friendship deeper. ..
swasan came out..
swara -sanskar ..I forgot my bag inside…pls wait I will come now..
sanskar-swara I will get it… (he look at corner. .some men are looking her..) swara okay u go…I will wait here…
sanskar-(himself) if I go she will be not safe here…
swara leaves…at same time..a couple enters…
swara took the bag and turn..she collide with sma men ..
her bag fell down..nd she took the bag..but he can’t saw her face cuz of her hair ….
someone called”rammmm”
ram turn back (age around 50)…
by hearing the voice swara look up nd shocked to see the face..nd look at the lady..she turn her face as she don’t want them to meet…her eyes r filled with tears..
ram doesn’t se her face..nd swara ran frm there..

she came out nd saw sanskar. ..she ran to seeing the tears he become worried nd move front. ..she ran nd hug him tightly. .sanskar become numb….but he can feel the pain of her…he also hugged back..

sanskar-what happened swara….are u okay (she didn’t utter a word..even she is hugging him more tightly) swara..calm dowm..look ..I’m here na..nothing will happen…its my promise. .don’t cry…
swara-let’s go sanskar. ..
sanskar understood her condition. ..
he put his hands across her shoulder to assure his support. .they arrived at orphanage. .on these journey swara is hugging him more tightly as she feels safe with him…..he bid by to her ..While she is disturbed a lot…sanskar want to kiss her forhead to make her feel good..she enters to her room….

she dial rithik’s number. .tears r rolling frm her eyes…
rithik-hello princess. how was ur shopping. ..
swara is silent. .nd she can’t control her tears….
rithik is waiting for a reply. .but only sobbing is heard..he stood up frm the seat…
again no reply. .
rithik (tensed)-don’t say that u saw them. ..
swara burst out. ..
rithik-what the ….what r they doing there. ..did they saw u???
rithik-thank god..swara …just relax. .I’m with u na…
rithik cut the phone. ..

frnds here is the precap…I’m giving u 2 precap. ..u can select which u want…nd I already choose want to hear it frm u…nd note one thing. .I didn’t say that this is a swasan… chill guys…trust me…so here r the precap. .

precap1:rithik:I love u swara…
precap2:sanskar slaps swara. ..

so…come on which u want. ..1 or 2…

Credit to: Pournami(swara)

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