Lovers cannot hate each other (Chapter 10)

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girl-rithik Sir. ..what happened??
rithik is not in his senses ..he is angry at the same time concern to his swara,…..
rithik-who the hell r u to ask?? just get out. ..and give ur resignation letter. ..
girl-but Sir. .
rithik gave her a murderous look..and she leave his cabin with teary eyes. ..
swara heard his scolding. .nd she understand he is angry with her…
swara-pls…don’t be angry. .I can’t bear it…
she says is in pleading voice. ..
rithik-swara..don’t emotionally blackmail me….
swara-so forgive tht girl…
rithik think about the girl and he knew what ever he did is wrong. .
rithik -ok…but u want promise me one thing. ..
swara-I will promise uu…but do what I said….
rithik call her frm his land line…(he didn’t cut the call of swara..).
girl came to his cabin with red eyes cuz of tears. …
rithik-look..miss..I am sry for what I said nd take this …(he signed in something. ..)
girl-what is this sir??
rithik-this is ur promotion letter. .all the best. .
tears are rolling down frm her eyes. ..
thank u sir..
rithik signal her to leave. ..

rithik on phone. .
rithik-so now ur happy. ..
swara-ss..but where did u get her promotion letter ..I mean this much fast…
rithik-haha..rithik can do what ever I like…
swara-oo..really? ??
rithik-haaa..but she is a good at her work. .I was thinking about her promotion nd I finished all its procedures. .only my sign is needed. .and now I give it too…
swara-so u r going to dismiss a good worker…
rithik-its ur fault. ..nd don’t change the subjected swara..u want to give me promise that…..u leave orphanage only for ur school and tuition nothing else….
swara-what!!! then I want to sit here the whole day…I mean on weekends .no way…
rithik-princess. ..first let me complete. ..u can go out with two persons…
rithik-me..or sanskar…
swara-sanskar. ..
rithik-ha…ur new friend sanskar. ..
swara-heyy..what happened to u…dis u believe him????
rithik-why not??? is he not good? ??
swara-he is nice nd caring. .but u didn’t used to like my friends? ?
rithik-ss but I don’t know why..I feel that he can keep u safe…sss swara..u r safe in his hands…
swara-did I am dreaming. .or..
rithik-don’t tease okay…by take care.. nd give ur promise. ..
swara-I promise I will do whatever u told…
rithik-that’s my good girl…by.

swara feel relaxed nd she thinks about sanskar..she remembered her wearied behaviour with him…
she decided to call him nd pick the phone. ..
but at the same time he called her..
swara -what a surprise sanskar. .I was about to call uu..
sanskar-don’t lie swara…
swara-heyy…its true..nd sry for my behaviour. .I was..
sanskar (cut her..)-it’s okay swara..I knew u r not in ur senses. .nd how are u now???
swara-perfect. ..
sanskar-then what’s tomorrow’s prgm???
swara-nothing special. .sanskar I want to go for some shopping. .can u come with me???
sanskar-shopping …that too with a way. ..
swara feel disappointed cuz she can’t go out without him…
sanskar feel his silence. .
sanskar-but swara..I too want to go for shopping. .so u can come with me…
swara-oo thank u so much sanskar. ..
sanskar-heyy I am not coming with u…u r coming with thank you. .
swara-ohh really. .then we can meet tomorrow. ..

here in rithik’s cabin. .
rithik-pls save my princess frm those human. .if they get her they will. ..oh god I can’t even think about that..pls save her….

precap:rithik’s entry. .

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