Hii guys smily here im very very sorry guys for not updating .I was off for a vacation and was unable to update sorry guys so here i would like to give a long update and thank you all for ur comments keep reeading.

The episode starts with ragini opening her eyes as it is morning and sees sanskar sleeping pleacefully facing her.She smiles at him and thinks not to disturb him as he was unable to sleep last night due to back pain.She rushes to washroom ,gets ready and comes down.Ap,sujatha,pari and swara asks her about sanskar’s condition .She says he was unable to sleep last night so i thought not to disturb him.Sujatha and ap say its good that he is sleeping .And then soon laksh dp rp and adarsh come there and ask about sanskar and ragini gives same answer to them.They all finish the pooja and sit for breakfast.

And on the otherside sanskar’s room is shown.Sanskar though he is sleeping , we can see the movement of his eye balls though his eyes are closed.Sanskar is reminding about kavitha.A face is shown with a beautiful smile ,its none other than kavitha.Sanskar and kavitha are together in his thoughts.And then a temple is shown where sanskar and kavitha are dressed traditionally as they were going to marry.

Kavitha-offo sanky where is the box
Sanskar-which box kavitha
Kavitha-sanky.. without mangalsutra how the marriage will be complete
Sanskar-sorry kavitha i forgot you wait here i will bring

Kavitha-no sanky i will bring it, u go and check all the arrangements nd also bhai will be coming in 30 mins.. so plz make it sure that everything is perfect

Sanskar-okay per your order!…. saying this sanky goes up and kavitha is comes down.

Sanskar is checking all the arrangements and talking to pandit.suddenly he hears some voise calling sanskar.He runs downwards and is shocked to see kavitha in a blood pool he rushes towards her and asks what happened

Kavitha-some one stabbed me nd hit on my head
Sanskar-nothing will happen to you ,im there na i will not let anything happen to you..and he is literally in tears seeing the condition of his love kavitha

Kavitha-sanskar i know that im not going to live.. sanskar interrupts her and asks her to shut up

Kav-sanskar plz let me speak …. and then someone screams kavitha and rushes towards her

Kav-bhai.. aap aane mein der kardii bhai..
(guys here kavitha has a brother and his name is karthik and he is a doctor ,a psycheartist he left India as he got to work with world class doctors and he came here to attend kavitha’s marriage)
bhai.. please take care of sanskar… please bhai and sanskar u too take care of him.. and sanskar promise me that you will move on after my death..sanskar looks at her in tears and nods no..Kavitha says plz sanskar its my last wish please and bhai you shld fulfill my last wish make sure that sanky will move on and sanky promise me…Sanky promises her holding her hand and kavitha holds it tightly
Kavitha smiles and says sanskar i love you soo muchhhhhhhh saying this she takes her last breath and she leaves sanskars hand.Sanskar screams kavitha… and he wakes up.
(guys to clear your confusion if any here sanskar in his dream he was rewinding kavitha’s death)

He looks around and screams like a mad person and starts throwing things here and there , he behaves as if he is really mad and listening to his screams everyone comes running from the hall.Ragini reaches first and calls sanskar,laksh tries to hold sanskar but unable to do so.Ragini asks him to calm down and meanwhile sujatha goes to her room and brings some tablet and asks ragini to make him eat this.

Ragini walks towards him slowly and atlast adarsh and laksh hold sanskar and ragini makes him swallow the tablet.He then slowly calms down and catches ragini’s hand and sits on bed, he sees everyone overthere and asks them to leave and starts to shout again.Ragini signs them that she will take care of him and asks them to go.Everyone leave and ragini is continously consoling sanskar to calm down and he calms down.he slowly rests on ragini’s shoulder and ragini caress his hair saying everything is alright nothing happened… and then sanskar falls asleep.she then slowly places him on bed.

She sees the room and thinks to clean it but first she thinks of making something for sanskar to eat and leaves from there,while leaving her hand gets hurted due to a broken glass piece.She comes down.

Everyone ask her about sanskar and she says that he is feeling better now and is sleeping.They all take a sigh of relief.Swara notices ragini’s hand and brings first aid box and applies ointment and bandage to her hand and she leaves.Sujatha comes there and thanks ragini for handling the situation.She says its okay maa and asks what happened to sanskar that he started screaming suddenly,is it for first time or else he did it earlier?

Sujatha-na ragini it was for the 1st time and i dont know about it

Ragini-then ma,what was that pill which u gave me for sanskar

Sujatha-ha ragini , sanskar gave me a box of pills and a report,he asked me to give him that pill whenever he behaves in an abnormal manner,i tried a lot to ask him but he was not saying anything regarding those pills

Ragini-its okay ma can you show me that report and the pill box

sujatha-okay beta i will bring it or else do one thing after everyone will leave na then you come to me i will give it
Ragini-okay maa.. saying so she cleans sanskar’s room and then goes to kitchen and makes haldi dood and poha for sanskar.

Ragini goes to sanskar’s room and tries to wake him up as she touches his arm its soo hot she then touches his head and it is also hot,he is having fever.
She wakes him up ,makes him sit and he was not in his she makes him eat poha and gives him milk along with paracetamol tablet and again lets him sleep.

She rushes towards sujatha’s room and says that sanskar is having high fever and i need to see the report before calling the doctor.
Sujatha gives her reports and ragini sees it and is shocked as the report says that sanskar is suffering some psycheatric disease and the doctors name is written on the report as Dr.kartkhik roy and his phone number was also witten over there.

Ragini picks her phone and calls the doctor.The receptionist picks up the call and when ragini asks about dr.karthik royshe gives karthik’s number as he is now working in some other hospital.Ragini takes his number and calls him

Dr.karthik-hello DR.karthik roy here,who is this?
Ragini-hello doctor im mrs.ragini sanskar maheshwari.. kathik is shocked hearing this name
Karthik-mrs.sanskar maheshwari,are you here to talk about sanskar
Ragini-yes dr. actually i read the report of sanskar …….. and says him everything that happened today
Karthik-okay ragini im his doctor and i need to check him once can you please give me your address
Ragini-yes doctor and she gives him address.Karthik says that he had some urgent work so he cant come today and he will be coming tomorrow.Ragini says its okay and cuts the call.

Sujatha is worried for sanskar and says i dont know ragini whatever you will do but make my sanskar normal please ragini and starts crying.Ragini assures her and asks her not to cry and hugs her.

Precap:karthik coming to mm and reason behind sanskar’s behaviour.. some ragsan moments.

Guys i know that it was a bit boring but this epi plays an imp role in ragsan life and i will make sure that from next epi you will be finding it very interesting.. nad here the new entry is of karthik’s entry… we should see whether he unites ragsan or not??

And sorry for any typos and please do comment your views and suggestions and i would like to ask you all one thing,as there are no swalak moments,would you like to have swalak scenes also ?if you want it then i will add those scenes also.. do comment your views.

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