LOVE(RagSan) part-9

Hii guys smily here.. so sory guys for the late update nd there was an error i dont know how it happened but my episode was displayed as 1st episode..sorry guys frm now i will tell you the episode number also…here is the link of last episode –
Here is the 9th episode….

Sanskar is in his room.He gets a call nd soon his face turns into red with anger .He disconnects the call.Ragini comes there with a glass of juice and she asks him to have it.

Sanskar-no ragini thanks,i dont need it
Ragini-sanskar,remember doctor said you to have this juice ,now please i dont need any excuse have it..saying so she tries to give the glass to him but sanskar throws the glass..the glass breaks down and ragini is shocked at his sudden act
Sanskar-Ragini i said you i dont need it, nd you dont try to behave like my wife..its just a dummy marriage nd i cant act like this anymore.. you are freed now can go to baadi
Ragini is numb at his behaviour .she was shattered listening this and tears were rolling from her eyes

Ragini-im sorry sanskar if i have hurted you i will not do this again im sorry..saying this she tries to remove the broken pieces of glass on floor with her hand and she gets hurt
Sanskar rushes to her and says- i have said you not to do this,there is no need to do this drama
Ragini looks at him and asks-sanskar do you think this is drama….. whats bothering you please say me we will solve it together
Sanskar held her arms tightly and said-i just said you to leave thats it…now just get out from my life nd this house

Ragini-i know that these words are not from your heart but if you will be happy then i will go from here but i just want to say that what all i have done is not a drama… its….. before she continues sanskar goes to washroom nd shuts the door .Ragini kneels down and cries vigorously and says its not a drama sanskar its my love…..

On the other side in the washroom sanskar is shown literally crying.He says-im sorry ragini but i should do this for you ..i cant let anything happen to you..i cant see you in jail with me.. {yes..the person who was talking to sanskar was none otherthan karthik..he said on the phone that police has found out that it was sanskar who tried to harm swara as they got the proof(guys remembered before swara’s marriage dp nd laksh asked police to find out who is behind all the drama,kidnapping etc.. so now the police got to know abt it ..)}…. if they know that you are with me then everyone will hate you nd i cant see sorry ragini… he then composes himself nd opens the door.He sees ragini with a luggage and turns the other side

Ragini-im leaving sanskar..good byr..saying so she leaves the room with tears
Sanskar is crying but he doesnt let her know abt it

She comes down and everyone are shocked to see her with luggage.they asks her where is she going
Ragini-woh.. i cant live here anymore im tired of doing tis drama,i cant live with sanskar saying so she leaves.she took all the blame on her so that nobody would question sanskar abt it.Everyone are shocked at ragini’s behaviour they tried to stop her but it all went in vain nd she left.

Sanskar is in his room lying on his knees and on the other side ragini is crying and walking on the road not knowing what to do.

Here in mm laksh nd swara are back and they see the sad faces of everyone.They ask them whats the matter.They say everything and just then karthik comes there.Swalak nd karthik go to a room.Karthik what happened here? both swalak asked him

Karthik-i too dont know but there is a big problem.

Karthik-police got to know about sanskar and they are heading here to arrest sanskar.
Swara-police!! but why?
Laksh-arey. we forgot to take our complain back but what to do now.. if papa gets to know about it .. then it will be a big problem.
All of a sudden they all hear a voice calling sanskar.Everyone come down and see police standing beside dp.Dp shouts sanskar and sanskar comes down.

Ap-what happened? why you are shouting like this?and what police are doing here?
Dp-its just because of sanskar…
Sujatha-na bhaisaab what you are talking..
Dp shouts at sanskar to tell averyone or else he would tell it
Laksh and swara asks him to calmdown but he signs them to shut up.

sanskar kneels down and tells truth to everyone ..everyone are shocked at his confession.Sanskar says-but you bade papa i always loved you more than my papa,but you have killed my love kavitha and i wont leave you for that……
Laksh goes to sanskar and asks him whether he has any proofs against dp
Sanskar says no
Laksh-but i have proof that papa havent killed kavitha.Kavitha was killed by goons who were hired by some business tycoon as his son was also going to get married with some low caste he wanted to kill her.But they mistook her as kavitha and killed her..
Sanskar was shocked to know that dp is innocent and it was just his misunderstanding.

Laksh and swara ask the police to leave as they are going to take back the complaint.Police leave from there.

Laksh goes near sanskar and says him everything that dp agreed for their marriage and was abt to meet you but we could not find you.
Listening these tears were filled in everyone’s eyes and sanskar falls on dp’s legs and asks him to forgive .Dp hugs him and says it was his fault too.. so he should also forgive him.They both forgive echother and sanskar asks forgiveness from everyone and especially laksh nd swara for trying to separate them.

Laksh and swara forgive him and sanskar nd laksh hug eachother with teary eyes.Sanskar thanks laksh and says because of you i got my family back or else i dont know what i would have done in that misunderstanding.

Laksh-no bhai its nit because of me..its because of ragini.. she was responsible for it…but why she left.
Sanskar-i asked her to leave ..
Before he could complete his sentence swara’s phone rang and she shouts ragini and starts crying.
Everyone goes to her and asks her..she says ragini… ragini met with an accident..

Sanskar says nothing can happen to my ragini..this is all because of me.. saying so he rushes out to reach ragini.

At city hospitals,ragini is in icu and her condition is very critical..shekhar,sumi,dadi,dada nd dida were sitting outside the icu.
All reach there and when sanskar was about to see ragini shekhar stops him .
the epi ends at angry face of shekhar and sad face of sanskar.

Precap:doctor comes out of the op and everyone are eager to see ragini….
will ragini recover soon or else something happens to her……??

sorry for any typos ndthank you all for your comments nd keep commenting your views …. thank you nd love you all…

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