LOVE(RagSan) Part-30 Epilogue


Hii guys…im back with the epilogue..nd as you all know here comes the end of the ff.. nd thank you all for your support..i would thank each nd everyone for all your comments and support..its because of you i completed this ff nd you all liked it too…they really mean a lot to me..nd also thanks to all the silent readers.. i may not be able to come up again soon..but i have a story… it may take some time for me to come back…nd once again thank you guys…nd love you all… here is the epilogue..

After 5 years…

swara is seen running at the back of two girls..its sharanya and tanvi..

They both hide behind laksh

swara- stand there come and drink the milk…

sharanya nd tanvi-chi..yuck..milk..we dont like milk.. we dont like it..they start shouting…

laksh-oh my princesses..what happened.. dont want to drink milk..its okay …

swara-because of you they both are like this..u r pampering them so much… saying so she keeps the glasses there nd leaves..

laksh- meri choti princesses… see your mom got angry at you…(tanvi also calls swara as mom nd laksh as daddu..but she knows that ragsan are her parents)

both of them make sad faces nd see him innocently…

laksh tells them some story and makes them drink the milk…

swara sees this nd says-you both wont love me only listen to your dadu… she makes a pout nd turns other side..

sharanya nd tanvi come to her hug her and says love you mumma.. but what to do..daddu doesnt let us come near you..saying this they leave from there while laksh is shocked at their words..

swara eyes him angrily while laksh gives an awkward smile..

Ragsan room..

a boy of 5 yrs is jumping on the bed while a boy of 7 years is sitting on the couch…

sanskar enters nd sees the room..its messy nd ansh is jumping while adi is sitting on couch..

he asks ansh to stop jumping…. but he doesnt listen..

Just then ragini enters nd they both of them go near her without paying heed to sanskar.. come is your drink it fast or else you know na…?

ansh-haa i will drink fast nd will get a kiss from you first…

adi-mere chota bhai.tu chota hai..isliye mujhe hara nahi sakta..meri ragu mujhe hi degi kiss…

sanskar sees both of them fighting like that nd stand still..

ragini-acha bacho..pehle piyo to sahi..

they both start drinking nd adi finishes it first..

adi-dekha ansh..i won this time come on ragu…saying so he goes near ragini..(here adi is very fond of he calls ragini as ragu..nd sanskar as bade pa)

ragini gives him a kiss on his cheeks while ansh says..cheating mama..always bhai wins… nd he gets kiss first…

ragini-toh kya hua mere bache..tujhe bhi to dungi na.. saying so she kisses ansh too…

sanskar-koi mujhe bhi toh bhi yaha kadha hu… mere bacho..mera kiss kisiko bhi nahi chahiye kya…

adi nd ansh together…no….

sanskar makes a pot nd sits on the bed..

ragini signs the kids something…

they both go near sanskar nd kiss him on his cheeks… sanskar gets happy ..while adi says we dont want kiss from you bade pa.. infact we will give a kiss to u…

ansh-haa papa… adi bhaya..ab chalo hum khelne jayenge.. they both go out..while ragini starts cleaning the mess..

sanskar-vaise..if someone else wants to kiss me..then they can..i wont say anything..

ragini blushes at him while sanskar goes near her nd hugs her from the back

ragini-sanskar …chodo muJhe.. bache yahi kahi khelre honge… dekhenge to acha nahi Lagega..

sanskar-no problem..let them see.. nothing happens.. you are my wife ….

ragini gets out from his grip nd starts leaving while sanskar makes a sad face.. she comes peck on his cheeks nd leaves while sanskar laughs seeing at mirror…

sanskar is in front of the mirror… he sees himself nd then leaves from there..but the image of sanskar is still visible in the mirror..the image starts speaking…

yes..i am sanskar maheshwari.. the one who lost his 1st love nd never evr thoughtthat his life would become normal again.. i never knew that some day someone comes into my life and fills it with happiness… ragini is an angel of my life.. speaking truth she is my life.. i couldnt imagine how i would live without her..

it is true that my 1st love kavitha left me.. forever nd ever..its true that i wont forget her..some memories cannot be forgotten. after all she was my 1st love..everything that time i had was no longer there.. but then my ragini came into my life..she told me that life is just like a book.. when someone leaves us its only the end of the chapter..not the end of the story…dont day your life will change and you will be happy again…

yes life has changed when ragini stepped in…she again taught me what is love… she again made me a normal is the most beautiful thing to have but the most painful thing to lose..i lost it but then again i found it in my ragini…. we too faced many problems.. but what made us to be together is our love… love for eachother…now ours is a happy family.. me..ragini.. nd our chotu ragini nd chota sanskar… hahaha…..

always remember..not all the love stories succeed..or have a happy ending..but its not the end of our life…… what meant for you will always be there for you…. first love teaches what is love…last love teaches us what is life….

slowly the image in the mirror starts fading nd now no image is seen in the mirror… only a pictur is visible which is sticked to the wall…actually its a reflection..its a family picture of ragsan nd swalak with their kids….

************************************************* A HAPPY ENDING********************************************************


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