LOVE(RagSan) Part-29


Hi guys…im back with another update….. here we go..

Next day swalak nd ragsan reached mm.. everyone was very happy… even gadodia family is also there.. they all were having some family time… days passed like this.. adi’s bond with ragsan has became strong… adi used to be with ragini more than swara.. our swalak never used to get jealous on ragsan but were infact happy that they both are happy…

After 1 year…

Its a fine morning ..sun rays were falling on ragini disturbing her sleep..sanskar is asking her to wake up…

sanskar-ragini..please wake up..its 10 am..

ragini-so what ..let me sleep for some more time…

sanskar-oh god.. who told you to be awake till late nyt nd get up late in the morning… because of you i shld also stay awake till 12..

ragini-so what.. if you want you can also sleep.. go nd sleep..dont disturb me..

sanskar nods his head nd goes down..

he goes into the kitchen while ap nd sujatha are sitting near the dining table doing some they see sanskar they giggle.. sanskar doesnt see them…

As soon he enters the kitchen he sees laksh doing something..

sanskar-laksh..what are you doing?

laksh-oh bhai..please stop your question.. you are asking as if u dont know what im doing..

sanskar gives an i dont know look to him..

laksh-madam wants coffee.. that too on her preparing the same…

sanskar laughs at him…

laksh-laugh as much as you can bhai.. but when you come here after sometime to prepare breakfast then i will do the same..he says in a teasing cum angry way..

sanskar stares at him angrily while they hear ap nd sujatha laughing at them..

sanskar-maa nd badi maa.. now stop laughing..its all because of you both.. you pampered them so much that they became lazy nd i dont know whether ragini is living in her sasural or im living in my sasural.. i mean see you are our mom’s but you both support them..they are making us to cook nd you are with them…why dont you behave like a typical serial type sasu mom’s..

laksh-yes bhai.. ab toh had ho gayi hai…enough of it.. now i wont do anything .. i wont obey swara’s orders… saying so he places the coffe cup aside nd smirks..

sanskar-yes are ryt…

just then they hear someone calling..

swara-laksh….mera coffee kidar hai…

laksh-haa swara…im bringing dont worry my baby… im coming..saying so he takes the coffee nd rushes up..

seeing this ao nd badi maa laugh at laksh while laksh without seeing them goes up..sanskar is shocked at his act but then he also laughs…

ap-aur sanskar..what? you also dont want to do any work…its okay i will tell ragini…

sujatha-yes jiji.. we will say to ragini..

sanskar shouts noo… when i said that i will not do any here only to work ..i will work.. see im making coffee for her..

listening this ap nd sujatha giggle…

After sometime… ragini tries to come downstairs …just then sanskar shouts nd asks her to stop..

sanskar goes up nd gives her support while climbing the steps down..

ragini is slowly walking down with her baby seems that the delivery date is so near..

sanskar-how many times i told you to call me.. i will come na..

ragini- i didnt see you anywhere..sothought to do it on my own…sry..

sanskar- now it has became your habbit to say sorry…if i see you next time then i will shift our room down..

ragini-no.. i will call you from next time.. i promise..

sanskar says okay nd makes her sit on the couch comfortably…

Just then they see swalak coming down in the same manner..swara with her baby bump…they both came and sat there.

ragini and swara were eating the food while laksh nd sanskar were serving them..

ragini- what is this sanskar..there is no salt in this curry…. dont you know how to cook?

swara-and laksh you..what is this paratha… its hal;f i shld eat this unhealthy food..oh god.. ab mera bacha ka kya hoga..

swaragini both started their drama….. they even started crying fakely…

ap nd sujatha were just enjoying the scene nd they also taunted sanlak…. sanlak now became angry at them and left from there…

swaragini-what both made them angry..hamara bechara patidev.. now we shld go nd say sorry..saying so they both leave..

sujatha-haww jiji..dekho ye log ..pehele unhone datha ..aur hum jo do bate keh di ye dono hamare khilaf hi hogaye..

ap-sujatha..they were just kidding..let them solve it themself..we will just enjoy it… saying so they both laugh..

sanksar is in the garden..ragini goes near him and sits beside him..

ragini-guss ho kya?

sanskar doesnt respond..

ragini-please sanskar..maaf kar doo….

sanskar smirks at her..

a tear falls on his hand which is beside ragini…

he sees it nd then he sees ragini crying.. so sorry.. i was just kidding… i dont know that you will take it seriously..

ragini still crying-im sorry sanskar.. i dont know that you will get hurt.. i was the one who asked you to cook no need of cooking and all… you even can go to office..

sanskar-im sorry ragini.. i want to do it… for my lovely wife… nd i wont get hurt by your words..i know you were just teasing me..

ragini-you didnt get hurt?



sanskar-haa baba..promise..

ragini wipes her tears nd says-i was scared seeing you like that.. you know na ..i cant even stay for 2 minutes without talking to you…

sanskar-same with me.. i love you…

ragini-i love you too.. saying so she tries to hug him but her baby bump doesnt let her do it..

they both laugh at each other…

swara also convinces laksh but not by crying but by blackmailing him….

The delivery date has approached nd swarag were in ot..sanlak were waiting outside tensed… nd our adi is staying with sharmishta nd shekhar… as they thought that it will be good if he stays with them till the delivery..

aftersome time the doctor comes and says congrats to sanlak.. swara gave birth to a daughter whereas..ragini gave birth to twins.. a boy nd a girl…
sanlak are very happy nd they rush inside…

swalak name their baby as sharanya..while ragsan name there baby girl as tanvi nd baby boy as ansh…

…………………… precap…………………………………

only epilogue… here comes the end of the chapter as well as ff.. i will be giving a very short epilogue……

keep commenting as the next will be the last chapter…end of the ff… hope you all liked this ff… thank you you all nd bye….

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