LOVE(RagSan) Part-28

hii back with another we go…

sanskar got ready ..he was wearing a dark blue blazer..whereas laksh was wearing a red one.just then ragini arrives ..she was wearing a long length anarkali..she was simple yet beautiful with her hair left open.. sanskar goes near her and says looking gorgeous as usual.. ragini sets his blazer nd says-yo too looking very handsome… just then they hear adi crying.

they rush towards the room and what they saw was hillarious.laksh was ready but adi…laksh made him wear small pants..which were not actually pants but its a shirt..nd struggling to make his leg fit in it..

ragini shouts-laksh..what is this?what have you done..dont you know how to make him wear a dress… saying so she takes adi in her hands and calms him down..

laksh-im sorry..i actually dont know how to do

ragini-so what?you will make him wear anything like this…i just cant believe how u became a father…

sanskar-goes near ragini and says dont you know?

ragini gives him a death glare and he too starts acting like scolding laksh nd takes him out..

just then swara enters nd she is also wearing a long length which is red coloured.laksh is mesmerised to see her in that new she never worn those type of dresses after their marriage.

laksh opens his mouth ..sanskar-laksh close your mouth..dont open it like a frog…

laksh closes his mouth..swara comes there and says..sanskar..someone said me that i look like saome it soo?

sanskar-ofcourse not my dear sali are looking pretty nd who is that fool who said that you look like a behenji.. saying so they both give a hifi nd he winks at laksh.

laksh-wow bhai.. pehele..mujhe chodke apne biwi ke saath de rahe the.. aur ab..ab to mere khilaf woh bhi mere biwi ke saath mere mazaak uda rahe ho..hai bhagwan..ab is lachaar ..bebas admi ka kya hoga….ab kon mera saath dega.. saying so he pakes a pout face..

swasan laugh at him…swara then asks about ragini and adi..

then they go near the room and see ragini making adi ready talking to him..

ragini-tumhare papa bhi na… ek bache ke baap hai phir bhi bache ki tarah behave kar re.. swasan laugh at laksh..
aur tumhari maa..woh bhi kam nahi hai..wo toh ek bada dramebaaz hai.. now sanlak laugh at swara
the baby chuckles and laughs..
ha..ha… ab unke paas hi aa rahin hu..tumhare bade papa ke to naam hi mat lo..woh toh tumse bhi chote bache jaane kya hoga jab woh bhi papa banenge… now swalak tease sanskar nd laugh at him… bhagwaan hi jaane kaise in teen logon ko mein sambhalungi..

swara bakes some noise nd enters the room..saying-it seems like someone is complaining about us…sanlak-yes..

ragini-nothing like that..we were just talking about something nd thats a top secret between adii nd his maasi cum badi maa… hai na mere rajaa bacha…saying so she kisses him..

sanskar-are you all ready noe?can we leave?

swalakrag-yes ..lets go..

swara comes near ragini to take adi but ragini asks her can she handle him?

swara-there is no need to ask me ragini..he is also ur child.. i trust you..infact more than me.. he will be safe with you…

ragini’s eyes get moist listening to that.. swara hugs ragini and the tune swaragini plays in the bg..

swalak leave in one car while ragsan leave in another car…

ragsan’s car

ragini is playing with adi and showing him the surroundings..

sanskar sees them lovingly and says..seems someone is forgetting that im also here..

ragini-haa..see adi beta someone is getting jealous that im ignoring them nd playing with you..

sanskar-ofcourse why not….you are my wife..nd see you are playing adi..not even looking at your husband.. nd also not giving me any chance to play with my adi..

ragini-okay then we will have a deal.. now u r driving ryt..while coming back i will drive okay..then you can play with him..

sanskar-deal done..

swalak’s car

swara is seeing outside while ;aksh is staring at her in between his driving..

swara notices this nd says-see in front nd drive okay..road is not visible on my face…why you are staring at me?

laksh-i know that road is not visible on your face..but what to do.. my world is visible on your face..

swara-what? what do u mean by that?

laksh-it mean are my world.. thats it..

swara looks at him lovingly…

laksh-im sorry jaan for saying you behenji..but what to do.. if i didnt say that then i would not have got a chance to see you like this..

swara laughs nd says its times i too call you monkey ryt… but the fact is that you still look like a monkey..

laksh gives her a death glare but then they both laugh at their nokjhok.

soon they reach the hotel…

they all see a garden where a atble is beatifully decorated.. they all go there and sit there…they all remember their older times…. they talk for a while cracking jokes on eachother… they ordered food nd ate..just then they listen a song ..dehleez pe mere dil kii jo rakhe hain tune kadam… swalak go there nd start dancing…

while ragsan also wanted to dance but as adi was there they sat there only… then a waitres came there and asked ragsan to join them..she said that she would handle the baby..
ragsan too start dancing…all are looking at their dance… swalak remember their moments together..

while ragsan too remember all their moments..their first date.. their cute fights etc.. finally song comes to an end nd everyone clap for thembut they were lost in each other’s eyes.they compose themself nd come back nd take adi…at last they had an ice cream …..nd left from there..

now swalak asked them to go as they will be coming after sometime…ragsan left ..while ragini is driving and sanskar is playing with adi..

now sanskar is not even looking at ragini… soon they reach villa..nd she sees adi sleeping on sanskar nd sanskar too is half slept..she eyes them lovingly and gives a peck on his forehead…

sanskar-seems someone is becoming romantic..

ragini-u r awake?

sanskar-yes…he tries to move but ragini stops him so that adi’s sleep wouldnt get disturbed..

she slowly took adi from sanskar’s hands nd moved in.sanskar parked the car nd went to his room.ragini placed adi on the bed nd got changed into a nyt dress…by the time she came out sanskar was sleeping beside adi… they both were looking so cut she took a pic of them..

later swalak came to home and saw that ragini nd sanskar were sleeping with adi in between them holding their hands.they were soo happy..looking at them..

swara-in dono ko kisi ki nazar na lage..i hope we would be like this forever..

laksh-yes soo happy for we are a complete family…they both keave from there nd go to bed nd doze off.

next day..swarag got up and prepared breakfast ..after that they all went to see delhi..whole they they travelled a lot clicked many pictures… they went to many places nd enjoyed a lot .. they were fully tired by evening…. they had their dinner outside itself.. nd soon after reaching home they all dozed off.

next day they were getting ready to return to kolkata..ragini was packing their pictures and the cement plate as they would never return …they left from there in their respective cars..

precap:one year leap.. is everything normal..or there is some change???gues….?????

guys… more 2 parts nd the ff will be coming to an end..thank you all for your comments ..keep commenting your views and suggestions.. bye and love you all…..

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    awesome episode

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  4. nice amazing now plzz ragini should be mother next part soon

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    Great, super, loved it… what could the changes be? does ragsan have children them selves?

  6. superb sad for ending this ff if its possible come back with another ragsan ff?

  7. Hope ragsan ill hve child…gud one dr

  8. Nice, please come back with another ragsan ff

  9. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Lovely one DEAR
    Loved Ragsan a lot
    Waiting for the next one………

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    Its too good,seems to be adi is more attached with ragini,and that jealous of sanskaar is so good…
    What will happen in a leap of a year…
    Come back soon to open the question…

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    awesome episode

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