LOVE(RagSan) Part-27

hii guys…im back with another we go..

sanskar and ragini along with swalak reach their villa.. ragini and sanskar step they enter ragini senses something as if she has been there sometime ago.she asks sanskar that had they came there before?

sanskar-ragini..i told you na..after our marriage we stayed here for 5 months..

ragini-oh i see…

sanskar-but why you asked like that?

ragini-umm nothing..

swara-wow!sanskar..this is so beautiful.. the surroundings are soo awesome..

they all step in to the they enter they see a picture..ragsan’s marriage pic..(guys remember when ragini came there for the 1st time she was also surprised seeing those pics arranged in the hall nd room..they were left there itself..)

some image stikes ragini disturbing her mind..she ignores it..

sanskar shows swalak the guest room ..asks them to freh up..he takes ragini to their room.

as ragini enters the room …she sees the room filled with their pics..
she sees a pic in which she is dancing with sanskar ..nd she has worn a black gown..another pic in which she was singing some song holding a guitar..
she then sees the cement plating on which there were foot prints of ragini and sanskar…

her head starts spinning.. and some thousands of images flash in her mind..she closes her eyes..and then she sees herself hugging someone..she doesnt know who it is..his face is blurr.. she tries hard to seee… nd then opens her eyes with a jerk..her head again starts spinning and then she again closes her eyes..just then she hears some song…

tum ho toh lagta hai mein hoon…naa ho toh lagta hain kyun hoon(guys remember..sanskar sang this song in the past..nd its ragini’s favourite song..whenevr she wants he used to sing the same song…nd here sanskar mobile is ringing..he had that song as his ringtone)

as she hears the song with her closed eyes..the persons blurr image starts clearing slowly…she then sees sanskar singing the song…ho sake toh rehna tum saath mere….ho bure ya ache halath mere… she opens his eyes and shouts sanskar and becomes unconscious.

sanskar who was looking other side..turns to her nd rushes to her.he places her on the bed nd swalak come there and asks what happened.sanskar says dont know.he then calls the doctor.

doctor comes there and checks her..he asks sanskar what happened with her.sanskar says about the accident nd memory loss thing.
doctor gives some medicines and says-i think she is stressed ..nd there is nothing to worry..but it will be good if her check up is done tomorrow you take her to the hospital..

sanskar-thank you doctor.. saying so he goes out with the doctor.

swara sits beside ragini nd caresses her hair while laksh sits on couch holding adi in his arms.
after some time ragini gets up with a jerk nd sees her surroundings.

swara-ragini..tum tiik ho na… dont worry nothing happened to you..

ragini with a confused face asks -where are we?

swara with a shocked face sees ragini and then laksh.ragini’s eyes fall on laksh nd then the baby..adi.

again her head starts spinning seeing adi nd she closes eyes.all the images flash when ragini and sanskar came to delhi..their to mm..swara expecting nd later she too… swara giving birth to a baby boy etc etc.she opens her eyes nd sees swara with teary eyes.
swara-are you fine?

ragini-yes swara.. thats your baby ryt…

swara-yes..adi..he signs laksh to bring adi nd then gives adi to ragini

ragini-a ..adi..mera bacha… adi smiles at her..she kisses him nd then asksabout her baby..swalak are numb…not knowing how to say her that she lost her baby.

sanskar enters then and asks what happened?is everything fine.

laksh tells him that ragini regained her memory back..

sanskar smiles nd rushes ti ragini nd gices her a tight hug.

swalak leave from there giving them some privacy..

ragini-sanskar…kya hua hamare bache ko..?

sanskar cups her face and says-im sorry ragini i couldnt save the baby… ragini starts crying… tears started rolling from sanskar’s eyes too…nd he starts feeling guilty..

ragini senses this and was not in our hands sanskar..its our fate..she wipes his tears nd rests her head on his chest.

sanskar-ragini..finally you regained your so happy….

ragini remembers how she behaved when she lost her memory and laughs..

sanskar-you are laughing?

ragini-yaa..i just remembered those days when i lost my memory…

sanskar-ha.. what all i did to make you remember..but you and your antics..oh my god.. u have killed me with your behaviour..nd i thought you will never get your memory back

ragini- after all..your love made me remember everything..its your love that bought me back..i love you sanskar..

sanskar-love you too darling….

they hear adii crying and go down.

ragini takes adi in her arms nd he stops crying.

swara-lagta hai adi ne apni maasi cum badi maa ko bahut miss kiya… isliye dekho ragini ke paas jaate hii chup ho gaya..

sanlak-haa..u r ryt..

ragini laughs whole heartedly sensing their jealousiness that adi is attracted towards her..

laksh-finally everything is back to normal now..

swara-nope..there is till something left..

sanlakrag at a time..what?

swara takes something from her purse.. sheopens her hands..nd its mangalsutra nd sindhoor.

swara signs sanskar to take that.

sanskar takes them..nd makes ragini wear the mangalsutra while swara takes adi.and then he fills her hairline with sindhoor.

swara-now its complete…

swara calls to mm and baadi nd tells everyone that ragini got her memory back..everyone are happy for her. she also told them that they will return after 2 days .

swara-1st time we came to delhi nd i willsee each nd every place of delhi…

laksh-yes..we will..but 1st thing is im feeling hungry …..plz someone give me food..

swara-chi are begging like a beggar..nd u kumbhkaran you are always at the back of food… dont know how you are fit even after eating soo much..

laksh-thats my secret..

ragsan laugh at their nokjhok.. before it turns into a wild battle..sanskar stopped them.

sanskar-okay guys get ready..i will take you all to the most famous restaurant in delhi..we will have our dinner there..

laksh-thansk mere bhai..ek tum hi mujhe ache tarah se samajhte ho… ab tum jake ready ho jao magarani swara..adhe ganta toh tumhara dress select karne me hi lag jayega…

swara-oh shit! i didnt bring any dresses here..

ragini-swara..dont worry… i left some of my dresses can wear from it..come.. i will show you…

swara-okay ragini chalo..

laksh-yaar.swara..yaha bhi chipkali ki tarah sadi mat pehno..kuch acha sa dress pehno..warna sab sochenge iss behenji ko itna handsome sa ladka kaise milgaya..

swara-acha..mein behenji hun..ab dekho mein dikhadungi tumhe ki asal mein mein kya hun…chalo ragini..


sanskar-abb chod do laksh tum bhi ready ho jao..

laksh-haa bhai..saying so he takes adi in his arms and says..ab chalo mere bache..hum dono baap bete aise ready honge ki puri duniya dekhti reh jayegi. adi smiles at him.

sanskar looks at laksh nd adi lovingly.

precap:swalak nd ragsan on a dinner date..remembering their old times..having fun….ragsan bonding with adii… did you find this epi..keep commenting your views… nd as i said this ff is going to end soon….still some 2 or 3 chapters nd it will come to an end….bye and love you all…

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