LOVE(RagSan) Part-26


hii guys back with the most awaiting episode ….yaar..was it becoming boring..i mean the comments were less… anyways sorry to say this but the ff is going to end soon… bcoz my holidays are getting over .then i will be having no time to update it… but if im free i will try to come up with another ff..hey guys i wrote an os..the unexpected-ragsan.. read it when you are free.. here is the next chapter.

sanskar goes to mm.. swara shouts seeing his hand bleeding.everyone come there nd swara does his first aid. they ask him many questions but he remained silent without answering anything.annapurna came to him and asked him what happened?wont you tell to your badi maa also.

sanskar hugs her and starts crying.

i lost badi is playing a big game with me.. i lost everything 1st kavitha nd then ragini..

ap-what happened beta..

sanskar-there is no improvement in her condition badi ma.. shekhar uncle nd dadi didnt forgave me..they dont want ragini to be with me..if they arent happy then why i should do this all…im tired of fighting with tired of fighting with my own i dont feel like doing it anymore..when shekhar uncle was scolding me ragini didnt even uttered a word in favour of me..i think she too doesnt want meto be with her..saying so he gets up,wipes his tears with a determined look.enough badi maa.. now i dont want to stay here going to delhi tomorrow..nd thats final..

ap tries to say something but he interrupts nd says..i wont change my decision for anyone..thats leaving saying so he goes to his room.

laksh comes to his room and says…
bhai..whats this? u cant back off..ragini needs you..we need you.. nd especially i need my bhai… dont you want your ragini back…

sanskar-yes laksh i want her back..but when she doesnt want to be with me..then what can i do .. if she is happy with this life then im too happy..i cant give her any stress yaar..i cant see her suffering just because of me.. every time knowing that she failed to remember really kills me..she forgot me..her husband..her world… now im giving up..let her get her memory back whenever she wants…now please leave me alone..

laksh-but bhai..listen to me once..

i said leave me alone..sanskar shouts in full anger..
laksh leaves from there.

ragini is in her room crying like mad..she dont know why her father didnt liked sanskar..but all she know is now sanskar is her life..she cant live without him..but also cant go against her father..thinking of all these she dozes off..

sanskar is standing near window..its all over now… he said to himself..he looked at his back where there was lying a luggage..he has packed everything and is all set to go to delhi.

next day…
at baadi

everyone were getting ready as they have to go to some pooja..ragini was not at all interested but shekhar nd dadi forced her to come with them..she was wearing a simple orange lehenga

at mm
everyone were sad as sanskar is leaving..they all tried hard to stop him but all in vain..sanskar came down with the luggage..he took blessings of everyone ..hugged laksh.. kissed adi on his forehead ..sujatha was crying so badly..but sanskar promised her that he will come to meet her whenever she wants to see him.he left from there in his car..before he could leave kolkata he went to baadi.

shekhar face turned into red due to anger when he saw sanskar there.. he asked-why you came here?now what you want more?

sanskar gave him a bitter smile and said..
i dont want anything..but just came here to say that what you wanted is happening now..

shekhar-what do u mean?

sanskar- im leaving kolkata going to delhi …he looked at ragini and said..forever….ragini was in utter shock knowing that his sanskar is leaving her..tears rolled down from her eyes..

sanskar-you wanted me to stay away from ragini doing thta..nd now you all be happy..saying so he takes blessings of all of them nd leaves without even looking back.

ragini tries to stop him but shekhar holds her hands nd signs not to go.

after sanskar leaves..laksh nd swara came to baadi along with adi.they saw ragini crying hard.


sanskar was driving his car..he almost reached delhi..its just few kilometres away from there..still he was thinking about ragini..his chain of thoughts break sudeenly when he sees a car overtaking nd stopped in front of his car.sanskar put a sudden break and stepped down from the car.

as he came out of the car..someone hugged him …sooo tight ..its our ragini..she was crying and crying..sanskar was shocked to see her there..then he saw laksh and swara with adi.

sanskar gave a confused look to laksh..nd loksh signed him to carry on giving him a warm smile.

sanskar too hugged her…but after sometime ragini broke the hug and started beating sanskar.
sanskar was shouting and swalak were laughing at them.

sanskar tried to escape nd then ragini hold a big stick which is near her and was about to beat him when sanskar shouted i will die if you beat me with that stick…
ragini throwed the stick away nd again started crying… sanskar went near her.. and said ragini…

ragini-stupid… why did you leave me..? were not regaining your memory i thought i shouldnt force you

ragini-if i dont get my memory back you will leave me ha… sanskar i love you..i dont know what happened in the past..let it be..but i want to be with you..being with you gives me immense happiness.. i dont know whether i loved you or not before my memory loss..but now im loving you..better you take that and dont even dare of leaving me okay…

sanksar smiles at her and hugs her soo tight… should have told me that before only..i thought you dont love me..

ragini-how could you think so that i will not love you..i love you to the core..

sanskar-i love you too…

swalak disturb them nd say them that you can continue your romance after going home okay..we should leave now..

sanskar-where to mm?


sanskar-what yes? you know how much time it takes to go there..from morning im tired of driving again i cant do that .it takes so many hours…

laksh-yes bhai you are ryt..what she knows about we who are driving the car…not you swara…

swara-hmm okay then what we will do..where we will go..

sanskar- we will go to my villa..

swalak-oh yes…gud idea…

sanskar-today we will stay there nd tomorrow we will leave..

swalakrag-done..shall we go now…

ragini is going to sit in laksh’s car when laksh says her-ragini please yaar..atleast give us some privacy now.. u come in sanskar’s car…

swara-have some shame..we are with our baby..

laksh-so what… is there any rule?

swara -you are just impossible..

laksh winks at her and says come on…

ragini and snaksr go and sit in the other car.they started driving..and laksh followed them from back. ur dadi nd shekhar uncle agreed for this. i mean how this has happened?

ragini-its all because of laksh nd swara


laksh nd swara came to badi after sanskar left from there..

laksh-hii ragini..why are you dont love him ryt.. then why r u sad when he is going away from you..ragini cries more.. too wanted thus ryt..congratulations…i dont know why you hate sanskar soo much..

dadi-because he is responsible for ragini losing her baby.

ragini gets shocked listening that …

dadi-he also wanted to save the child nd not ragini

swara-i should told this you before but sanskar stopped all were blaming him forthe thing which he hevent done at all

dadi nd shekhar-what?

swara-yes baba..its me who changed the papers nd took his sign..he wanted to save ragini.. but ragini wanted the child..she took a promise from me that i should save the child at any cost..nd so i did it…

dadi-what? you did this ..nd ragini asked you to do..

swara-yes dadi..she came to know about her complications during the last month of her pregnancy…

shekhar nd dadi were feeling guilty for what they have did…they see ragini who is lying unconscious..

swara sprinkles some water on ragini nd she gets up..

ragini-papa.. i love sanskar..i want him.. please papa..unite us..i will die without him..please..

dadi-im sorry laado..there was a big misunderstanding ….nd it was cleared now.. yes sanskar is your husband… nd you too loved him..we lied to you…. im sorry for that…go to your husband laado..he needs you..

swalak take ragini along with them and leave for delhi.

*flashback ends*

ragini-so sanskar..we were also expecting a child then..ryt?

sanskar sadly-yes ragini..

ragini who doesnt want to make his mood sad..tried to divert the topic..

ragini-what if i havent came here ..

sanskar-then what.. i would have reached my house till now nd would be sleeping peacefully…

ragini makes a pout nd says so you dont like me coming here ryt..

sanskar-its not like that my darling…saying so he kisses on her cheeks..nd ragini blushes.

precap-will ragini gets her memoryy now everything fine between sanskar nd ragini..or there is something that is awaiting for them?

guys..keep commenting your views and suggestions… bye and love you all….

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  12. Vyshnavi

    Its awesome,for a second I thought she got her memory back, but she didn’t na,I liked it as you made it differ.finally they united.waiting for another part…..

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