LOVE(RagSan) Part-24


hii guys.. thank you all for your overwhelming comments..they really mean a lot to me…nd here is the next chapter…

well everything was pre planned by sanlak nd swara that today sanskar will meet ragini… mm was beautifully decorated everyone are a little bit happy as they miss ragini..its swalaks baby naming ceremony..well shekhar dadi nd sumi have to come at there is no way for them except to leave ragini at home alone..or bring her along with them.

shekhar couldnt leave ragini alone at home..with no option left he decided to take ragini too there but put some restrictions to her saying that she shouldnt talk to anyone.ragii obeyed her father nd all of them left for mm.

when they entered mm..they all were surprised to see mm.. nd all the people over there.bcoz it was decorated in the same way when ragini’s marriage happened and to the surprise everyone have worn same clothes which they have worn on their marriage….hoping that ragini could remember something.. but ragini behaved normally..all the time dadi or sekhar were with her not leaving her alone where sanskar was trying to talk to her but she isnt alone..someone or the other was with her..

the havan started for the well being of the baby..and they named the baby boy as adi.. nd soon the pooja got over.. slowly shekhar nd dadi involved in meeting the guests nd swara took this as a chance and signalled sanskar.swara took ragini to sanskar’s room saying her to help her in handling the baby..adi..

ragini nodded and went with her..ragini was carrying adi … nd while she was heading towards the room swara made an excuse that she got a call nd asked her to go and sit in the room.she will join her in few minutes.

ragini entered the room and was shocked to see all the pictures on the wall.. it was her pictures with sanskar..she placed the baby on the bed and went towards the big picture which is in the middle of the wall.. its their marriage picture..she went near it and touched it.. suddenly she heard someone calling her..

she turned back and found shekhar there.

shekhar with anger-ragini..what are you doing here?

ragini-woh..papa.. adi was crying and swara has some work so im here taking care of him..

just then swara enters and thanks ragini for taking care..then dadi,sumi ,shekhar nd ragini leave from there.

sanskar nd swalak are hoping that their plan works..all these things would remind atleast sometjing to ragini…

at night..
ragini was in her room ..she was standing near window breeze passed from there and she closed her eyes..only image she could see with her closed eyes was their picture..ragini and sanskar’s picture…she was remembering the picture..suddenly she opens her eyes and thinks of sanskar.

papa said that sanskar married me forcibly..but today in those pictures i was looking very happy.. it could be clearly visible in my eyes.. also i felt a strange feeling when i entered mm..nd specially that room.. swara’s sasural is very nice..they all love her nd me too.. that ap aunty nd sujitha aunty are soo good.. they treated me as their daughter..but i dont know..somewhere i feel that sanskar is not that bad as described by papa..if soo then why he showed me so much concer when i was in the hospital.. i saw pain in his eyes.. i saw the fear of loosing me his eyes…

her thoughts were disturbed by a sound of some was shekhar..

he asked ragini to sit with him for sometime..

ragini-papa..can i ask you something?

shekhar-yes laadoo..

ragini-papa.. you said that sanskra married me forcibly.. but today in those pictures i was looking happy..why?

shekhar-its trusted him… you were good friends then.. but then he betrayed you… now dont think more about only gives you pain..its already late..go and sleep..

ragini nodded her head but somewhere she was feeling restless.. as she wanted to know what happened in the past..why he betrayed her?why did they apart..?

soon she dozed off… nd here sanskar was holding her pic nd he too slept.

precap:sanskar to meet ragini nd tell her about their marriage and all… but ..will she believes him??

guys keep commenting your views..thank you all.. nd sorry for any typos…. bye bye…

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    1. Smily

      Thanks sindhura

  1. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Hope soon Ragini gets her memory back
    And she believes to her heart and believe Sanskar
    Nice epi DEAR
    Waiting for the next one eagerly………….

    1. Smily

      Thank you dear..

      1. SPP

        U r welcome dear

    1. Smily

      Thank you dear

    1. Smily

      Thank u ammy

    1. Smily

      Thank u lovely…

  2. Minblownng yaaar….its reallly very interestng…hope soon ragsan getas united…feelng realy bad for sanskaar…

    1. Smily

      Yaa.. Poor sanskar.. Its just a beginning.. Im sure in coming chapters u would definitely pity him… Hahaha.. Just kidding.. Thank you dear

  3. Vyshnavi (Vyshu)

    So good,hope ragini and sanskaar have some moments before getting her memory back (only if possible). Sorry if I’m interrupting ur story, I said just wat I felt
    By the way it’s too interesting….
    Waiting for next part

    1. Smily

      No need of sorry dear.. What u wanted is gng to be in the next chaps.. Nd thanks for the suggestion …

  4. nice

    1. Smily

      Thank u dear

  5. Akshata

    nice one. hope ragsan gets united soon

    1. Smily

      Umm.. Not soo soon dear.. Let them fall in love once again.. :-p.. Thank u dear

  6. Wow! Loved it…. But why is shekhar being a bad person…. Why he is trying to separate them..

    1. Smily

      because he thinks that sanskar is responsible for ragini’s condition.. when they married that time he didnt agreed somewhere he had never forgiven sanskar..nd ragini lost her he blamed sanskar for that..thats why he is against them..nd thank you dear

  7. nice
    love rags

    1. Smily

      thank you dear..

  8. Dharani

    very nice

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    so nice.i love it.go ahead

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