LOVE(RagSan) Part-22


hii guys.. im so sorry.i was too late.. nd here we go with the epi..

the epi starts with the morning sunrise…ragini is taking so much care of swara .. sanskar and laksh are angry on them for ignoring them..atlast however sanskar nd laksh forgive them nd now ragini started giving some space for swara and laksh.

after 2 months…

ragini is shown in kitchen making coffee nd rushing upstairs.she goes to her room with the coffee nd places it on the table.sanskar is working on his laptop nd he suddenly hears a thud sound from behind.he turns back nd finds ragini unconscious ..he rushes to her nd places her on the bed.he then immediately calls doctor nd all were little worried for checked ragini nd gave the news that ragini is pregnant.everyone were happy nd sanskar was on cloud nine.he immediately rushed in and hugged ragini so tight nd everyone congratulated them. so gave me the biggest gift of my life…
ragini-yes sanskar..i cant express how happy i am.
sanskar places a gentle kiss on her forehead..
he starts taking care of her..both ragini nd swara were fed up with the care of their husband’s.. but with no other option left they have to bare them silently.

sometimes ragini wanted to eat chocolates nd then immediately juice no no then kichdi..sanskar was all irritated with her mood swings but he was enjoying those moments with her.ragini never liked the soup which he used to give her daily..nd then he was forced to fulfill her silly wishes to make her drink the soup.sometimes he used to sing a song for her..even used to dance for her..he aslo became a storyteller for short he used to do each nd everything for ragini to make her happy.

months were passing nd also the delivery date was nearer for swara.. but somewhere sanskar is worried for ragini.. as ragini had many complications in her pregnancy..its all because she met with an accident twice before the marriage.. where the internal system was still damaged somewhere which caused all these complications.but sanskar never told anyone except swara nd laksh.they both knew it nd maintained secrecy nd well they all know that only one could get saved..sad but its all what destiny has planned for them.
sanskar was shattered from inside knowing that only one could be saved among the two..but he never opened up in front of ragini..afterall he loves her morethan anything else nd cant see her shattered.

meanwhile swara gave birth to a baby boy..everyone were happy nd were now expecting a girl from ragini but ragini wanted a boy just like her sanskar..the chote sanskar..but only god knows what sanskar was feeling inside. he couldnt even show his pain to others..he was dying inside..ragini was somehwere suspicious abou him as he never showed her ..her reports nd never talked about any complications.

its swalak’s baby’s naming was beautifully decorated swalak were making their baby boy ready..

ragsan’s room

ragini is getting ready nd sanskar is staring at her..ragini looks at him from the mirror nd asks him to come..
he comes near her nd tries to hug her from back..but he was unable to wrap his arms over her belly bcoz of her babybump.ragini made a pout face while sanskar was teasing her that she became fat..he took the sindhoor box nd filled in her hairline..swalak come their nd saw them nd laksh started coughing.ragsan composed themselves nd took the baby boy from swalak.the baby boy was soo cute nd held ragini’s little finger when sanskar tried to take him.

ap called them to come down nd swalak went down with their baby while ragini was slowly coming down holding sanskar’s hands.

swalak sat near the havan kund while swara’s dupatta was near to the fire nd it caught fire..ragini shouted swara nd then swara noticed that her dupatta caught fire nd laksh put off the fire.everyone were relaxed for a moment nd sanskar made ragini sit on the stairs itself nd went down to bring some water for her.ragini tried to stand up nd then her leg slipped ..she was about to fall when sanskar comes nd catches her in the nick of the time..she stands up with the help of sanskar but suddenly she started screaming..

they all took her to hospital nd here sanskar was verymuch tensed.he already knew what is going to happen now ..nd doctor came and told that they have to choose only one life..ragini’s or the baby’s..sanskar already took his decision …… swara got some papers nd took sign of sanskar….sekhar ,sumi nd dadi were also tensed.. after sometime doctor comes out nd says that we couldnt save the baby as against your wish..but ragini’s condition is very complicated… we did the operation..if she gains her consciousness in 1 day then she will be fine..or else she will skip into coma..hearing this sanskar was all broken..all the pain which he had inside burst out nd he brokedown into tears.

sekhar was suspicious as doctor said that ragini was saved as against their wish.. sekhar nd dadi went nd saw the was written that.. sanskar wanted the doctors to save the baby not ragini..dadi’s eyes were filled with rage nd anger….

precap:did sanskar really chose the baby over ragini… ragini gaining her consciousness… but asks who is sanskar..?? dadi nd sekhar to separate sanskar nd ragini? wil theyy get separated?

guys thank you all for your comments nd keep commenting your views.. did you like the twist in the story line?

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  1. nice
    love rags

  2. SPP

    Awesome Superb
    No Sanskar can’t do that
    Please don’t separate Ragsan
    Waiting for the next one………….

  3. Lila

    Nice…can’t believe it yaar…sanskar chose the baby…

  4. Oh my goddd.d…..i m feeelnggg very sad for ragini….did sanky reallly choosed d baby ??…yaaar so many twistssss……n rags memory losss n separation of ragsan…oh goodddd…watng eagerly for nxt episode

  5. nice. really missed it yar

  6. Awesome one! After a long time but u came with a bang!!!
    Well I am just guessing that ragini saw her reports n before fainting she asked sanskar to save the child?

    Plz keep updating asap

  7. Wow.. twist .. waiting for next update

  8. Nami

    Omg did sanskar really wanted to save baby instead of ragini. I guess some1 changed the papers

  9. Akshata

    whoa!! what a twist or i can say so many twits. i think ragini took promise from sanskar to save their baby. poor sanskar first he lost his baby now ragini too?

  10. Awesome

  11. Hemalattha

    very nice

  12. Awesome….pls don’t separate ragsan….poor sanskar…eagerly waiting for ur next updates….

  13. Dharani

    super twist

  14. Did swara changed the papers? ???
    How can sanskaar do that…

  15. Poor ragsan.update next part soon

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