LOVE(RagSan) Part-19

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Ragini gets ready in that black gown nd leaves her hair which are curls at the end.She worn beautiful diamond studs.She didnt wear any chain as her mangalsutra was best matched with the dress has sindhoor in her hairline and those bangles she worn in her marriage..She didnt remove those bangles as it is to be removed on some 11th day of marriage or whatever.( ragini still follows the tradition nd culture so even though she has worn a western dress still she wears those bangles nd chain)
Just imagine ragini in a black gown but those bangles,mangalsutra nd vermilion were just adding more to her beauty.

Its 7:30 and still sanskar didnt turn up.She called him so many times but he didnt pick her call.Now she is fully frustrated nd walking here and there in the corridor.Just then sanskar arrives ..ragini doesnt talk to him.. but he asks her just 10 more minutes he will be coming there saying so her rushes to his room ..gets ready in a balck blazer nd comes out.Ragini says that she doesnt want to go anywhere.But sanskar forces her nd makes her sit in the car.

Sanskar-ragini very sorry..please ragini forgive me..i was stuck with some clients nd you know na i was not there here for few months nd the work is pending.As today only i went to office i checked the work.Im sorry..

Ragini doesnt speak anything and turns to otherside.

Sanskar-i should say ragini you are looking so beautiful in this gown.You are looking like an angel in this wester cum traditional avtar..i mean bangles nd sindhoor all pretty matched with your gown.. u r just making me go crazy…ragini smiles slightly as she turned to the other side but sanskar notices it.

Sanskar-if u want to smile you can smile by turning towards me need to hide ur smile
Ragini gives him a deadly glare turning to him..acting as if she is still angry at him

Sanskar-by the way u look good even when you are angry..saying so he winks at her.
Sanskar stops the car in front of a restaurant.He asks her to go in nd says that he parks the car nd comes.

Ragini nods nd goes in.A waiter heads towards her nd asks..mrs.ragini sanskar maheshwari ryt mam.ragini nods yes..he gives her a beautiful bouqet of red roses with a note in it saying that sir has told to give this.She gets surprised,thanks him nd opens the note..its written as-to my lovely wife..u r looking so beautiful..i love you.She reads it and smiles ..Then another waiter comes nd takes her to a place looks like a garden on which a table is beautifully decorated.The waiter leaves nd she sees for sanskar.

She hears some voice from behind.Its sanskar..he starts speaking.

Sanskar-i dont know how.. but i have fallen in love with you.. the best day in my life was the day when you came into my life..nd the day u became mine was the happiest moment..i love ur innocence..i love ur arrogance..i love the way you are.. you have changed me completely.. i wasnt the same sanskar anymore and i want to make each nd every day of us a special day with some special moments..i want to keep you happy throughout my dear wife i love you to the peaks… he shouts loudly..I LOVE YOU RAGINI..there were echoes of him which ragini could listen…she ran to him nd hugged him so tight.. he too hugs her nd asks her once to say i love you…ragini breaks the hug nd smiles saying i wont say.Ragini turns the other side blushing.

Sanskar starts singing the song.

Itni mohabbat karo na………(ragini turns towards him)
Main doob na jaaun kahin….(sanskar walks towards her)
Waapas kinaare pe aana
Main bhool na jaaun kahin
Dekha jabse chehra tera…(he touches her face with his hands nd ragini shivers at his touch)
Main toh hafton se soya nahin
Bol do na zara..(he touches her lips..ragini blushes nd turns other side..)
Dil mein jo hai chhipa….(sanskar hugs her from back.. nd they both start dancing..they swing nd revolve round lost in each other)
Main kisi se kahunga nahi
Main kisi se kahunga nahi…………………………………………………………..

Now sanskar makes ragini face him nd looks into her eyes.She says..i love you sanskar…you made this day very special…he smiles nd hugs her.After that she says that she is feeling hungry.They both go and have the food.They return home nd sat on their bed.Ragini goes to her wardrobe nd takes out her night dress.When she was about to go nd change sanskar stops her.

Sanskar-where are you going?
Ragini-to change…
Sanskar-no..let me see my wife in this dress for some more time..
Ragini-no sanskar.. its so uncomfortable..saying so she tries to leave but sanskar takes the clothes from her hands nd asks her to take it if she can.

They both run all over the room nd atlast they fall on the bed.Ragini is on top nd sanskar is on the bed.She says sorry nd tries to leave but sanskar wraps her with his arms nd sas no.She looks into his eyes nd her heart starts beating faster.They have a liplock nd the light goes off.

Its morning nd ragsan were sleeping happily in eachothers embrace.Ragini wakes up nd gives him a peck on his foehead..
Sanskar-this is not fair…is that a kiss?
Ragini-u are awake.. hmm..yes this is also a kiss..saying so she rushes to washroom..gets ready nd sits near the mirror setting her hair.Sanskar comes there nd fills sindhoor in her hairline nd goes into the washroom to get ready.

Ragini as usual prepares the breakfast but unable to prepare the lunch as she is late.Sanskar comes down hurriedly saying that he should leave urgently.ragini asks for breakfast ..he denies her.Ragini wraps paratha in a tissue nd gives it to him to have on the way..he kisses on her forehead nd leaves.

Ragini-this sanskar ..he doesnt even have time for brkfst.he ate that paratha or not.. i didnt even gave him lunch box..hmm..what to do..she gets an idea..she prepares lunch nd packs it in the lunchbox.She takes a cab nd reaches sanskar’s office.She sees the office building nd gets stunned its a big IT building.she steps in nd goes near the receptionist asking for sanskar.

Receptionist looks at her and she starts speaking.Oh mam are you mam? im sorry..myself maahi ..i know u mam.. u r wife of sir ryt..
Ragini-yes but how did u know..
Maahi-im sorry mam..i will tell it later but now i have to go nd there is some urgent please go nd sit in sir’s cabin.he will be coming in few mins..saying so she leaves .

Ragini enters the cabin nd sees their photo on one side of the wall nd thinks..oh this is the matter..thats why everyone knew who i am.. well its good..she sees the cabin and sits on the couch.After few minutes sanskar enters nd says-im sorry ragini i was busy in a meeting..but why did you come havent informed me before..

ragini-woh..i brought your lunch
Sanskar-oh ragini whats the need for you to can send it with driver na..

Ragini-its okay sanskar..i was also feeling bored i thought that i will have a look at your office nd you too..

Sanskar-but ragini im so busy i dont even have time to eat.

Sanskar’s pa comes in..sir..we have next meeting at… ahe looks at ragini and says hi ragini mam how are

Sanskar-ragini she is my pa priya

Ragini-oh..hii fine dear nd what abt you.. nd thank u a lot priya for making all the arangements at home..

Priya-im good mam..nd its my pleasure.sorry to disturb you both mam.but sir we have next meeting in 30 mins be ready sir..have a good time mam..saying so she leaves.

Ragini-see sanskar now you have 30 mins for nxt meeting so you can have your lunch..morning also u didnt had ur brkfst well..

Sanskar-ragini but.

Ragini-now no but nd nothing..u r eating thats it..saying so she serves him food nd he eats it nd also makes her eat.They finish eating nd sanskar says her that it may take time for the meeting to complete..if you want you can go to home..saying so he leaves.Ragini takes the box nd starts to leave but he hears sanskar shouting at someone

Sanskar-Damn!how can she do this..nd what abt the clients..they will be here within no time..nd now who will make the presentation.. this contract is so important for me.. i wont loose it at any cost..

The chap ends here.

Precap:will sanskar loose the contract???

Hey guys dorry for the typos..nd keep commenting ur views..thank you and love you all….

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