LOVE(RagSan) Part-18

Hii guys..thanks for all your lovely comments… here is the next update..bare with my typos as im updating it from my mobile from past few days.. sorry for the typos..Here we go with the next chap.

The morning sun rays fall on sanskar disturbing his sleep.He gets up nd doesnt find ragini there.He checks the time nd rushes to washroom nd gets ready in formals.By the time he gets ready his eyes fall on a coffee cup which is on the table.He smiles thinking that ragini has kept there.He takes the cup nd goes down.He calls ragini nd she says that she is in the kitchen.

Sanskar sips his coffee..keeps the cup on the table nd goes to the kitchen ragini is busy cooking something.Sanskar hugs her from back nd asks her what she was doing?

Ragini-dancing.. she says it sarcastically… you can see na sanskar that im preparing your nreakfast nd still you are asking.
Sanskar-oh dancing.. wife is an alrounder..she knows dancing ,singing,cooking etc etc.. thank you god you gave me such a multi talented wife saying so he kisses on her cheeks.. please stop it..i need to cook it fast or else u will go without eating anything..please let me do my work..
Sanskar-no… i..before he could complete his phone rings nd he goes to attend the call.

Sanskar speaks to his pa .. nd here ragini keeps the food on the dining table.Sanksra cuts the call nd sits on the chair.Ragini serves him food but sanskar asks her to sit nd eat with him.She says that she has some work but he forces her nd asks her to sit.she sits.

He starts eating nd she too starts eating..he then takes some files from his room nd tells ragini that he is leaving.Ragini asks him to stop nd drags him to their room. getting late..what are you doing?
Ragini takes the sindoor box nd stands in front of him.Sanskar is surprised nd then sees her hairline..there is ni sindhoor over there.

Sanskar-acha..then this is the matter…

Ragini noda her head nd points towards it to fill it.

Sanskar-i forgot ragini nd im so sorry from tmrw my 1st work will be this only..saying so he fills her hairline with sindhoor.They both smile seeing eachother.

Sanksar’s driver comes nd calls him..he comes down nd while leaving ragini calls him nd gives him lunch box.He looks at her a kiss on her foreheadnd leaves.

Now ragini cleans the kitchen ..nd then goes to her room.She sets her nd sanskar’s clothes in the wardrobe nd arranges somethings.She watches tv for sometime nd then calls swara.They both talk for sometime nd then she was feeling very bored.

Suddenly her phone blinks nd its a message from sanskar.
Message-be ready by 7 my darling.. we will go out.. go out nd there is a packet over there..please take that..bye my love.

She goes down nd finds a packet in front of the door.She opens it nd finds a black gown in that packet.She smiles seeing at that dress.Sanskar on the other side smiles thinking about ragini.The chap ends here.

Precap:ragsan romance full on

sorry guys for the short update… keep commenting ur views..bye nd love you all..

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