LOVE(RagSan) Part-16


Hii guys.. smily here back with another update..Thank you all for your comments nd sorry for the typos..Here comes the next epi..

Sanskar is looking at ragini and ragini is setting her saree and pallu.She looks sanskar from the mirror and asks him whether she is looking good or not..
Sanskar says superb but something is missing..She again looks at herself in the mirror and says yes sindhoor is missing.. i was about to put it but you came and disturbed me sanskar..saying so she takes the sindhoor box nd is about to put sindhoor in her hairline but sanskar comes to her and takes the vermilion box from her and ragini is shocked at his sudden act nd also confused.

Sanskar-ragini..let me put it..after all its my ryt to fill it in your hairline..nd dont even dare to steal my ryt okay..
Ragini-Wow! sanskar im really surprised..i dont know that u have these type of shades too.. anyways ur wife has no interest in stealing ur ryt… now make it fast ..i should go down..
Sanskar fills the vermilion in ragini’s hairline and says bye the way ragini i too dont know that you also have that type of shades untill yesterday..
Ragini blushes and runs from there before sanskar copuld get a hold of her….Sanskar too smiles nd gets ready nd goes down.

Its ragini’s muh dikhayi nd then rasoyi rasam.As everyone already ate ragini’s handmade food they all gave her shagun and all the rituals end happily.Everyone are happy in mm as the happiness is back into their lives after a long time.Dp,Rp nd adarsh tell sanskar to join their business but sanskar refuses as he has his own business in delhi.They have some discussion over that and everyone are upset that sanskar refused to join their business.

Ragsan’s room:
Sanskar is busy doing some work in laptop nd Ragini comes there with a glass of juice for him.Ragini gives him juice nd stares at him for sometime.Ragini is about to leave but sanksar drags her nd she falls on him on the couch.They share an eyelock.Then they compose themselves and ragini sits beside sanskar resting her head on his chest and sanskar puts his arms around her.

Ragini-sanskar shall i ask you something..
Sanskar-ragini if you want to talk about the business matter then im not interested ..
Ragini-but sanskar why?whats the problem in amalgamating ur business with bade papa’s…
Sanskar-its just that i want to have my own identity..thats it…
Ragini-but sanskar ur business is in delhi..nd we are here in kolkata.. how would you manage it from here..

Sanskar-yaa..its difficult for me to manage from here..but i will go there..
Ragini-what?no i will not let you go there…
Sanskar-then you also come with me..we both will shift there…
Ragini-no sanskar ..i will not come there and live there bade papa,dadi maa,maa papa,swara everyone will bethere but there in delhi no one will be there nd i have to stay alone in the not coming nd will not let you go there..

Sanskar-ragini please try to understand….
Ragini-no sanskar..if you want ..shift your business to kolkata.. but we are not going anywhere…thats it..
Sanskar-okay then.. you dont come.. i should have to go nd i will go..thats it…

Ragini-so sanskar you are ready to leave me nd go there..then just go go to delhi nd i will go to baadi nd will never return see..
Sanskar puts his hand on her mouth saying.. ragini never ever say that… i was just would i live without you… you are my life darling…. there is no problem for me in shifting my business to delhi..but it takes some 5 to 6 months to shift it..i have already made all the arrangements for it..but still there are some contracts which has to be completed there itself before shifting… i need to stay there and also need to stay there..

Ragini-sanskar…anyone will take care of that.. u please stay here..
Sanskar-no ragini..i was here since 5 months and all the work is pending over there which i have to do it..i promise you we will return soon..please come with me ragini… but i wont force you..its upto you..tell me your decision by evening..tomorrow we should leave..saying so he leaves from the room.

In the evening ragini tells evryone about her and sanskar’s conversation.Everyone are happy and also sad at the sametime.Happy knowing that sanskar is handling his own business very well nd sad that he will stay in delhi for 5 months.They all ask ragini to go with sanskar as nobody will there to take care of him except her.Ragini refuses but atlast she accepts to go there.Sanskar is very happy that ragini is also coming with him but also not satisfied he knows that she had no interest in coming with him nd family forced her to go along with him.They both packed their bags and kept ready in the room.As she is leaving tomorrow…. that nyt she wanted to stay with swara at badi .

Swara nd ragini left reached baadi nd they had lot of gossips with sumi,dadi nd dida.They had a godd family time.

Swara nd ragini’s room
Swara nd ragini were remembering their old days where they used to chitchat,have fun,laughter everything they united their mom nd dad.. how everything went well atlast nd how they got married in the same house……

Ragini-i would miss you all there swar..dont know why ..i was not at all in a mood to go there.
Swara-its okay ragini..we would also miss you a lot.. nd be happy ..its just for 5 months only ryt..see they will end soon nd u will return soon..dont worry.. whenever u miss us come here or else we will only come there…
Ragini-yes..we will meet every month nd we will talk to eachother over phone..
Swara-tell me truth..arent you feeling some what happy that you both will get unlimited privacy over there as nobody will be there to disturb you…saying so she winks at her
Ragini asks swara to shut up nd starts blushing…
Swara nd ragini hus eachother nd swaragini plays in bg.

Its morning and swaragini get ready nd take blessings of dada,dadi,dida,sumi nd shekhar.They bid bye to them nd reach mm.There sanskar is ready nd waiting for ragini.After ragini arrives they both take blessing of all nd bid bye to them.

Sanskar nd ragini sit in the car nd after sometime ragini starts crying as it is for the first time she is leaving kolkata.Sanskar who sees her starts consoling her.

Sanskar-ragini please dont cry..i cant see tears from you eyes..nd its just a matter of few months..cant you do this much fou your husband…im sorry ragini but i dont have any other option.I cant see you crying… if you want i will go alone to stay here only…Saying so he asks the driver to go back to mm.

Ragini-No need to go back.. we are going to delhi…saying so she wipes her tears nd looks at sanskar nd says im sorry nd hugs him.
Sanskar-no need of sorry..u just dont cry.. ur tears make me weak…saying so he too hugs her.
Slowly ragini falls asleep in his embrace and sanskar caresses her hair and kisses on her forehead.
End of the epi.

Precap:New place,new environment…Ragsan’s romance full on nd some problem in sanskar’s office… a worried sanskar.. nd ragini..???

Guys i know its short nd somewhat boring… but i promise you all that the coming episodes will be interesting.. keep commenting your views..bye nd love you all….

Credit to: Smily

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    i thought ragini will agree in the first time only
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