LOVE(RagSan) part-14


Hii guys ..smily here back with another update..thank you all for your comments and would definitely try not to end it soon.Here is the next update.

Sanskar thinks to go and meet ragini.Sanskar escapes from everyone in the house and comes near his car,he is about to open it but he finds laksh already sitting in the car with some gifts nd setting his hair.Sanskar is shocked to see him there.

Sanskar-laksh! what are you doing here..what are these gifts flowers and all…?

Laksh-bhai.. you know na that swara is angry at me nd these all are for the way where are you going…

Sanskar-laksh i thought to meet ragini .. as i dint get a chance to talk to her in the whole function.

Laksh-offooo… bechara bhai..bhabhi se bina baat ki reh nahi sakta… saying so he starts teasing sanskar

Sanskar-now shut up nd lets leave or else someone will see us nd we will get caught.They both leave in the car.

Here ragini tries calling sanskar but sanskar forgot his phone in his room.Ragini feels sad that he is not even picking her call…she thinks that she hurted him a lot thats why he is not picking the call.Tears roll from her eyes.On the other side swara is in the corridor thinking abt laksh.karthik asks swara to go on terrace saying that dadi told her to bring clothes.swara nods nd leaves while karthik calls laksh nd says she is coming up..all the best..bye.

Swara reaches upstairs irritatingly and sees a table decorated beautifully with a card on it.She picks the card nd reads it.. my love.. i may not sing a song for you..or tell a shayari..i may not be soo romantic unlike others.. i may not do big things for you..but i promise that i will do each and every thing that makes you happy.. i promise that i will keep you happy nd never leave you.. i love you more than my life… tears flow from swara’s eyes and she opens the gift nd sees a pair of beautifully carved bangles.She looks for laksh nd finds him standing in a corner facing opposite side.She rushes to him nd gives a bone crushing hug nd says i love you soo much laksh nd sorry… need to say sorry.. nd i love you too.. saying so he too hugs her and kisses her on forehead.He then slowly moves towards her lips nd they kiss passionately.

Here in ragini’s room ragini is crying and suddenly she hears some sound nd sees someone jumping from the window.Its sanskar..she rushes to him and hugs him.

Sanskar-wow ragini… you are also becoming so romantic saying so he lifts her head and sees tears rolling from her eyes.what happened ragini why are you crying? he says.

Ragini-im sorry sanskar my intention wasnt to hurt you i was just pulling your legs nd you became serious that you were not even lifting my call.
Sanskar-ragini im soo sorry..i was just kiding and i left my phone in the room ..thats it im not angry at you.. i can never be angry at you.. see thats why i came here to spend sometime with you..saying so he wipes her tears.

Ragini hugs him nd says-sanskar dont ever dare to be angry at me..i cant bare it.. nd dont leave me..please with me forever… i love you soo much that i cant even express it in words
Sanskar-then show it through your actions.
Ragini looks at him confused and asks what and how?

Sanskar-show me that you love me by giving a kiss…
Ragini blushes and says only after marriage…..

Sanskar-i cant wait…… okay then i will go.. saying so he tries to leave but ragini holds him nd says dare not to do it…saying so she comes closer to him and says im all yours and closes her eyes.Sanskar sees her nd bends forward to kiss her but sees her lips shivering and so he kisses on her forehead.Ragini opens her eyes and smiles at him nd hugs him.

Sanskar-darling i love you soo much.. nd i promise that i will never leave you….saying so he too hugs her but his eyes fall on a plate full of food which is on the table.
Sanskar-ragini..didnt u had ur dinner..
Ragini-sanskar actually…
Sanskar-shut up many times i said you to take care of ur health…u will never listen to me saying so he asks her to eat..she nods no and asks him to feed her
Sanskar starts feeding her with his hands and ragini looks at him lovingly.

Ragini-sanskar.. will you feed me even after we get married.
Sanskar-yes darling ofcourse… and actually what i will do is i will feed you along with our is it..?he winks at her.ragini blushes and says sanskar…..

sanskar smiles and soon the food gets over and he makes her eat the tablets.And then tney both stand near the window admiring the moon and cool breeze.They look into each others eyes and the song sab tera plays in the background.
Aftersome time ragini is in sanskar’s embrace near the window sitting down.Sanskar’s hands are on ragini’s hands nd u guys can imagine the way they are sitting.. ragini’s back touching sanskar.soon they fall asleep in that position.On the other side swalak consummate their marriage.

Next day…swalak nd ragsan sleep got disturbed with the falling of sunrays.They all are looking soo happy.Swara gets up and asks laksh to leave before anyone could see him..he says let them see nd im here with my wife whats wrong in that.Swara hits him nd he gets up.Here sanskar nd ragini get up.Ragini asks him to leave.He says for now im leaving but i will come soon nd take you with me..Both sanlak reach mm nd here swara comes to her room .Ragini nd swara blush remembering what happened the last night and their faces glow.

And today is the haldi rasam.In mm a lady is seen entering with her bags and a hockey stick in her hand.Sanlak see her and are hell shocked.They both look scared and as the lady approaches them they start running here nd there shouting ma papa bachao..yeh choti chudail hame mar degi…everyone come there and smile seeing them.

Lady-run as far as you can but i wont leave you both.. sanskar bhai u r gone for informing me lately nd laksh bhai u dint even informed me nd u got married.

Sanlak are tired running and atlast they fall on their knees and beg her.
Sanslak-plz hame chod do..we accept our mistake.. plz hamari pyari behen..plz uttara..(yes the girl is uttara..she returned after completing her graduation)

Uttara-No way.. u people dont love me.. thats why no one informed me abt your marriage.she makes a pout face
Sanskar-im sorry uttara but it happened so fast nd ur exams were also going on so we thought to inform you only after the last came on ryt time.. marriage is tomorrow by the way..
Uttara -hmm fine but you should pay for this…

Sanlak-chalo now our bank balance will become zero.. everyone laugh at them and they both hug uttara.

Ragini nd swara are also to see uttara as they never saw her nd she is coming to badi as she is bringing shagun ka haldi from mm.She enters baadi nd gets collide with a person nd she is about to fall but the person holds her..They both share an eyelock.Soon they compose themselves and say sorry to eachother.Uttara asks him where is swaragini’s room..he show her and asks who is she.She introduces herself as uttar sis of sanlak.She asks abt him.He introduces himself as karthik..yes guys the person is karthik.Karthik shows her room nd leaves from there.

Uttara meets swaragini and says that they both are so cute.Soon the haldi ceremony starts and everyone apply haldi to ragini and then the mehendi rasam starts.All the functions end happily and its finally the day of marriage for which whole family is waiting eagerly.Everyone are rushing here nd there nd ragini nd sanskar in cloudnine coz atlast they are going to become one.But here sanskar is however sad that he did not see his ragini for whole 1 day though he tried hard but all his plans went in vain.Same with swalak.. but still they talk in phones.
Sanskar’s pov-just few hours nd u will be mine forever nd ever… i just cant wait till evening… nd we will be happy together forever…atlast ur love has changed me.. gave my family back to me… im indebted to you soo much ragini…only way i can pay it off is by loving you..unconditionally…..

Ragini’s pov-finally im gng to get married to my love..its the most happiest moment of my life nd even in mm i nd swara will be together ..thank you god thank you soo much for all the wonderful things happening in my life…..
End of pov nd episode.

Precap-Ragsan Marriage…

hey did you find this part…interesting? long/short?Keep commenting your views about the update nd ur suggestions like what else you want in this ff……Thank you and love you all..

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