LOVE(RagSan) part-13


Hii guys.. thank you for all the comments… here is another update…

Ragini swara come down and see shekhar sitiing in the hall talking to dp nd rp.They both go and hug him.Sanskar nd laksh come down and take blessings of shekhar.Karthik enters and asks shall we leave.sanlak are shocked and asks where are you going?

Karthik-to my sister’s house make her wedding arrangements..

Laksh-see karthik is also on their side.. we two are left alone…
Sanskar-yes god only knows what will happen to us when they will come here again.. even bade papa maa nd badimaa are also on their side…

Laksh-think again bhai..still you have time…. swara hits laksh with her elbow and asks him to shut up..
They wave bye toeveryone and go from there while sanlak are looking at them with sad faces.

Ragini,swara,karthik nd shekhar reach baadi and dadi ,sharmishta welcome them ..they treat karthik as their own child .they all together share a family time….after all it was after somany days they all are together happy….

Next day morning they all decided it to be the day of engagement and so everyone are busy …some in decorating the house,some in making food while dadi maa taking care of swaragini…..Here in mm sanlak were so eager to meet swarag.And finally the time has come nd they reached baadi.Sanskar in dark blue sherwani and laksh in red sherwani.Here swara brings ragini down….Swara is in red saree and ragini is in orange lehenga..sanlak are mesmerised by seeing them.Slowly ragini heads towards sanskar and sanskar is lost in her beauty.Swara waves her hand in front of him and he gets into senses.

Swara-seems someone is in cloud nine..ragini gives a deathly glare to her and asks her to stop it.

Before the engagement starts swara asks sanskar to do something special for ragini.Everyone asks her to stop her childishness but sanskar accepts it and everyone sit there while ragini is in front row sitting alone.He takes the mike and starts singing the song (ghajini)kaise mujhe tum mil gayee…kismat pe aayii na yakeen…. ragini is watching him lovingly… and soon the male version gets over and here ragini stands up nd starts singing the female lyrics… badle raaste jharne aur nadi badli deep ki tim tim….. saying so she revolves around him and now he eyes her lovingly.

Slowly they both get lost in eachothers eyes and hold each others hands.And then the female lyrics gets over and sanskar starts singing again by twirling ragini around him…
Zindagi sitar ho gayi,rimjhim malhaar ho gayi.mujhe aata nahin kismat pe apni yakeen,kaise mujhko mili tum…. they both stop and share an eyelock.Everyone clap for them and both come into senses.Ragini is about to leave but sanskar stops her by holding her waist.She turns towards him and sits on his kneels holding her hand .he starts speaking…

Ishq tujhe karta hoon mein zindagi se zyada……..mein darta nahi mout se teri judayi se zyada……chahe toh azmaale mujhe kisi aur se zyada…..meri zindagi mein kuch nahi teri mohabbat se zyada……..log kehte hein ki mohabbat zindagi hein…agar mohabbat zindagi hai toh tum meri mohabbat ho ragini..kya tumhe mera mohabbat kubool hai….

tears were flowing from ragini’s eyes after hearing him nd she nods yes smiling..Sanskar takes the ring from his pocket and makes her wear it..she too makes him wear the ring..Sanskar gets up and evryone clap for them.

Swara-wow!how romantic he is.. nd that too such a loving shayari.. laksh..have you done like this for me.. are soo unromantic…..
Laksh-swara now stop kidding.. by the way what all i have done to get your love.. nd u r asking me what have i done for you.
Swara-chi laksh.. u dont love me nd i wont talk to you…..saying so she makes a pout face and leaves from there
Laksh-oh god…now what should i do.. im gone now.. saying so he too leaves that place.

swara goes to sanskar and says wow sanskar.. it was damn special for ragini.. you are so romantic unlike others ..she says it seeing laksh who is behind sanskar and he listens it.
Laksh-hello madam stop ur bakwass… now what you want me to do for you..?
Swara-do something special for me.. ?
Laksh-laksh beta ab to tu gaya re…

Ragsan laugh looking at them and swalak make angry face goes in opposite directions.

Sanskar-waise swara is saying soo romantic ryt saying soo he keeps his hand on ragini’s shoulder and winks at her.
Ragini-i think she was just joking..romantic and you…never…
Sanskar-hello.. i said that shayari nd sang a song only for you and you are saying that im unromantic.

Ragini-even i sang the song for you..whats big deal in that?
Sanskar-okay then shayari..?
Ragini-i think u have ci=opied it from somewhere..
Sanskar-u r so mean ragini..i did this all for you and instead of showing some gratitude u are doing this…go ragini i hurted..saying so he leaves..

Ragini starts calling him and he leaves without turning to her.she laughs and thinks you look so cut when you are angry.. nd it was funny to pull your legs.but what if you are really hurted..oh my god..what i have done.. did i really hurt him..oh no.. now what should i do…

That whole evening swara ignored laksh while here sanskar ignored ragini.Both were just faking their anger at them but inside they were cursing themselves for ignoring them.The party ended and everyone left to their house.Here ragini is sad that sanskar was hurted nd ignored her nd there laksh was sad thinking abt swara.Sanskar was thinking that how stupid he is that he ignored ragini and tries to call her but its not connecting so he thinks to go nd see her.

Precap:cute moments between ragsan and swalak..

hi guys..keep commenting your views and most probably i want to end this ff soon unlike dragging them .So what you guys say..? do u want to end it soon or else will be happy seeing ragsan and swalak as parents?? nd grandparents???..hahaha just kidding…. comment your views guys.. thank you and love you all….

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    Don’t end soon it yaar plz plz plz………
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    Awesome episode. Pls don’t end it.

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