LOVE(RagSan) part-10


Hii guys smily here… thanks everyone for all your comments and also silent readers thank you.. I hope you are finding the track interesting…. now as you all are eager for this epi.. i wont waste much time.. lets begin the epi.

The episode starts with shekhar stopping sanskar from seeing ragini.
Shekhar-now why are you already ruined her life,came here to see whether she id dead or alive…. these words broke sanskar
Sanskar-im sorry but please let me see her once nd then i will leave please..
Dadi-its all because of you my laado is fighting for her life…if you are with her then she will definitely dies…….these words made sanskar broke into pieces…

swalak requested dadi nd shekhar nd after thinking a lot he agreed but only on one condition that he would never ever again come back in her life.Everyone are shocked and swalak asks him not to agree but sanskar does. The doctor comes out of op nd says that she is fine now ,regains her conciousness in an hour or two but she needs special care,dont give her much stress.You can see her now.

Sanskar rushes into the icu nd sees ragini sleeping there.Shekhar nd dadi were about to go in but swalak stop them as sanskar is in.Sanskar holds ragini’s hand and tears fall from his eyes seeing ragini in this condition.He thinks that 1st he loved kavitha nd she left him .Now he is loving ragini and if she also leaves him..then he couldnt bear it.. so he thinks of leaving ragini so that atleast she could be alive.He caress her hair and kisses on her forehead and leaves.

Everyone go nd see ragini and then she opens her eyes slowly.she finds shekhar beside her nd feels happy that atlast he forgave her.shekhar says sorry to her and asks forgiveness.They both hug each other.Ragini sees everyone there except sanskar.Her eyes were searching sanskar.She asks sujatha where is sanskar.They make a fake story that he is ill and manage her.Soon she is discharged and they take her to baadi.Everyone take due care of her but everytime she asked about sanskar they diverted the topic.

Finally she thinks to find it out and shouts angrily at everyone that why they are not answering her.Swara and laksh tell her everything that happened… police arrival,sanskar’s confession ..she gets happy listening to that nd then she thought that its the reason why sanskar said her to leave.She says i should now go to mm.

Dadi-laado.. no you are not going anywhere.. now your relation has ended..thats it
Ragini-dadi maa.. what are you saying.. i have not ended this relation.. i will go there as it is my sasural
Dadi-u dont know lado that he tried to separate swara and laksh
Ragini-then you know only half truth let me tell you…swara interrupts and asks her not to say anything but ragini continues without listening to swalak

Ragini-dadi maa.. i was also there with him .. im also responsible for it.. we both made that plan together..if you are punishing him then you should also punish me..
Everyone are shocked listening to this
Shekhar-whatever happened has happened.. but for now i wont let you go there
Ragini-please papa.. dont separate me from my love… everyone are dumbstuck at her words especially ‘love’.. yes papa.. i love him to the core .. i cant live without him… i got my true love after so much struggle please dont let it go.. i will not be able to survive..saying so she kneels down and cries..
Shekhar-beta… im sorry beta i dont know it.. but he is not ryt for you
Ragini-papa.. even i tried to separate swalak.. nd afterall he lost his love papa.. imagine.. even if i was in his place i would also seek revenge ..
Shekhar-okay beta as you wish..the only reason im accepting it is that you love him.. Ragini gets up and asks swalak to take her to mm

While ragini is leaving dadi stops her..
shekhar-maa.. not today.. after so many days my daughter is doing what she likes.. so please let her go.. usi me uski khushi hai.. aur meri beti ki khushu mein mera khushi hai….dadi maa goes away from there.Ragini nd swalak reach mm.Ap,sujatha ,pari,dp,rp nd adarsh are happy that ragini returned.Ap does her athi.

Ragini goes to sanskar’s room and finds sanskar looking at a dupatta.Yes its ragini’s dupatta.She goes and hugs him.. Sanskar is shocked to see her there and he too hugs her back.Soon he realises nd breaks the hug.He acts to be rude to her

Sanskar-why you came here?
Ragini-sanskar.. this is my house also . im bahu of this house nd i have ryt to come here
Sanskar-how come you are bahu.. i freed you from all your relations.. now we are not related in any way
Ragini-you freed me without my consent nd i dont accept it
Sanskar-leave from here..i dont want to see your face.. saying so he leaves the room..ragini is in tears.Karthik is seeing all this from the window.

Karthik enters the room and and asks her not to cry.Ragini says him that he loves himand cant be away from him.
He says her the reason for his behaviour.

when sanskar returns home from hospital
Karthik-sanky .. i know you love ragini then why you left her there and came so soon
Sanskar-because i dont want to loose her
Karthik-i dint get you
Sanskar-1st i loved kavitha.. nd i lost her.. now i love ragini.. if i loose her too i will not be able to live..i dont want to loose her
Karthik-but whats the connection here..that was fate..kavitha left us..but why do u think that same will happen with ragini also..
Sanskar-i dont know… nd i dont want to give any further explanation….saying so he leaves.
Flashback ends

Ragini-it means he too loves me.. yyes i knew it.. i saw love in his eyes
Karthik-yes ragini.. he loves you a lot but fears that if you would also leave him
Ragini-now i will make him realise that no one can separate us.. thanks bhai..
karthik was surprised listening ragini calling him bhai
Ragini-sorry karthik ji.. if i hurted you by calling bhai.. it just slipped from my tongue
Karthik-now only you called me bhai and in your culture you say sorry to brother?
Ragini is surprised that he accepted her as his sister….
Karthik-you can call me bhai ragini..They both smile and side hug eachother.Swalak see them and asks we are also here..
swara-then whom i am im also your sis saying soo she too goes nd hugs them.. all the three laugh nd karthik says god took away my one sis nd in return he gave me two beautiful sisters… swaragini have tears in their eyes.

Swalak-so now its mission love.. we should unite ragini and sanskar.
Karthik-yes my dear.But wht we will do nd how?
Ragini-i know what to do…Everyone look confused at her
Ragini-tomorrow is karvachauth.. nd as you all know that wife fasts for her husband nd cant break the fast unless her husband makes her eat..
Swara-i got it so you will keep karvachaut fast am i ryt my dear
Swara-laughs wierdly and saya.. dont you dare to do that……… just now you recovered nd discharged from hospital nd again you want to reach there.. shut up.. u r not fasting. thats it.Karthik nd laksh also agree with her.

Ragini-swara.. okay then i will act as if im fasting.. okay
Swalak nd karthik-that sounds pretty gud.They all give a hifi and leave.

Next day its karvachauth.ragini comes to sanskar and says him that she is fasting for him.before he could say anyting she stops him nd continues…i dont want to listen anything and its final that im fasting. if you love me then you will come here to beak my fast..or else.. i wont break my fastnd i hope you know the consequences..saying so she leaves.

Swara takes a plate full of food and asks ragini to eat it without any excuse…… ragini somehow manages to hide the food and shows her that she ate the entire food.Its evening and all the ladies are dresses in red saree and as usual swaragini are looking gorgeous.Everyone wait for the moon and soon the moon arrives.All the ladies go upstairs and start doing pooja.Ragini is still waiting for sanskar as sanskar has not come till now.She calls sanskar nd he doesnt pick the call.

PRECAP:ragini feeling dizzy and falls down.Will sanskar comes there?will he breaks ragini’s fasting..??

Hey guys keep commenting your views and sorry for typos if any…thank you and love you all…

Credit to: Smily

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