LOVE(RagSan) part-1


Hii guys .. smily here .Thank you so much for your overwhelming comments ,thanks for your response and keep commenting your views and also thanks my dear silent readers.Here is the next epi nd sorry for any typos..

After sometime sanskar got up and now he is feeling better and relaxed.He gets up from the bed and sees ragini who is taking nap sitting on the couch( she was taking care of sanskar ,she was tired as she was continuosly working from morning due to sanskar’s condition).He slowly goes towards ragini and removes a book which is in her hand.Ragini is sleeping very peacefully.He then slowly moved towards bed and sat there.Ragini’s sleep got disturbed when her phone rang.She got up and asked sanskar how was he feeling now.Sanskar said better and asked her to pick the call.Ragini nods nd takes the phone.

Ragini-hello dadi maa,how are you,maa and papa?Is everthing fine?

Dadi-haa ragini,we are fine,nd everything is allright

Ragini-and papa/ is he still angry on me ?

Dadi-no,nothing like that
Ragini-its okay dadi maa ,i can understand, now tell me why you have called me
Dadi-ragini ,tomorrow is janki’s barsi and every year we do pooja ryt
Ragini-yes dadi maa,how can i forget maa’s barsi.. but i think i cant come there
Dadi-why laado?what happened ?is everything all right there?

Ragini-yes dadi ma,its just that sanskar is not well thats it……………Sanskar who is listening to the talk came near ragini and signalled her that im alright and tomorrow we will go thats it..ragini siles nd nods

Dadi-plz ladoo try to come otherwise i nd your dada ji will feel bad
Ragini-okay dadi maa i will come tomorrow ..they talk for a while nd then ragini cuts the call.

Sanskar-ragini why did you say that u r not going there,nd that too because of me… im fine now nd plz dont sacrifice anything for my sake okay.. i dont like it

Ragini-sanskar i thought u r still not fine.. thats why i thought not to go but anyways now im going ryt then stop ur lecture plzz

Sanskar-hmm okay… where is karthik?had he left?

Ragini-No.He is in the guest room

Sanskar-What/ is he staying here?

Ragini-yes,he said that he will start your treatment from tomorrow

Sanskar-what?? wait do u know abt my disorder?

Ragini-hmm.. actually ma told me about the reports and she gave me

Sanskar-does maa know it?

Ragini-actualy yes, but i told her that its not a big disease nd not to worry..

Sanskar-hmm thanks..

Ragini-wow!thanks ah.. someone told me that dosti me no sorry nd no thank you… i dint remembered who told me….

Sanskar-acha baba sorry

Ragini-phir se sorry

Sanskar-oka abab.. no sorry nd no thank you okay…

Ragini-hmm thats gud saying soo she turns to leave but suddenly she slips nd sanky saves her from falling b holding her waist.They have a cute eyelock and the song…ishq bulava plays in bg.

Aftersometime they come into senses and they both leave the room..Ragini goes to kitchen and sanskar to meet karthink.Swara and laksh went out and others went to temple to pray for the well being of sanskar.
Sanskar enters karthik’s room and they start talking..

Karthik-how are you feeling sanky

Sanskar-better nd relaxed

Karthik-do u know who took care of you

Sanskar-yaa.. ragini took care of me i know..
Karthik-oh.. why she took care of you?
Sanskar-because i was ill nd i know what you are thinking.. we are just friends..
Karthik-i will be happy if you are more than that
Sanskar-oh please karthik dont start your lecture again
Kathik-sanskar stop today im not going to stop and you are listening to what i say thats it…. why cant you move on..!
sanskar-because i still love kavitha
Karthik-sanskar kavitha is dead now.. nd u also promised her that you will move on then why you arent?
Sanskar-i donno but my mind stops me from doing soo
Karthik-but listen sanskar, whatever you did,now you are married to ragini nd you are officially her husband then why cant you give a chance to yourself
Sanskar-we both know that its dummy nd we are together only for a while ..why you are always at the back of me to move on..
Karthik-because i promised kavitha that i will make sure that you move on..ragini is really a good girl nd she cares for you a lot.. nd…

Sanskar- i know that she is gud but i just cant move on.. 1st i will take my revenge and then i will think about it nd please fo now stop it
Karthik-hmm..okay as you wish.. i have some work so im going out i will return soon
Sanskar-okay bye
Karthik says bye and leaves from there.

Now no one is in mm except sanskar and ragini

Sanskar is in his room and he suddenly hears some one singing mein tenu samjhawan kii…listening this he rushes to see who is singing.. the sound comes from the garden so he goes there

A lady is shown watering the plants and singing the song its ragini..sanskar is lost in her song and closes his eyes.(This was the favourite song of sanskar and kavitha used to sing this song for him)
Ragini sees him there nd stops her song.Sanskar opens his eyes.

Ragini-woh actually i love this song but dadi maa never used to let me sing this song… now i got a chance so ..

Sanskar-wow ragini other than classical,you sing these songs also.. ineresting.. i must say that u sang very well

Sanskar-yes ragini.. nd u know this was my fav song nd she used to sing it. saying so he gets sad

Ragini-hmm.. if you want i can continue my singing…

Sanskar-yaa ofcourse

Ragini then again started singing…. ragini was looking at sanskar whereas sanskar was also looking at ragini..finally they were lost in each others eyes.Soon the song gets over but still sanskar is staring at ragini.Ragini waves hands in front of sanskar and then he came into senses nd says Thats nice ragini… you should have continued your music.

Ragini-hmm.. well i will join again once im back to my home afer our divorce

Sanskar was shocked by listening to those words..especially divorce.. he was feeling something strange.. and same with ragini.. she was shocked that she uttered the word divorce….how could she think of it.. but the truth is bitter ryt.. its just that she is here to make sanskar realise his mistake.thats it.
There was an awkward silence between them which was disturbed by the family memebers who came from temple.swalak nd karthik also came back.

Now its night ,everyone had their dinner and went to their respective rooms.
Ragsan room
Ragini-so sanskar are you sure that you will be coming with me to baadi

Sanskar-yes ofcourse any problem?

Ragini-actually i wanted to go little early because every year i was not allowed to sit in the pooja as i was unmarried, but now that im married i can sit in the pooja and do all the rituals.. so would you sit with me?

Sanskar-oh come on ragini,you are my friend nd i can do this for you and dont worry i will wake up early….

Ragini-hmm okay

Sanskar-can i ask you about your mom.. i mean how she died .. only if you are comfortable ,if not you can ignore those questions.

Ragini-nothing like that sanskar.. actually when i was 10 my mom slipped from steps and got hurt on her head.she died on the spot.

Sanskar-you are such small and i can imagine how you could feel the.

Ragini-yes sanskar.. i cried for some days and then i remembered my mom’s words.She always used to say that she loves my smile.. nd i promised that whatever might happen i will never stop smiling nd will be happy in what i get.A tear rolls from her eyes and she continues..i promised ma that i will not cry amd will always smile.

Sanskar-you are great ragini you sticked to your words… but when you got to know about sharmista aunty’s relationship with your father you accepted her so easily,didnt you feel bad for your mom.

Ragini-No sanskar why would i feel bad..I always used to believe that whatever happens is for our good.You know papa used to say me that people will come and go in our life.But some leave us permanently,then our life should not end with them.. we may feel their absence but it should not be an obstacle for our happiness.whenever we think our loved ones we should only think of all the happy moments that we have spent with them.One relation ends and the new one will start.see now.. janki maa has gone and then i got mishti maa.. she also loves me like swara and im happy for them… and you only think once if you find that your loved one is not happy just because of you could you tolerate it..? No you wont because you love them and we cant see our loved one’s sad .

Sanskar is now thinking deeply about ragini’s words and somewhere he too agreed with what ragini said and still he is lost in his thoughts..

Ragini-hope im not boring you.. anyways tmrw we shld gt up early.. its already so late sleep now.. saying soo she turns off the lights nd sleeps on the other side of the bed.
Slowly sanskar also sleeps.

Nextday morning
Ragini had her bath and she is waking up sanskar.
Sanskar plz wake up we will be late is janki maa’s barsi
listening to these words he got up and went to washroom.After 20 minutes ragini and sanskar are ready and they come downstairs.SwaLak are also ready and were waiting for RagSan.
They all leave in car and reach baadi.
Ragini and sanskar sit in the pooja and sekhar is still upset with ragini.SwaLak decide to put an end to this drama .
The pooja is finished and ragini and sanskar take elave from them.Swalak say them that they have some work nd they will be out of station for some couple of days but they dont tell the reason.They all reach mm and swalak take their luggage and leave from there.

Karthik informs them that the treatment will be starting from today in the city hospital.Sujatha nd everyone are happy that atlast sanskar is going to become normal as they all still think that sanskar is mad unaware of his acting and revenge.Karthik,ragini and sanskar leave for the hospital.
The treatment is going to start in few minutes but before ragini comes to him and says-sanskar.. you know what maa is very worried for you and today when she got to know about ur treatment she was vaey happy knowing that you will become normal please cooperate not for yoursake but atleast for your mom sake.Sanskar nods and again thinks about kavitha.He then reminds about his and ragini’s conversation last night.

A couple of days pass like these and sanskar is recovering slowly and the so called friendship between ragini and sanskar is becoming strong day by day.They both felt some strange attachment to each other.The daily routine of them started by wishing each other good morning .Ragini used to bring coffee for sanskar.They both used to have late night conversations sitiing on the terrace.. and some time even small walks.they started feeling each others absence when they are away but both are still unaware of the feelings they had for eachother.And sanskar now had a break from planning revenge as laksh is not there.

On some fine day i.e, after a week from when they left they reach mm.Everyone welcome them and are happy that they returned.The epi ends on happy faces of all.

Precap:Truth out and will everyone forgive sanskar?And guess what…………sanskars confession…? Ragsan realising their love for each other.

Guys… im sorry to say this but i may or may not be able to update the next epi very soon as im going to my cousin’s house.If at all i can then i will update..if not im sorry guys.. nd hope this epi was not boring… keep commenting guys love you all…..!

Credit to: Smily

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