My love,My life,My everything twinj ff part 9

My love My life My everything twinj ff part 9
(Guys sorry dis episode is boring bear me plz n I’m hell busy now so didn’t gave updates soon sorry for dat share ur voiews via comment +ve or -ve if u don’t like track or story tell me I’ll stop dis here it self)
Kunj room

K – baby get up na see mom ll come now
T – hmm mmm baby let me sleep for some more time n was pulling him also
K – twinkle plz baby
T – hmm k u go na I’ll sleep for sometimes
K – wt abey siyappa queen gajhni huvi hey kya u r sleeping in my room n if mom see u here den
T – oh ho Mr sarna kitna darpok hey aap n wt ur room its our room got it n u forgot dat u completed one ritual also wid me
K – I’m darpak huh?? wait onlybone I completed after bringing u here I have to do other rasam also dat is suhagrath let me complete dat also n jumped on twinkle
Twinkle opened eye with jerk wt u idiot before marriage only u want to complete suhagrath rasam u shameless get up from me,but kunj didn’t listened her n moved towards her face kissed her eyes ,nose ,cheeks n bites ear lobe n gave love bite on her neck twinkle moaned his name
T – ahha kunj?? stop dis now only plz

K – I’m darpok ryt baby I’ll prove u wrong by completing dis rasam
T – stammering who said u r darpok u r my hero baby n give me side na I’ll go if usha aunty comes now wt she ll think
K – oh now u understood situation ryt n st u called her usha aunty
T – sorry I mean mummy g

K – k remember in front of me ull address her as mummy g only now getup n go to ur room
T – kunj in sweet voice wt I’m saying no ull go downstairs only n in dat way my room also ll come so lift me in bridal style n drop me till my room na I don’t have mood to walk plz baby?
K – wa re wa siyappa queen apna bath manana koyi tumse sikhe k come n he lifted her in bridal style n took her to her room n placed on her bed
K – k now sleep quickly twinkle slept as he ordered he smiled at her n kissed on her forehead just den he heard bell ring n he went downstairs n opened d door der stands usha n chinki
K – mom u came good morning n hugged her ,I missed u
N he heard another voice

V – no I think u didn’t missed anyone ,instead ur enjoying wid someone by saying dis a handsome hunk entered sarna mansion dat is none other Dan UV
Yuvraj sarna( kunj cousin loves his bro lot +ve character )
U & k – UV ☺
U – UV puttar come how was trip
K – yes yar how r u?
UV – I’m good n trip was fantastic yar..n where is chinki
C – I’m here bhayya n hugged him n said I missed u so much UV bhayi ,now der is some one to support me n bhayi see when u were not here na kunj bhayya scolded me punished me
K – what come here ??
Uv – k chinki now don’t worry I’m here na no one can touch u
K – oh really
UV – may be not sure ???? jaa be complain queen ,galathi katrti hey daat padti hey n kunj n UV hifi

C – ????
U – stop it now UV u go n fresh I’ll prepare break first n kunj where is twinkle,abb kaisi hey? Tablet diya usko kal?
K – oh maa how many question ull ask yar she is good now n she is sleeping may be n I took good care of her
UV – (murmured) off course he took care of his girl friend?
U – wt did u said UV?
Kunj gave him death glare
UV – nothing choti maa I was telling ki I’ll go n fresh up u prepare yummy break first for me
K – saale marwana chahtha hey kya?
UV – arey leave it now she didn’t heard n now tell me where is dat monkey twinkle
K – she is sleeping
UV – k den I’ll disturb her n make her to get up from her beauty sleep
K – no UV let her sleep na
UV – k jooru ka gulam

K – huh whatever??
At dining area
Chinki n twinkle came followed by kunj n UV
UV – hey twinki how r u? Monkey
T – I’m good donkey
UV – twinki how u got dis pointing to her forehead vch has bandage
T – oh I got hit by wall yar??
UV – omg yar bechara wall how it is now may be it fell down after u hit it itni moti Jo hey
Chinki n kunj laughed on it twinkle gave death glare to kunj , kunj became quite
T – UV u donkey?? chinki I’ll not talk to u go ??? looking at kunj
Kunj and chinki at a time sorry darling/sorry twinki

C – wait kunj bhayi u called her as darling ryt?
K – I said only sorry n looked at twinkle face she turned her face angrily
T – idiot UV ,u telling me fat huh?? but u r fat n u na u r like pig n y r u sitting wid us for break first pigs ll not eat dis food u know na wt ll pig eat
K – hahaha u r ryt??
UV – wt I’m pig wait I’ll tell u n he ran behind her twinkle got up from her place n started running ,kunj got up n told dem to sit quietly but ll dey listen
T – UV no , go n sit back to ur place otherwise c wt I’ll do

UV – let me c wt ull do
Twinkle hided behind kunj holding him UV came to kunj n told him to move away but he didn’t twinkle showed her tongue to UV
UV – see kunj move away otherwise see I’ll throw dis water on u also
T – slightly no kunj if moved away den see daily ur morning kiss ll be canceled
K – wt no I’ll not allow him to throw water on u but plz don’t cancel kiss yar
UV – so ull not listen to me kunj so u both take dis n he thrower jug full of water on dem
Meanwhile kunj along with twinkle moved to other side n water fell on usha who was coming in dat way n she was drenched in water from top to bottom along wid break first in her hand she looked at UV angrily , UV gulfed in fear
U – UV wt is dis ???

T – wt u have done UV see aunty is fully drenched n she have prepared break first wid lot of efforts n love wt u did ha paani gira diya uss par bhi
UV – shut up twinki
Usha looked at break first it is floating in water she got angry kept dat aside n twisted UV ear
UV – ahha choti maa chodo
U – y u shouting on twinkle ha..u shut up wt u did huh?? u spoiled my whole break first ha..what vll eat now
K – maa I’ll order something don’t worry

UV – now ur break first ll come choti maa but if u don’t leave my ears now it ll not come again plz leave me I’m sorry I was throwing water on twinkle but by mistake I throwed on u
U – twisted ear again wt u were troubling twinkle huh??
T – ha aunty n made cry face
U – say sorry to her otherwise I’ll not leave u
UV – sorry twinkle sorry usha left his ear

Kunj ordered food for all n dey had der break first n was sitting quietly at hall
C – its boring yar
T – yes
Usha came der wid aulbum n said chinki see here wt I have got childhood photo of urs
T – oh childhood photo of dis guys I wanna see
K – no no
U – y no let her see na n gave aulbum in twinkle hand
Kunj POV(yar wt to do now der r many pic n in some pic I was behind some small girl of chinki age vaise vo baby bahuth hi cute thi don’t know how she became now leave it n idea I’ll make siyappa queen jealous now by boasting dat baby girl???)
Twinkle was watching pic n usha was telling when dey clicked it n all twinkle looking at kunj photo n admiring him saying its cute

C – wt twinkle u only telling kunj bhayi pic r cute see mine also n boast me also
T – no chinki not like dat ur photo also cute n twinkle eye got stick on some photo she was shocked to see it n was continuously staring at it
T – aunty dis pic
U – oh dis one is my friend daughter u know kunj was always behind her
K (POV – yes I got chance) oh wow wt cute photo ma n dat small girl wid me is so cute I just want to kiss her chubby cheeks n see I’m giving her flowers
Twinkle saw next pic n said kunj y u kissing me

Usja, chinki n kunj became chock usha looked at kunj ????
K – no mom I didn’t n twinkle wt r u telling ??
T – d fact u kissed me here
U – where beta
T – here she showed pic in dat kunj kissing small girl
U – wt do u mean beta kunj kissed u der?
T – means aunty dis small baby is me only
All became shock
U – means u r ☺☺☺
A voice came from behind she meant dat she is ur best friend leela taneja daughter arey usha she is my daughter
Usha looked at direction m got happy der stands leela
Twinkle ran to her n hugged her
T – mom I missed u

L – I miss u too bacha how r u? Who did dis to u? I’m sorry beta bcoz of rain I couldn’t come early
T – its k maa I’m good now usha aunty took good care of me
Usha came n hugged leela
U – its been so long leela I missed u so much v tried to contact u but couldn’t
L – same here usha n thank u for taking care of my daughter
U – arey USS me kya vo bhi tho meri beti jaisi hey n see how destiny made us meet again v were best friends n now our kids r best friends bcoz of dem v met again
L – yes usha u r ryt I’m so happy n haa there bacho se milao ,usha made her to meet everyone
L – arey kitne bade have hena mey tho kahi saak pehle milk this dey have grown up now n kunj puttar how I can forget him he wasn’t letting me to take twinkle from ur home when I came here he said he ll keep her wid him only n also told me abt exchange offer he ll give chinki to me in return I should give him twinkle n he also told he ll marry her

All were laughing twinj were shy n kunj bowed his head down in embrace
Twinkle POV( awww??? my sadu sarna is behind me from childhood only???)
Kunj POV (I thought by using dat baby I’ll make twinkle jealous but dat baby is twinkle only n leela maa told in dat age only I wanted to marry twinkle now also same maa my opinion didn’t changed I’ll marry ur daughter only ☺☺??)
UV slightly in kunj ear saale u were her behind from dat age only ma’am liya yar ur love is true
U – I have video also v all watch dat k

Precap : baby kunj n twinkle romance

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