My lovely YHM (Episode 9)

The episode starts with Ishitha feeling happy in court.
Suyyash and Niddhi fumes.
Ishitha thanked Pallavi…

Raman’s home:
Niddhi came to see what’s their reaction..
She is shocked to see their marriage preparations are resuming.

Mrs. Bhalla : Niddhi…. puttar.. When did you came?
Niddhi : Thank you aunty.. I thought you will stop this marriage.
Mr. Bhalla : Why Niddhi? Why should we stop? This is preplanned na…
Niddhi : But uncle… in court…
Romi : We were waiting for that court fiasco to end.. So we are resuming our preparations.. Mummyji where is Bhai?
Raman : I am here Romi….

Niddhi turned to see Raman in wedding dress..
Niddhi : Raman.. Why you are in this dress now?
Raman : As now my marriage is going to happen…
Niddhi : I didn’t get ready..
Raman : Why should you?
Niddhi : Then who should?
Raman : Ms. Ishitha Vishwanathan Iyer.

She saw Ishu wearing wedding dress in Punjabi style.
Mrs. Bhalla : Oye Niddhi… Actually they got married in Tamilian’s tradition na.. Now its of ours.. Punjabi’s
By saying she started dancing …

Raman : Mom getting late…
At that time Mihir Abishek and Yash reached..

Yash : Hello Mr. Raman… You can’t take our Ishu just like that… We have to permit you.
Parmeet : Oh to whom we should ask?
Yash : Me.. I am Ishitha’s frnd cum bro….
Romi : Bhai … Come on go and ask him..
Raman : What will you do Yash if I failed to ask you permission?
Yash : I won’t leave Ishu…
Raman : Will you leave me Ishu?
Ishu nodded in negation..
Everyone laughed.. Yash stared at her..

They went to the mandap..
Niddhi was breaking everything in her home..
Raman tied mangalsutra and they got married happily with love… Sirf Ishra ke liye.
Adi and Ruhi hugged them.. They had a cute family hug..

Raman started taking care of Ishu …

Yash was going in a car.
His car got stuck due to some problems.
He called out mechanic to sort it out.
Meanwhile he saw Aarthi..

Yash : Heloo..
Aarthi turned to see him.
Yash : Can’t you invite me in your home?
She remained silent.
Yash : Hello Madam..
Aarthi : Get in please..
He asked mechanic to call him after checking his car..

He entered in..
She went in to get coffee..
Yash was seeing her photos hanging in the wall..
He suddenly saw Raman’s photo there..
He called Raman and asked him to be in line..

Aarthi came out..
Yash : Who are you?
Aarthi : Excuse me…
Yash : I think you are helping your friend Sarika to ruin Raman right!!
Aarthi :Why should I?
Yash : Because she is your friend..
Aarthi : But he is my brother… My blood brother.. How can I do that?
Raman and Yash were shocked..

She explained everything,..
Raman ended the call and started.

Yash : Then why you are hiding here?
Aarthi : Raman should not know this…… No one should know this that I am Raman’s sister… Sarika is my bestie.. She shared what she is going to do with Raman.. I shouted at her first but now to know their move… I started acting.. If Raman knows this..
Yash : Oh no…
He checked his phone..

Aarthi : You called Raman and….
Yash nodded..
Aarthi : Godd….
Raman’s car reached…
Aarthi : How he found this address?
Yash : Its me… I texted ur address…
Aarthi : Youuuuuu…………

Raman came in…
Aarthi : Oh just leave me alone.. Why creating emotions now?
Raman : I don’t know about this.. Even I don’t know I was born with a sister..
Aarthi : Yeah.. as you don’t need me thats why your mom thrown me..
Raman : Suno Aarthi…
Aarthi : Just stop and get out now…….
Raman : Oh!! So what you need madam…?
Aarthi : Don’t introduce me as your sister to anyone not even to your parents.. I need to understand that my brother is loving me… caring for me… and I don’t need sympathies,emotions.. etc., I should feel it.. This should happen within 3 months.. Then I will accept your family…
Raman stared and went..

Yash : What an acting!!
Aarthi : You know what… I am RKB’s sister..
Yash laughed at her action..
Aarthi : I have to leave the city and should stay somewhere..
Yash : Why?
Aarthi : Then he will be visiting me often…
Yash : So can’t you stay in nearby streets..
Aarthi smiled at Yash’s reaction..
Aarthi : I have no time to think about me…

Yash smiled and went..

In Ishra room:
Ishu : Raman… Aarthi is ur……
Raman : Sh… Ishu.. Don’t shout..
Ishu : But Raman..
Raman : I will explain you.. Don’t tell this to anyone.. till 3 months..
She accepted with confusion..

Aarthi was running to catch her train..
She asked lift..
A car stopped..
She got in..
Aaru : Thank you Bhai…
Raman : Its Ok..
She is shocked to see Raman.
Aaru : Thum?
Raman : Mein!!
Aaru tried to get out.. But doors were locked..
Raman : Now you are coming to my house as Sarikaa’s friend.. Stay there till 3 months. I won’t reveal it to anyone.. If your mind changes you can continue there..
Aaru thought that will be helpful also to figure out Sarika..
Aaru : but how..
Raman : Wait and watch..

They reached their house..

Mrs.Bhalla : Who is this girl Raman?
Aarthi couldn’t control herself.. She hugged her mom and cried.
Raman had tears.
Mrs. bhalla : Puttar.. Why are you crying?
Raman : Maa.. This is my secretary Aarthi.. She is getting troubles in the area where she is staying.. So for 3 months she ll be here.. Then he ll shift somewhere..
Mr. Bhalla : No problem Raman.. Ask her to get in..

Raman in Aarthi’s ears : Wipe your tears..(Gave his kerchief)
Aarthi(wiping) : I am not crying..
She went in..
Ishu gave her kerchief to Raman.. Raman wiped his tears.
Sarika called Aarthi alone.
Raman and Ishitha hid themselves to hear their convo.

Sarika : Aarthi you here..
Aarthi : I can’t be there alone Sarika..
Sarika : Oh is he your new boss?
Aarthi : Yeah.. I don’t know that he is Raman..
Sarika: Its OK baby.. Don’t show that you know me..
Aarthi : OK.. Sarika..
Sarika : I have to spoil that Raman..
Aarthi got irritated and pressed her hands in anger

Ishu : She is proving that she is RKB’s sister..
Raman felt proud to see his carbon copy..
Aarthi : Sarikaaaaaaaa… Shall I move ? I am tired..
Sarika : Sure Aaru..
She showed her room..

Aarthi in anger pushed the flower pot down….
Ishu remembered the scene that Raman did the same once he was in tension..
She saw him..
They both laughed..

Ishu : How can I manage three RKB’s?
Raman : Three?
Ishu : Yeh Bhi Ek RKB hai… (Pointing her tummy)..
Raman hugged her and kissed her forehead..

Precap :
Ishra scenes…..
Aarya scenes(Aarthi Yash)

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