My lovely YHM (Episode 6)

The episode starts with Raman in his car.
He saw Niddhi waiting for someone

He then noticed Ashok ‘s car…
They had a talk..
Raman took some snaps of Niddhi n Ashok..
Raman: Who knows! This may be useful.

He drove..

He then found Sarika waiting for someone..
Raman: Sarika… For whom she is waiting..

An auto came. A girl came out..
Sarika: Aarthi!!
Aarthi: Don’t call my name!
Sarika: No one for me.. Except u.. My frnd..
Aarthi: For what u called me here…
Sarika: I heard u r struggling for paying fees..

She opened her purse ..
Aarthi: I can kill myself instead of touching this..
Saying she went..
Sarika cried..

Raman: Wow… May be she s not a gud bahu.. Not a good wife.. But a good frnd she is…..

He drove further…

He saw Yash in a car..
They saw each other and smiled.
As they were in distance.. Waiting for signal to clear.. They talked in sigh language

Yash sighed: I heard about u n Ishu..
Raman sighed: Its ok.. We LL manage..
Yash sighed: No worries I will be there
Raman smilingly sighed: Thank you…

An auto stopped in between two cars…

Its that girl Aarthi…
Raman saw her.. Yash too..
Yash sighed: Is she known to u?
Raman sighed: I know her.. But she doesn’t know me..
Yash sighed: Ohhh… But she is looking cute na..
Raman sighed: Already ur frnd… Slapped me… Beat me with broomstick… Now I cant get further…
He joined his hands n sighed..

Yash laughed..
Signal cleared..
They went..

On the way he saw Ishu standing with no car…
Raman: God.. From mrng.. I saw so many.. Now once I saw my property..
Ishu noted his car.

Ishu: Wow… Raman.. But no. Let him come here..
Raman: No.. Let her come here..

He stood a few feet away..
Both seemed of not getting compromised..

After few mins..
He got in n started moving to pick her..
She ran towards his car n got in..

Raman: Why? Now only came!
Ishu: I don’t want my Raman to loose in anything…
Raman smiled at her..
Raman: I wish to take u along with me somewhere else without knowing anyone.

Ishu: What abt our Babies?
Raman: Along with them only….
Ishu smiled…
Raman: Where u went? Why standing here?
Ishu passed for a while..
Ishu: Nothing.. Just to meet a frnd.. I came by auto..
Raman found that she is lying..

Ishu(herself): Thank God.. I didn’t say anything…
Raman (himself): What is she hiding??let me find that..

Ishu is pregnant..
Raman took her n circled her in joy..

Credit to: Nivedha


  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb Twist yaar………….WoW………..Its soooooo interesting………………I loved it………….. ..Precap is Amazing yaar………U Rocked it…………………

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