My lovely YHM (Episode 6)

The episode starts with Raman in his car.
He saw Niddhi waiting for someone

He then noticed Ashok ‘s car…
They had a talk..
Raman took some snaps of Niddhi n Ashok..
Raman: Who knows! This may be useful.

He drove..

He then found Sarika waiting for someone..
Raman: Sarika… For whom she is waiting..

An auto came. A girl came out..
Sarika: Aarthi!!
Aarthi: Don’t call my name!
Sarika: No one for me.. Except u.. My frnd..
Aarthi: For what u called me here…
Sarika: I heard u r struggling for paying fees..

She opened her purse ..
Aarthi: I can kill myself instead of touching this..
Saying she went..
Sarika cried..

Raman: Wow… May be she s not a gud bahu.. Not a good wife.. But a good frnd she is…..

He drove further…

He saw Yash in a car..
They saw each other and smiled.
As they were in distance.. Waiting for signal to clear.. They talked in sigh language

Yash sighed: I heard about u n Ishu..
Raman sighed: Its ok.. We LL manage..
Yash sighed: No worries I will be there
Raman smilingly sighed: Thank you…

An auto stopped in between two cars…

Its that girl Aarthi…
Raman saw her.. Yash too..
Yash sighed: Is she known to u?
Raman sighed: I know her.. But she doesn’t know me..
Yash sighed: Ohhh… But she is looking cute na..
Raman sighed: Already ur frnd… Slapped me… Beat me with broomstick… Now I cant get further…
He joined his hands n sighed..

Yash laughed..
Signal cleared..
They went..

On the way he saw Ishu standing with no car…
Raman: God.. From mrng.. I saw so many.. Now once I saw my property..
Ishu noted his car.

Ishu: Wow… Raman.. But no. Let him come here..
Raman: No.. Let her come here..

He stood a few feet away..
Both seemed of not getting compromised..

After few mins..
He got in n started moving to pick her..
She ran towards his car n got in..

Raman: Why? Now only came!
Ishu: I don’t want my Raman to loose in anything…
Raman smiled at her..
Raman: I wish to take u along with me somewhere else without knowing anyone.

Ishu: What abt our Babies?
Raman: Along with them only….
Ishu smiled…
Raman: Where u went? Why standing here?
Ishu passed for a while..
Ishu: Nothing.. Just to meet a frnd.. I came by auto..
Raman found that she is lying..

Ishu(herself): Thank God.. I didn’t say anything…
Raman (himself): What is she hiding??let me find that..

Ishu is pregnant..
Raman took her n circled her in joy..

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  1. Ishu pregnant wow

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb Twist yaar………….WoW………..Its soooooo interesting………………I loved it………….. ..Precap is Amazing yaar………U Rocked it…………………

  3. Super couple ishra specially raman said that she is his property i.e touched heart and atonce so sad nextpart wait till tomorrow

  4. Wow nice one but no miscarriage pls

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