My lovely YHM (Episode 3)

The episode starts with Shagun,Adi and Ishitha playing cards in Ishu’s room…
Shagun : Bored..
Ishu : Me too..
Adi : Ishima.. I am going down to play..
Ishu : Careful Adi..
He ran away..

Shagun : Ishitha.. Solving this case is different.. But I think Ashok has a part in Niddhi’s entry..
Ishitha : No doubts Shagun.. He will be..
Shagun : Oh,, God I am fed up with all dramas.. Lets be real.. I will help you in all means..
Shagun Ishitha had a hug..

Shagun was eating Golgappas down in the street..Raman came then..
Shagun : Hey Raman..
Raman : Hello Madam.. Where is Madrasan?
Shagun : In her room… Where is GF?
Raman : Just now you said na..
Shagun : Clever… I asked about Niddhi..

The car horn sound heard.. Niddhi’s car came in….

Raman : God… Whose life she wanna end by living 100 years?
Shagun laughed…
Ishitha came down…
Raman : Oh no… Ishitha coming down….
Shagun laughed holding her stomach..
Raman : Oh Stop it Shagun… Just save me..
Shagun : OK.. Go and hide in Ishu’s car..

Raman did as she said..
Niddhi got down.. shagun and Ishu winked at each other…………..

Shagun : Oh God. Ishitha…. Finally Raman is moving out of you as I thought…
Ishitha : You lost him Shagun.. Even now.. I know he is leaving me.. But not coming to you…
Shagun : Yeah… I know.. But I can make him fall for me easily…
Niddhi : Oh .. Is it like that Shagun?Raman is mine…………

Raman hit his head..
Raman : No one should get my state… Three girls fighting for me.. And I am in a pathetic state…….
Ishitha got hell temper in her sentence…
Shagun got that point..

Shagun : Oh Wow..Niddhi… I think Raman just accepted you as you forced him right!!
Niddhi : He married Ishitha as the same right!!!! SIRF RUHI KE LIYE….

Ishitha got hurt.. But didn’t give up..
Ishitha : Yeah.. I married him Sirf Ruhi Ke Liye…. You are marrying him Sirf Money Ke liye..
Niddhi stared and went..

Ishu got tears.. She hid that by smiling..
Ishu : Shagun… I need to go for a drive..
Shagun : But Ishh….

Raman sighed not to tell..
Shagun : OK..Ishu Fine.. Come soon..
She went and took her car keys from home..
She get into her car..

She went to the Akash Ganga Society… Their old home which was burnt ..
She stood there remembering their first meet…

Raman and Ishu dodging..
Raman with phone.. He sighed her to move..
She gave him a weird look and moved.
Flashback ends..

She entered into her car..
She went to coffee shop…

Flashback of Sirf Ruhi Ke liye..

Then she went to a road where he saved Ishitha and they got stuck in rain..
The rain started drizzling…
She went and stood under the tree…

Raman got down from the car..
She get shocked to see him..

She was about to move….
Raman came thereand held her hand..

Raman : I know.. We married Sirf Ruhi Ke Liye.. But I too had…..Something..
Ishu stunned at his reply..

Flashback showing Raman starring Ishitha and moving to his house after shopping…

When Prathik(the one who came for marrying her) apologised to Ishitha.. She rejected.. He came to Raman saying she rejected him.. Ishu shut the door and went in..
After Prathik departure…. Raman had a smile… and went in..

When he put Ruhi’s ring in her finger.. Admiring her reaction………….

Flashback ends..

Raman smiled at her,, Went down the street.. Enjoyed the rain and moved..
Ishu’s happiness knew no bounds.. She too laughed cried.. Enjoyed and went.

Next day morning both were sneezing..
Raman’s mom found that..

Toshiji : Paagal puttar… Why always drenching in rain?
Raman : Little bit Idrenched mom..
Toshiji : Acha..What about your Madrasan?
Raman spitted the water and saw his mom..

She hugged him..
Toshiji : I ll be happy for you puttar..
He smiled hugging her back..

Ruhi Ishima—- Adi Raman Sweet talks

Guys…….. What I wrote about past… something I added my imaginations…. Something is real.. Is that OK?
Hope u like this

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  1. Absolutely!

  2. That was true they married for ruhi but as time passes they founded their true love .
    It is not necessery that their must be sth from begining as time passes relations find their meaning
    Ur plot is good

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Perfectly OK yaar…………This ff is Really a Relief for Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Viewers…………… I liked it………….

  4. OK ??
    It’s perfect dear …I love it ..

  5. Very beautiful story .loved it form the bottom of my heart

  6. Yhm writters should get some sense atleast by reading d so many great fan fiction

  7. I really loved the dialogue of raman about nidhhi “whose parents life she wanna end by living 100 yrs’ !!!!! Rofl nivedha you nailed it 🙂

    1. Sorry it’s not parents it’s life!

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