My lovely YHM (Episode 2)

The episode starts with Ishitha and Shagun talking with Abishek.

Abi: Don’t worry Ishitha ji.. You go now.. I ll call u after getting evidences.. Hope for the best..

Ishu and Shagun left..
Ishu’s car broke down..
Shagun and Ishu waiting for auto

Raman ‘s car passed..
The car came in reverse..

Shagun: Oh God.. I m struck between these fighter cocks.. Save me..
Raman stopped seeing Ishitha..

Raman ‘s mind voice: Just get in..
Ishu’s mind voice: You itself call me..
Raman: Get in…
Ishu’s mind voice: Once more..
Raman staringly..: Get in…
Ishu’s mind voice: I just need Ravan Kumar.
Raman get down.. Came near her.. Grabbed her hand.

Shagun ran and sat in back seat..
Ishu: Leave my hand Raman…
Raman: Why should I ?
( Without leaving)..
Ishu: You should… Just leave me Raman.. We are in road.. All seeing us…
Raman: I don’t feel for it.. You are my wife..
Ishu: Was Raman..

Raman lost his temper.. Pulled her inside the car in front seat..
He drove the car..

Shagun: Just drop me in my home.. I m here..
Raman dropped her in her home..

He took ishu to a place..
He got down..

Ishu saw that place..
The place where Ishra had rain dance..

Raman pulled her out..
Grabbed her hands..

Raman: Don’t you get our sweet memories here!!
Ishu closed her eyes..
Raman: Maine kya kiya Ishitha.. Just for you I m doing this.. Do you think I m interested in this?
Ishu: You accepted this na Raman..
Raman: Else you couldn’t have came out.. No also case not fully closed..

Ishu: Same I did for u Raman.. Ur welfare.. But u shouted at me na!!
Raman: Ishitha!!
Ishu: Bas Raman..

She moved away..

Ishu: All were using our love Raman.. As we are doing anything for each other…
Raman stared at her..

Ishu: Bas!! Here after Ishra can’t suffer.. Will make others suffer..

Raman saw her surprisingly..

Ishu: Till that.. We need to be separated.. Lets prove them we can do anything for each other.. For retaining our love also…

Raman smiled with tears…
Raman called an auto… And asked her to get in..

The auto went.. She saw Raman through mirror.. Raman still standing there….

Next day…
Raman was making Ruhi ready.. In ishu’s house.. Ishu making Adi ready..

Adi used to stay with Ishu..
Raman: Teek hai Ruhi.. I ll drop u in school..
Ruhi: OK papa..
Ishu: Adi.. Lets go..
Adi: OK Ishima..

They both came out..
Raman purposely talking in phone and coming like colliding with Ishitha..

Ishitha knowing his intention.. Moving away lightly..
Raman found that and stared at her..
Ishu got in her car.. She started it.. The car didn’t started..
Raman and Ruhi laughed..

Raman: Ruhi.. Come lets go..
He got in his car..
Niddhi came..
Raman saw Ruhi..
Ruhi: Kya huva Papa??
Raman pointed Niddhi..

Ruhi who was sitting in back seat .. Jumped and sat in front seat..

Raman kissed his daughter seeing her presence of mind..
Niddhi: Hey Raman..
Raman: Hii..
Ishita: Adi… Car is not starting..
Niddhi: Oh.. Is this a car?
Adi: Ya aunty.. This is car.. Even Ruhi knows this.. Why can’t you?

Nidhi stared..
Raman and Ruhi laughed holding their mouth tightly..

Ishu: Adi.. Lets go by auto..
Ruhi: Papa.. Getting late..chalo na..
Raman: By the way Niddhi are you coming with me?
Ishu stared..
Niddhi: No Raman.. I ll be bored..

He smiled and went..
Adi and Ishu took a auto.. While moving out Raman ‘s car got punctured..

Adi and Ishu laughed at them..
Ruhi: Papa.. Late hi raha hai..
Raman: Bhai.. Can you please take us too?
The driver saw Adi n Ishu..
Adi: Kya Ishima..
Ishu: Chalo Adi.. So sad of them.

Ruhi got in and sat with Adi..
Ishu moved..
Raman asked her to move in.. She moved..
Adi and Ruhi were seeing the road and enjoying the drive.

Raman and Ishu were lost in their past of auto travel…
Raman came closer and whispered in her ear..
Raman: Sirf Ruhi ke liye.. Yeh auto travel..
Ishu whispered the same manner..
Obviously Sirf Adi and Ruhi ke liye..
They turned away hiding their smile..

Shagun.. Ishu kidding Niddhi..

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