My lovely YHM (Episode 1)

Guys I am fed up with our current YHM.. I hope it should end soon.. My imagination on current YHM..

Ishitha in jail.. Raman in dilemma.. That lawyer Niddhi entry…Asking Raman to marry her.. For Ishu’s recovery…

Raman accepted as he cant do anything.. Ishu broke down.. The case ended.. She came home..

In her Amma’s house.. She cried the whole night..
In Raman’s room.. Raman cried the whole night..

Next day…
Ishu came out..
She was wearing a red salwaar.. She was having towel in her hair..

She got remembered with Raman’s meeting..
” Can I have business times?”..
She had tears..

Raman came out in same white dress.. Saw Ishitha.. He too got same thoughts..

Raman took the paper seeing Ishu.. She went in..

Ishitha was sitting out… Niddhi came..
Niddhi: Hi Ishitha..
Ishu stared..
Niddhi: Why your eyes are red?
She just stared…
Niddhi: You can’t stop this marriage.. Else u ll be sent to jail again!!
She just stared..
Nidhi: Why not speaking anything?
Raman came out..
Nidhi: Hey Raman…
She hugged him..

Raman saw Ishu.. She was staring..
Raman: Nidhi I m busy.. Will talk to you later.. Excuse me..

He went without seeing ishu..

Ishu : Excuse me..
Raman stopped..
Ishu: Actually this is your third marriage right!!
Raman : Ishitha..
She shook her hand.
Ishu: Congrats Raman Kumar Bhalla..
Raman just staringly gave his hand..

She stared at Nidhi and went in..
Ishu( herself) : Will get my Ravan Kumar back..
Raman (himself): What this Jhansi rani is thinking?

Ishu Shagun and Abhishek analysing the case..
Ishu and Raman sweet nok jhok..

Hope u like this..
Shall I continue???

Will get ur Shaadhi ff soon no worries..

Credit to: Nivedha


  1. Neha

    Definitely yrrr…by this we can get our old yhm back…but please ishita ko confess mt krvao…ab raman ko ishita ko manana chahiye…

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