Lovely Yeh hai Mohabatein (Part 1)

Lovely Yeh Hai Mohabatein
HI im starting a new fanfiction since im annoyed with the track that’s happening so I will be posting this if you like ir not please comment
Niddi: Raman for ishita bail youll marry me
Raman: never
Niddi: fine ill run the case against you
Raman: no you cant do that
Niddi: do the marriage or ishita stays in jail
Raman: what to do
Niddi: Raman I am giving you time of 5 minutes let me know
Raman: ok
Niddi: so whats you decision \
Raman: first ishita bail then ill marry you
Niddi: fine tomorrow I will prove ishita innocent and shut this case but if you dare not agree after ishita comes out of jail ill put her back in jail
Raman in his mind
Let ishita come out shell deal with you and all of your desires
Raman: yes ok
Niddi: I will prove her innocent and get all of your money and everything
Raman leaves
Niddi: How should I prove ishita Bhalla innocent
Niddi calls palvi

Nidhi: Heloo palvi
Palvi: heloo
Nidhi: this is nidi why ae you lying about ishita case she saved you and this shame on you
Palvi: fine ill tell the truth tomorrow
The cout hearing begins
Nidhi: Your honor I would like to call Palvi
Judge: you may
Palvi comes
Nidhi: Is it true that ishita did it on purpose killing your husband
Palvi: no she saved me
Palvi: She saved me
Nidhi: your honor there is the proof
Judge: we release ishita Bhalla but Palvi for lying at first because of her husbands brother she will have to do community service everyay

Precap: Raman tells ishita bout Nidhi condition Ishita says I wont let this happen ill make sure her ego goes down
Should I continue please comment

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  1. Be little Clear. Anyways it’s a good ff

  2. Actually this is not vry much ok but chalta hain coz whenever a serial is doing well, at that point of time it ellaborates for nothing like Saath Nibhana Saathiya, after seeing that you will feel like taking Anacin / Saridon and it continues shamelessly. YHM was a serious serial but for nothing it is stretching.

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Of course u can continue……Its Nice….

  4. No a bit boring need a fun and exciting works so it makes us read more

  5. Niharika Ahmed

    Sorry to say but it’s worse than the present track. 🙁

  6. Seriously it sucks

  7. Actually u r making it very easy (I mean the case) and its not that if pallavi tells the truth ishu will come out u need to strech it a little more and tell us how the murder happened and who did it and then u can deal with ishu Raman nidhi triangle that’s y ppl r saying it sucks but don’t take it to ur heart and u can also make ishu come out and make a small fight between ishra as to y Raman said tht he’ll marry nidhi
    Basically strech the court case little more such that it makes sense and you can’t wind up with the case by just saying that ishu did it by mistake and its actually better u say tht ishu is framed for d murder

  8. If u make all this happen who will watch yhm again
    Add some suspense

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