~My lovely twinkle~ twinji (Prologue)

twinkle was raised in America, she came to india after her so call fiance yuvraj disown her out of embarrassment. tired of being treated like a garbage, she went back home determine to start a new life. their she meets mr. hero a.k.a Kunj Manohar Sarna, she never thought she would fall again after her last relationship, but with kunj charm will this Americanized indian girl let her barrier down and let kunj charm his way into her heart? or will her past come back to hunt her.


“I LOVE YOU TWINKLE!!” a voice shout, she turn to see yuvraj with a sign up in the air. Happy she got up from her seat and ran to the front of the bus, pushing people out the way. the bus driver told her to go get him, smiling for her, while she thank him.

she step out of the bus and ran to hug him. he was taken by surprise when she picked him up. he smiles before hugging her. ” didnt i tell you, i will never let you go” he says letting go of her. she nod while wiping her tears ” but what about your mom?”

“what about her?”

twinkle frown at this ” she doesn’t want us together”

yuvraj frown as well before going to his bike ” who cares about her, if she cant realise how much i love you than we dont need her” he says patting the seat so she can get on.

“ok” she says walking to the back of the seat to sit. as soon as she sat the bike tilt and yuvraj fell. worried twinkle asks if he was alright, he brushed it aside saying it was fine. she apologized, but he kept telling her it was ok. some of the people watching were laughing at her, she felt like crying, but with one glare from yuvraj they quickly scram.

” come on lets just walk, i want to show you something in private” he says

he took her to the campus garden before getting down on both knees, twinkle was surprise, he took out a box and showed it to her, asking her for her hand in marriage. The ring wasn’t a diamond ring, it was just ok. ” will you twinkle marry me” he says

“YES!” she says with tears, before kissing him

he told her not to tell anyone because he wants to announce it himself, this made her frown, but she agree. when she came home, she accidently told her mom the news since she couldn’t hold it in. her mom was so happy, she text yuvraj and told him she couldn’t help but to tell her, and he was mad. he soon forgive her, and ask her not to tell anyone else she agreed.

her mom told her it was strange for him too asked that of her, but twinkle reassures her that yuvraj wants to make the engagement a night she wont forget. Leela had a bad feeling about all of this, but seeing her daughter happy like that, she didnt want to ruin it.

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