~My lovely twinkle~ twinji EPs 9

Recap: twinkle and kunj decides to be friends, and twinkle agreed to hang with him. Now let’s continue

It wasn’t long before twinkle went to a job interview.when she left she didn’t realize how nervous she had been this whole time. She walk out side only to see it raining, cursing to herself she ran to the sidewalk calling for taxi. When no one would stop,she became frustrated. Suddenly her phone rang, she picked it up asking who was this. The person ignore her tone and asked her where she was at, twinkle stubbornly refused to answer unless her told her.

“Who are you?” She says

” your destiny” the voice answered

Twinkle roll her eyes “if you don’t tell me who you are, I will hang up”, this made the voice pause. Twinkle thought the person hang up, so she was about to press the end button when the person spoke “turn around”

Confuse she turn to see kunj on a motorcycle smiling and waving the phone. “Come I’ll give you a ride” he says
Twinkle march to him asking how he got her number and how did he know she was here. Kunj just smile passing the helmet “didn’t I tell you I’m your hero, I know everything”

Twinkle wrap her arm around his waist while they move “what is this one of your cheesy pickup lines”

“Are you falling for it?”he asks

“No” she says making kunj pout

When they reach twinkle house , she quickly left his side to enter her house, but stop when she saw kunj next to her ” what are you doing?”

“Isn’t it obvious I’m going to your house”

When he said this twinkle yelled at him. They bickered until leela opened the door, she saw them in an intimate position. Kunj holding her hand together from hitting him, while twinkle body was to close to him , so was her face. If anyone would have saw them they would have thought they were about to kiss, but leela ignored it. ” twinkle, kunj come in” she says happily

Both parties quickly let go of one another once realize their position. They blush before walking in. Kunj look at leela before hugging her “aunty-ji” he says making her smile

Twinkle feeling jealous at the way kunj behave with his mom, turn and walk upstairs to change. Why does he treat everyone nice except me? She thought, we’re friends so he should treat me more nicer, she finished changing into something comfortable.

When she came down, she saw kunj wiping his hair with a towel leela gave him. He smiles at her before teasing her about her choice of clothes, twinkle blush before asking him when he was leaving. Kunj thought about it, but was interrupted by leela who told twinkle he will have to stay because of the rain. Kunj thank her and told her since twinkle don’t want him here he will leave, but leela once again insist.

Twinkle on the other hand told her mom if kunj wants to go let him. This made leela call her name, kunj smirk seeing her expression before sitting down. He told her he will stay because she asks, when he was saying this he was looking at twinkle right in the eye, twinkle glared back promising a painful death.

Leela smile before telling him to make himself comfortable. She told twinkle to get him something to eat, but twinkle refuse to. She called her name again before she move to get him food. While this was happening kunj phone rang, he sigh noticing his mom number before answering. “Kunj where are you?”

“I’m at a friend house”

“Maya?”she asks

“No mam”

“Than whose?”

Kunj hesitate before heading twinkle approach. She slam the bowel on the table glaring at him ” my friend twinkle” he says

“Twinkle” she says curious “is she pretty?”

Kunj sigh he knew that voice, his mom is trying to set him up again “no she’s very aggressive like a bear,very intimidating and unattractive”he says irking twinkle. In her head she kept repeating the words he said, this made her upset. Kunj seeing her hand shake quickly told his mom, he has to go.

He tried calling twinkle name but she didn’t listen. Suddenly she exploded, tackling him on the couch. She grab the pillow hitting him with it, kunj tried to stop her but she couldn’t hear him, she was far gone. She remember the words the students use for her when she was in collage, fatty, beast, ugly, looser. This made her cry. Kunj seeing this was confuse, he wonder what happen. “Look twinkle I’m sorry, I mean I didn’t mean it” he says

But twinkle continued to cry ” your not ugly, your very beautiful. I was just teasing you” he says snapping her from her daze.

“That’s not funny” she says sniffing

Kunj lift himself halfway up wiping her tears. ” I’m sorry, will you forgive me” he says holding his ears, twinkle look at him before asking if he really ment it, when kunj nod she smile before grabbing the pillow and hit him, calling him an idiot. Kunj in his head says she change her mood fast. They were to busy in their own thought that they didn’t notice leela standing their watching them , she cleared her throat making them blush

“Am I interrupting you guys”she says making them turn even redder. Twinkle got of kunj and went to the kitchen afraid to face him, while kunj rough his hair, feeling awkward.

To be continued…

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