~My lovely twinkle~ twinji EPs 8

Recap: while jogging twinkle was hit with a ball, and was helped by none other than kunj. They got into an awkward position leading to twinkle being embarrassed. Now let’s continue

A week past and twinkle was starting to be comfortable around kunj. See after the little hospital incident, twinkle had a change of heart. She realize she was a little harsh on him, after all he did save her, I mean just the thought of it almost made her want to call him a hero, but she held herself back from doing so. Her mom came and took her home while telling her to make friends with him.

At first she refuses, but thinking about it, she realized she had no friends in India. She didn’t want to be like those people who had no one showed up at their funeral. Getting up and dress, she decides to walk to the park. She wasn’t wearing her usual exercising outfit, but instead a short dress showing her clevlage. She sat on the swing enjoying the wind.

She didn’t notice someone coming behind her, holding the handle of the swing. The person leaned forward stopping close to her ears and said “boo!” Making her scared, kunj laugh holding his stomach while twinkle glares, crossing her arms frowning. “Are you mad!?”

Kunj observe her smiling, he knew she tolerate him now, and hope maybe they can be friends and more. Looking at her choice of outfit he frowns. Why does she wear stuff like these, I don’t like, he thought. He was snapped out of his thought when she snap her fingers, getting his attention. “Keep glaring like that and your face will be stuck like that”

Twinkle told him if that was an insult, and he told her its a word of advice from a friend. Hearing this made her stare, kunj taunts her saying he knows he’s handsome, so she can stop looking. Unless she’s starting to like him. “In your dreams” she says in English before sitting down.

“You speak good English” he says grabbing the handle and push her. “Well I was raised in america” she says

” how long did u stay there?”

When he said this twinkle turn to face him, she was met with his face inches from hers. They staid like that for a while before twinkle avoid his gaze ” do you know what I want to do?” She says, kunj shook his head confuse. She smiles and got up, standing on top of the swing seat. She wasn’t holding the chains, instead she stood and spread her hands out. Kunj worried says its dangerous, but twinkle pressures him she was fine.

Just than the wind blow making the swing move, twinkle still standing lost balance. Hearing her making a sound, kunj rush to her and caught her before she fell. He told her to hold onto the swing and than pushed her. “Why are you doing this again?” She asks before saying she doesn’t need his help. Kunj told her he wanted to help her. Twinkle staid quiet, she thought he was weird, but she didn’t question it.

They staid quiet for a while, enjoying the moment. Sadly it was ruined by twinkle stomach “you hungry?” He says but she refuse to answer. Kunj told her about a coffee shop near by with snacks. She accepts and they left the park. When they reached the shop, they ate and talk more getting to know one another. Kunj tease her saying it looks like they were on a date, twinkle plainly refused saying he would be the last man she would date. Kunj pretends to be hurt.

He told her their love story just started, and she says she hates love story and it will never happened after her last. She said the last part with a whisper but kunj heard it. He wondered what had happen to her and why she said that, but he didn’t want to ask, well just not yet. Seeing her sore look he changed the topic ” what do you like to do?” When he said this twinkle started talking about interia design and acting. Kunj smile while drinking his coffee.

Usually he hates people who talk to much, but seeing her smiling and talking freely about her likes, were worth it. He nods when agreeing with her and answers when asked a question. She’s very expressive once she takes an interest into something, he thought. Soon it was time to go, before leaving kunj asks if she would like to hang out more often, she thought about it before saying yes.

This made kunj happy, she pat his shoulder to say good bye but stop when kunj grab her hand and spun her towards him. Confuse she was gonna ask what he was doing, but kunj said nothing. He moved closer and wipe the coffee cream of her upper lip ” that was bothering me the whole day” he says

“What was?” She says

“The cream”

Twinkle was about to accept his answer when she realize something. ” it was their this whole time and you didn’t tell me!?”

Kunj laugh nervously ” well… I thought it would be funny seeing you like that the whole day” he says

Twinkle now upset grab her bag handle ready to hit him. Kunj seeing this ran, making twinkle run after him with her purse.

To be continued…..

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