~My lovely twinkle~ twinji EPs 7


shutting him up with ” your fired”, this surprise the man.

Maya asked him if everything was ok, and he said yes. She wondered who the girl was that was yelling earlier. Meanwhile, twinkle finally calm down cross her arm “beta who was that?” Leela says

Twinkle fumming says ” he is a stalker that won’t leave me alone”

“Stalker?”” Is he the hero guy?” She asks

Twinkle nod ” he’s no hero, I don’t understand why he’s everywhere I turn” she says

” maybe it was an accident, I mean he could have been eating with someone” , twinkle denies it, she doesn’t think so. Of he was stalking her she will have to report this to the police, she thought.

The next day twinkle went jogging, this time she decides to take a different route. While running she heard someone telling her to watch out. She look up but it was to late, a ball hit her right on the head, making her fall. Wimping in pain. The man walk to her , well more like jog to her, shirtless. The man told her not to worry and that he will take her to a hospital.

Twinkle rubbing her head look at the man, and frown. “You again” she says, before getting up. She got up so fast that her head became dizzy again. ” I don’t need help from you.stay away from me”, kunj on the floor stood up, he told her to stop being difficult and take his help.

Twinkle refused, sighing, he told her fine. He will leave. She watch as he walk to his car and drove away. Twinkle sigh with relief, but she frown when it started raining. ” why does this have to happen to me” she says holding her head when she started feeling dizzy ” mam, what am I going to do. This migraine won’t leave, and it became worse with the soccer ball”

She walk a few blocks, not caring that the shorts she was wearing is wet or her vest getting soak. She held on to a bench to stop the headache, asking in her head for help. Suddenly she heard a honk, she turn to see kunj in his car ” get in twinkle” he says, but twinkle used her free hand to tell him to go away.

Kunj annoyed by her stubbornness, got out of the car and walk to her, twinkle feeling someone behind her turn her head. “What do you want now” she says trying her best to stare at him, but the rain was clouding her vision. “Your in pain” he says

“And how would you know that?”

“I just do” he says

“My pain has nothing to do with you, so just leave”

” normally I would have answer to your commend, but seeing my little twinkle all wet and very vulnerable, I just can’t leave you. Only I can see you like this” he says

Twinkle blush hearing him say that. She could feel his strong hand grabbing her hips, lifting her up and carry her bridal style to his car. He use one hand to open the car before putting her in the seat. When he did this twinkle felt something I mean who wouldn’t seeing a hot shirtless man, that could possibly be a Calvin Klein model if he wanted to. Their eyes lock as he buckled her.

Twinkle looks down feeling embarrassed. ” why do you do this?” She says quietly, kunj look at her ” do what?”

Twinkle looks up ” why are you always flirting with me?” She says

Kunj move his head a little closer ” its because your a tease”

Her mouth widen while leaning down to get in his face “Me a tease, I am not compare to you” she says looking at his chest. Kunj smirk ” you like what you see” he says

“N-no”, she says now pushing him to get away from her. Kunj leaned into her so close that she thought he was going to kiss her, but he just closed the door. Twinkle couldn’t help but take him in, pale skin pulled tight over muscles, strong legs that held him up. Twinkle for some reason felt insecure, she turned red when realizing he could probably see her clevlage.

She looked down at his shorts , and could see the outlined of his you know on display, and she couldn’t stop staring at it as he crawled across her getting to the driver seat. Twinkle snapping out of it asked him why he didn’t just exit the car and walk to the drivers seat. Kunj just told her he didn’t want to get wet. Twinkle argued he was already soaking so that’s no excuse.

” your right, but this was more fun” he says turning the engine. Twinkle call him an idiot before leaning back on the chair and close her eyes. By the time he reached the hospital twinkle was asleep. He smile seeing her sleeping before saying she still a winy brat , but she looks cute sleeping. Frown when he heard her snore ” I take it back” he says before getting out and taking her to the hospital.

To be continued…

Credit to: Kk

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  1. It was amazing.. but, I would love it if you can provide us with a recap in each episode.. it makes it easier to remember because there are so many ffs coming up on this page every day.

    1. yeah ria i too agree wid uh plsss give a reacp plsss btw epi wasss aawwsuum

  2. Please give precap…..awesome as always…

  3. Nice episode! I like your style of writing. It’s a refreshing change from other ffs.

  4. Lol … amazing imagining a flirty kunj was hot yaar ???? n yes a recap wud help can u give a summary since ur ff start plzz??? Its ok if u don’t want to i just wanna remember wats going on i was a bit confused in epi 6 … 🙂

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