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After twinkle showered, her mom and in law decides to take her out to eat. Twinkle told her it was fine, she rather stay in the house to catch up, but her mom insist saying it will be good for her to get to know India. Still she refused, her mom frown and thought of a way to get her out. “Twinkle” she says grabbing her attention ” the restaurant we’re going to has american food” she says making her daughter eyes spark.

Twinkle grab her mom eagerly dragging her out the house. Her in law shook their head before chuckling. Once everyone was in, they drove to the restaurant.

End flashback

Twinkle and her family sat down and look at the menu. She was impress with the restaurant design. For some reason it looked familiar to her, but that was crazy since she’s never been here before. While eating she ignored the whistle and holler that was coming from the other table.

She roll her eyes when one of them got up to come to her table. The man wasn’t ugly, but he wasn’t her type. He asked her if she would like to dine with him, and twinkle excuse him saying she hates guys who can’t see the big picture. He was about to ask her what she ment, when she points to her mother and in law. The man apologize before asking for her number.

” you are very cheap, can’t you see I’m busy” she says raising her voice, by doing this people starts to notice. Kunj turn and frown when he saw one of his workers. He excuse himself and walk to the table. Maya was about to walk there as well when her phone rang. “I’m sure kunj will Handel it” she says before going to the bathroom.

” what’s the problem here?” He says making ten eyes to turn to him. The man gulp while twinkle gap “YOU!” They both said

Kunj smirk while twinkle frown ” should have known it would be you”he says

” what is that suppose to mean”

“You know exactly what I mean my twinkle” he says

Twinkle knit her brows together ” anyway, is he part of your skim to annoy me”

Kunj confuse asks what skim. Twinkle told him not to play dumb, she told him his friend was disturbing her family peace by flirting with her. This made kunj smile, but it wasn’t the usual cheerful smile, it was the one his coworkers know to well. ” really is that right” he says looking at the man.

The man nervously shiver, sweating while wishing he could leave. The thing is kunj was never a happy person, when he was younger he use to do bad things. When his father was alive, kunj use to do his dirty work for him. His mom never knew what his dad job was, it was a secret.

One day when his mom was attacked because of his dad. He decides to change in order to do that, he went to college. When his dad passed away, he was to take over his dad business, but his mom refused to allowed him to take over.

When kunj graduated, he had no money, his mom house was going to be auction. The only way for him was to continue his dad business, while working one day. He decides to invent something small that could help his mom. He didn’t realize it would make him billions in the future. Don’t get him wrong he still makes deadly guns for goons, but he also tried to turn it into something positive, by selling it to the government and deplomat.

Twinkle annoyed that he’s still there told her mom that she wasn’t hungry anymore, and that they should leave. Kunj snap out of it and told her she doesn’t have to leave, but twinkle ignored him and grab her jacket. Her mom conflicted payed and left. Sighing kunj turn to his friend, he tried to say something but kunj ignored him shutting him up with ” your fired”, this surprise the man.

Credit to: Kk

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