~My lovely twinkle~ twinji EPs 5


The next day kunj woke up, he had a hunch that she will be there. Grabbing her necklace, he ran to the park. He look to see if she was there, but he couldn’t find her. ” where could she be?” He thought, he waited and waited but she didn’t show up. Just when he was about to give up, he saw her running. He smile ready to go meet her, but stop when she was signaling him to move. Confuse he signal her why, and she turn around, making him look at her direction.

He saw bunch of dogs running behind her. “Is she afraid of dogs?” He says to no one. He saw one of the dogs about to bite her, so he quickly ran and grab her, pulling her to his chest. The dog bite his arm, leaving a mark. Twinkle seeing this became worried. Kunj grab a stick and throw it, making the dogs chase after it. “We better run before they come back”, twinkle agreed. While running she couldn’t help looking at his arm.

She told him to stop for a minute, which got him confuse, than she drag him to a tree and sat down. Kunj looking around could see flowers everywhere, he smirk and turn to her ” don’t tell me your about to confess your dying love to me” he says

Surprise at his accusations she grab his arm a little to rough ” no I wasn’t, I was just trying to treate your arm” she says, seeing her flustered face made him laugh ” I was just joking” he says , twinkle still fumming took her safety kit out and senitize his hand. Kunj watch as she use her bandage to cover up the bite mark. He observe her for a while before looking away when she look at him ” I don’t like when people stare at me”

“I couldn’t help myself, you intrigue me” he says

She stood up letting go of his hand before thanking him for saving her life, kunj told her it was no problem. ” I’m surprise, for a girl who has a black belt, I would have thought she could handle three dogs”he says

” I could, but my fear prevents me from acting out” she says a little embarrassed.

Kunj gave her a knowing look” first, the plane, now dogs. You can say I’m like your personal hero” he teased

“Mera hero? You wish” she says before turning to leave, kunj ruff his hair, before remembering he has her necklace ” oh shoot” he says running after her, but she was long gone. ” maybe another time” he says

Elsewhere, twinkle walk in her house, kicking her shoes in the closet ” mera hero? Please, he was just there at the right time. I can take care of myself fine” she says now sitting on the couch. Leela hearing this asks her what happens and she went on talking about kunj, how he save her and expect her to call him hero. Leela while listening smiles, ” I don’t see anything wrong with it , beta”

Twinkle stop talking gaping at her mom ” why are you taking his side?” She says

“I’m not, I just think he fits the title since he helped my lovely daughter” she says now pinching her cheeks, twinkle frown at her action “stop that” she says, but her mom refuse. Leela finally let go, and scold her for not showering after exercising, not wanting to hear her lectures about hygiene she got up and walk upstairs.

Meanwhile, kunj went to work, in the meeting he showed people his newest design. It was great, and people love it. They asked him how it will work, and he says” these machine are touch screen, people while showing can select the food they want at the grocery and it will come out like a soda from a vending machine. This will be good for people who are clean freaks, we don’t want people with germs to touch food that they see and dirty them like the lettuce and other stuff.”

He smile thinking about it ” we want everyone to feel safe, and eat good food. Would you eat a food that’s been touched, would you even buy it knowing how brown it looks and opened it is?”

“No” one of his worker says

” there you go, these vending machine will be very helpful. If the food runs out, it automatically notify the workers, so they can be quick and ahead of time” he says

Everyone clapped at him, some say he was a genius while others deny that it will have some problems. After the meeting kunj decides to take them out to eat which they were happy to go. While walking to the nearest restaurant he saw Maya talking on the phone. Kunj told his workers to go in while he talk with his friend. He waited until she was done before clearing his throat. When Maya saw him she smiles.

He asked her how her business was going and she told him the statues. They walk in the restraunt and sat in the nearest table, talking about work, and catching up on things. While this was going on they were unaware of twinkle walking in with her mom and in laws. She was smiling excited to finally eat american food. Some of kunj co workers whistle when they saw her, but she ignored them and sat down, unaware of Maya and kunj on the opposite table with Maya back to hers.

To be continued…

Credit to: Kk

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