~My lovely twinkle~ twinji EPs 4

When twinkle mom arrives, she couldn’t help but to laugh ” why did you stay out in the rain, why didn’t you wait inside?” she asks, twinkle told her she had an umbrella, and that she was doing perfectly fine before a car pass by and splash water all over her. Her mom grab a towel and gave it to her, twinkle thank her before wiping her hair. She told her mom she feels gross, and that she can’t wait to wear warm clothes again. This made her mom smile, the thing is Leela had miss twinkle a lot. She didn’t want to leave her all by herself in America, but she had to come back to India because her in-law was sick. Now that her daughter is with her, she is relieve.
They reached the house, and walk inside. Leela help puts her luggage in her room, before making her some nice tea. They sat on the couch, getting warm before leela decides to ask her a question. “How were you fairing by yourself, beta?” twinkle puts her cup down, thinking about her question.
“It was very hard for me mam. Since I wanted to start a new life, I threw everything away. I found a roommate, she was the best” she says happily thinking about her friend. “She helped me with my diet, and would wake up with me to run, she was always there never giving up on me. There were some times I wanted to die with exhaustion, but I thought about you mama. When yuvraj and Maya would flaunt and make fun of me, I ignored them. I wanted to get over their betrayal, in order to do that I concentrated more on work. I would see them time to time, but after earning money, I moved to a different place with my friend.
I was happy reaching my goal, no one made fun of me or call me bad things. They respected me, I even had a promotion. What yuvraj did to us I will never forget, but I won’t act upon it, because the past should be left in the past. She finished, her mom hugged her before wiping her tears. To lighten the mood she told her daughter that she looks like a superstar, and that she will be break lots of heart. Twinkle frown “I won’t be dating anytime soon mam, I want to concentrate on my career”

Meanwhile the man walk inside his mom house, as soon as he did, his mom welcome him with photos from her iPad. “Kunj what do you think about this one, she’s very pretty right?” she says happily
“Mom, how many time have I told you, I’m not getting married?” He says but stop when his mom showed him a picture of Alisha, he smile thinking she’s cute, but then walk to the living room. “You like her beta” she says
Kunj sat down relax before saying “she’s pretty, but my answer is no” he says
His mom frown, “aunty just give it up, and kunj will never married. He will live alone with his money to keep him company” she says coming down the stairs to great her best friend. Kunj smile seeing her “Maya, what are you doing here?” he asks
“What’s this you don’t want me here” she says teasingly
Kunj tease her back, saying she should marry him instead, so his mom can stop her crazy search. Maya smack him on the head, calling him crazy. His mom told them to stop flirting and come eat. After dinner, kunj had to leave, which disappointed them. His mom told him to take Maya home, at first she denied the offer but she soon accepts. During the ride, Maya asked him if he remembers the girl he married to when he was nine, kunj cringe at that. “I don’t remember, her face is blur to me. But there’s no point, it was a mistake anyway” he says
Maya smirk before telling him to turn there “I don’t know kunj, nothing can stop fate, but you’re probably right, no one cares about old ritual” she says, she got out the car and wave good bye. Once she was gone, he went home. He went home and change, just when he was about to go to bed, the necklace fell. He picked it up and smile “I wonder when I should give this back, what am I saying, I probably won’t see her again anyway” he thought before turning of his light.
The next day he woke up extremely early to go jog. While jogging he saw a girl stretching on the bench. He watch as she took her foot of the bench and stretch her hand. “Speaking of the devil” he mumbles before running to her.
he stop before her ” twinkle right?” he says
“yes, and you are” she says jogging now. kunj smile ” lucky guess”
twinkle look at him, she didn’t believe it was lucky guess, now she was creeped out. maybe iif i ignored him, he will leave, she thought jogging away. kunj followed her ” who would have thought we would meet here” he says before continuing ” do you live around the area? by the way my name is kunj” he says
twinkle annoyed ask him to shut up, this took him by surprise. ” she stood infront of him, poking him “I dont know why your following me, but you should know i have a blackbelt. i’m not afraid to use it, she says. ” now leave me alone” she says kunj tried to explain himself, but she just ran away, now afraid. twinkle scold herself for talking to him like that, she became afraid wondering if he will come after her or kidnap her.
kunj on the other hand confuse, smile before laughing. ” what an interesting girl. now i wont leave you” he says
To be continued…

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